10 Slot Machine Cheats That Changed The Casino Industry

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10 Slot Machine Cheats That Changed The Casino Industry

Slot machines are the easiest way to enjoy a little fun in casinos. You do not need to flex brain muscles, or always worry about mechanical errors. Because online slots are algorithm-based and entirely random.

Things were not the same, always. Slots tricks were concerns for honest players as well as reputed casinos.

Common slot machine cheats

Common Slot Machine Cheats

  • String-attached

Today we do not insert a coin in slots to trigger the spinning mechanism. There was a time when you needed to do that. And fraudsters would attach a string to a coin and insert the same. Once the coin triggered the spinning, the player would pull the line out to get back the coin and reuse it.

  • Slug feeding

Mechanical slots needed coins of specific size and weight to trigger the spinning mechanism. Some players successfully tricked slots using a coin-shaped metal object with requisite size and weight. In busy casinos, it was not always easy to track players using such frauds.

  • Spoon tinker

This is an old and obsolete trick; casinos took care of it a long time back. The stunt involved manipulating the payout coin tube using a spoon-like object. The opening of the coin tube depended on the spinning outcome. But few tricksters used to force and keep the coin tube open irrespective of results for a few extra coins.


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  • Bag pincher

This was not for players’ trick; it was for fraudulent casino staffs tasked with the responsibility of filling payout coins in slots’ coin hoppers. The scheme was simple–keeping a coin or two in the bag by pinching its corner while filling hoppers. Does it sound a trifle? Think about the number of fills a slot machine required in any busy casino every day! Multiply that number by the coins a staff managed to collect in every fill.

  • Magnetic bug

Magnetic Bug – Common Slot Machine Cheats

Many slot players claimed to have managed to manipulate mechanical slots using magnets and won. This was not an easy trick and required serious practice and skill. They used a strong external magnetic field to influence the free-reeling of drums and stopped the slots from behaving randomly. Ingenious!

  • Machine maker

It was a blunt trick. Players practicing this trick always worked in a group. One in the group used to break open the slot machines cover and manipulate the slot machine manually while others crowded around to avoid the attention of guards and passers-by. This was particularly possible in large casinos.

  • Trigger happy

Slot machines had mechanical switches to trigger the spinning of drums and their random movements. Some casinos tricksters used strings to override such controls and cause false triggers. It needed specialized knowledge of slots’ mechanism and not very common practice.

  • Light trigger

Casinos often used light-sensitive sensors based microswitches to avoid mechanical trigger manipulation. Some people started using light-based triggers instead of mechanical strings.

  • Code fraud

This trick came much later when casinos started using random-number generators and codes. High-tech hackers tried scamming these codes for favorable outcomes. The scheme was not as easy as it sounds. And required access to source code; which was no child’s play.

  • Playing the randomness

These are modern techniques to defraud video slots. Video slots do not use any mechanical system and feature a fail-safe algorithm for creating randomness.

However, many people claim to have designed data models which can predict the future outcome based on data of multiple rounds. It is not entirely established fact and can be a false claim.

All these cheats have helped the casino industry to innovate and overcome the challenges of fraudulent players. Mechanical slots are no longer in use. Online casinos use the digitized version of video slots.

These slots are extremely secure and protected from all types of malpractices. Though, some people claim to have duped slots. But their records are not fact-checked.

So, do not listen to such propaganda.

 Online slots are an impenetrable piece of technology today. You only ride the randomness, and nothing else, in online slots for fun and excitement.


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