4 Indian Rummy Tricks You Should Use Now!

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4 Indian Rummy Tricks You Should Use Now!

When most people think of rummy, either online or in the real world, they think it is a game of luck – absolutely not! There are no gimmicks, chances, or fate, colluding to decide your wins or losses. If you have excellent skills and a good rummy tricks to match this knowledge, you can keep winning consistently.

Especially for Indians, rummy is a familiar game. Whether you have been playing since your childhood or watched your elders play the card game during the holidays, rummy has always been fascinating to those born and brought up in India.

So, if you want to win every time you play, you have to learn the best rummy tips and tricks. Here, we have some of them:

Fish And Bait Your Opponents


Just as you are observing the cards discarded by your opponents, they are looking at your moves. You are essentially leaving clues whenever you pick a card from the open pile. So, just to shake things up, throw a card that is useful to you. It is one of the most important things you should know about how to play rummy game. This way, you may even trick them into providing the cards you need as part of a sequence.

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It’s All About The Pattern Of Sequences

One rummy strategy that Indian players swear by is getting the pure sequence. It is also better to have a sequence in case one of your opponents declares before you do. This way, you will have fewer points in your hand. Besides, you should also keep in mind the pattern of your sequence. If you have alternate cards, say 7 and 9 of hearts, don’t wait for 8 of hearts. If you draw 6 of hearts, keep it, and discard the 9, instead.

Better Chances Of  Winning With More Jokers


If you know how to play rummy game in India, you understand the importance of jokers. Supposing that you already have a pure sequence, and you have a couple of jokers. Do not waste them on the lifeline, AKA pure sequence. Use it to make the second sequence. You already have 2 sequences? Then use the jokers to form sets or sequences with cards that carry high points.

Form Your Own Indian Online Rummy Strategy

Gather information from anywhere you can, and learn how best to play rummy like a pro. But in the end, you cannot try to imitate others. You have your uniqueness, and you should not let someone’s style hamper yours. And, definitely steer clear of the so-called winning mantras. Take help from numerous tutorials on Indian online rummy sites. There won’t be a sudden successful outcome, but you will build your skillset. Practice more on free online rummy apps and sites until you learn more effective tips and tricks.

FAQs On Finding The Best Rummy Strategy


What Is Pure Sequence In Rummy?

You can meld 3 or more consecutive cards belonging to the same suit. This is called the pure sequence in Indian online rummy. You cannot use a joker to replace any card in the pure sequence. But you can use a wild joker in a pure sequence if it takes its original value and suit. A pure sequence is your lifeline; so, try your best to make one. Without a pure sequence, your declaration will not be valid.

What Is Wrong Show In Rummy?

If you finish first and declare the game, but you do not have a valid rummy, it is a wrong show. Your penalty will be 80 points and the game may go on without you. This may not mean much if you play Indian rummy online for free, but when you play with real cash, a wrong show can cost you dearly. Furthermore, in a long online rummy tournament, other players may question your credibility. So, avoid all these by learning the best rummy strategy.

How Are Jokers Used In Rummy?


The two joker symbol cards and the wild cards, also called cut jokers, designated to be jokers can be used in any meld – set or sequence. You can have a joker (both the symbol cards and melded jokers) in the sequence, and not just with 3 cards. You can have a sequence, either with a joker or a pure sequence, you can go up to 4 cards.


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