5 Casino Games That Are Popular in India

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5 Casino Games That Are Popular in India

During the past couple of years, the availability of online casino games for Indian players has increased tenfold. Whether it is the lockdown effect due to the pandemic or the rising stress levels, people turn to online avenues like gambling sites for relief.

As the casino games reach new heights, there is a long list of game titles open for play. And with every gaming developer vying to give you the better versions of existing options or woo players with brand-new offerings, there is no lack of fun and entertainment.

But with hundreds of top live casinos and games in the market, it may be confusing for a new punter to pick the most exciting one. So, here we give you the list of the top five popular casino games in India.

5 Best Online Casino Games That Indians Favour

As a new casino player from India, it is indeed the best way to check out expert reviews before joining a gambling site. At Lucky Raja, we have our experienced team review and rate each new casino entrant and game title. Head over to our reviews section to know more about a new site you are eyeing. Or, use our helpful resources on the platform and improve your gaming skills.

But first, here are the top five online casino games you should have in your library:

1.    Live Casino Games

live casino games

Live dealer games are more like a substitute for land-based casinos. You get the actual feel of being in a physical casino while you watch the immersive HD graphics. A friendly and likeable host acts as the dealer, with whom you can even interact during the game. Millions of gamblers are into live casino games that are the next best thing when you crave some interaction without having to compromise on social distancing.

Even for students, housewives, and professionals, live dealer games offer solace from their boring and hectic routines and double the fun of playing at an online casino. No matter what game you choose, you can almost always have a live dealer version of it, depending on the casino itself and what it offers. You can also enjoy these live online casino games at the best mobile casinos in India.

2.    Slots

casino slots

Casino slots represent the majority of online casino games on any Indian gambling site. Of course, even in a real-world casino, there are many gamblers who head straight to these one-armed bandits that help them loot a major chunk of moolah. Being an entirely chance-dependent game, slots give the most excitement and thrill of not knowing what the outcome will be.

Extend your gambling hours into the dead of the night or until dawn breaks with such immersive graphics, soundtracks, and themes. You will have no problem getting engaged in an interesting slot choice that matches your taste. Be it festive-themed slots or a celebrity-based game, some developer may already have tapped its potential.

Currently, the most famous slots games for Indians remain Temple Tumble Megaways, Book of Dead, Fire Joker, and Starburst. Other than these, you have jackpot slots and progressive games that promise huge amounts of prize money. Another group of slot games that is revered is the video slots. Firstly, their reception is massive, and you can find a huge number of titles at any casino. If you are playing online casino games in India for real money, nothing beats the comfort and ease of video slots. In fact, slots and video slots make up for about 70% of all games at any given gambling site.

3.    Roulette

roulette games

Roulette is another game of luck that came into light for the first time in the mid-1800s. Although its origins are in France, roulette is one of the online casino games that are now widely accepted in all countries around the world.

The first game had a wheel with an extra 00 pocket, which is still being continued in the American variant of the game. The difference is also seen in the increased house edge with the game, while the European version includes only the numbers 0 to 36, and incidentally, this variant is the more popular one.

The game rules are simple and easy to understand. There is a wheel with a bunch of numbers, colours, lines, and pockets respectively to those. The player places his bets first before playing. You have to guess where the ball will land once you spin the wheel and drop the little white ball. Your guess could be a number, colour, line, group, or a special combination.

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4.    Teen Patti

teen patti

Once you play Teen Patti in India, you will be amazed at how an indigenous creation can be on par with baccarat, poker, blackjack, and the rest of the casino games from the western world. It can almost be likened to3 Card Brag, an English card game. Think of it as if you are playing poker, but only with 3 cards, rather than 5. Coming to the hand values, each card carries the same weightage as its worth in regular poker.

You can find at least one version of Teen Patti in any casino you visit. The simplicity of this easier version of poker has, no doubt, become a very popular casino game. As a card game, many gambling sites also entitle you to select your own table and form groups to play online casino games with your friends or family.

5.    Andar Bahar

andar bahar

The Andar Bahar game gives you two options, with each round starting with you placing your bet on either andar or bahar, which literally means inside or outside. Here, it means left or right. When playing with a group, you wait until all the punters have wagered within a certain time.

The dealer plays a crucial role, where they draw one card into the centre of the table. Your goal is to guess if the card getting dealt will be andar or bahar. Based on who won or lost the previous round, the dealer starts dealing cards from that player. Once a player’s prediction comes true, it ends this round, and new betting starts.

Other Popular Casino Games in India

Other than the above online casino games, poker, video poker, Indian rummy, baccarat, blackjack, etc., are also available with different betting limits. Read all about those games or find out the best mobile casinos in India on our website.


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