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Online casino gaming is a big hit in India. Players of all age groups are getting hooked to online gaming culture. We have checked recent industry statistics. And this article explains why Indians are playing casino online.

Easy access and convenience

Traditional brick and mortar casinos are only a few in numbers and restricted within a handful of India states. So, access and convenience have always been an issue. Availability of online Indian casino sites has solved this problem completely. It is the most significant factor behind the popularity of online casinos. Online casinos also allow playing without spending any cash–a substantial boost to beginners.

Digitisation popular Indian games


There are many Indian games which getting digitised by Indian casino sites. These games are already popular offline and attracting gamers without requiring any significant learning curve. Some of the famous Indian games are Andar-Bahar, Teen Patti, Paplu.

Low as well as high stake games

India is a country of the second largest population in the world and having a lower-middle per capita income. Online casinos in India allow high as well as low stake games; low-stake casino games being more prevalent among Indian mass. These games allow fun and excitement of online gaming without significant risk. Besides, low-stake games are suitable for beginners as they can gain experience and develop skills before moving onto bigger tables.

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Transparent operations

It is another significant factor behind the popularity of online casinos among Indians. Now, it is straightforward to register, deposit, and withdraw cash. All reputed online casinos offer secure payment options. So, for online casino gamers, privacy and safety are no matter of concerns.


Culture of wagering games 

Indians are familiar with wagering games for centuries. We can see mentions of such games in Indian epics. Culturally, the majority of Indians do not have moral hesitation in wagering. Online casinos just helped people follow their passion more discreetly.

It is essential to mention here that the key to the future success of online casinos in India is RESPONSIBLE GAMING. LuckyRaja regularly publishes researched and expert-reviewed content on the Indian online casino industry. Subscribe LuckyRaja for your routine updates on everything about India casinos.


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