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Whether it is an in-person casino or online casino, Baccarat strategies remains the most sought-after game among gamblers. It’s interesting to notice how table games have become the most preferred game among seasoned and casual gamblers.

Alongside Blackjack, craps, and Jacks, the Baccarat comes under the top 4 casino games. However, it is similar to Blackjack but more exciting and simpler. Being a game of chance partly, you should know certain hacks and strategies to improve your odds at winning.

Here, you have the whole guide to Baccarat Strategy to play online Baccarat in India.

Successful Strategies To Play Baccarat Online In India

The game of luck does include some strategies and knowledge to improve your odds at winning the game. While playing online Baccarat in India, keep the following strategies in mind.

baccarat strategies

1. Flat Betting: For Beginners

Flat betting means when you either bet on the player or banker to accept whatever the outcome is. A straightforward strategy can make you win a huge amount of money.

The idea is to bet on bankers back to back to get a winning advantage. If you bet on a player repeatedly, it can increase your odds of losing the game.

For example, when you bet for 100 on the beginning three dealt hands and the player wins, you will have to pull out of the game and return when the other player wins.

So, if you play on the first 3 hands, you should bet on the banker. In case you win, you can continue the streak. However, if you lose, you can pull out of the game and join back until your find winning streaks of another player.

Upon entering the game, bet again on the banker. That’s because the house odds of winning a tie bet is at a higher stake of 14.36 percent. So, you just place your bet on the banker.

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2. The Effective 1-3-2-4 Strategy

If you play Baccarat Online India, the 1-3-2-4 strategy offers 50-50 chances of winning both players and bankers.

But how does this strategy work? Consider the following example:

  • Take 100 as 1 unit
  • Take 300 as 3 units
  • Take 200 as 2 units
  • Take 400 as 4 units

All you will do is bet on either player or banker in this progressive pattern without deviating. The strategy will let you win consistently, and if you lose, you will again start the game at 1 unit.

It’s better to place your bet within 4 to 10 rounds to decrease your odds of losing.

3. Martingale Strategy

Martingale is Baccarat’s popular strategy which progressively adjusts bets in casino games. The strategy also works for other table games such as craps, roulette, and Blackjack.

The strategy is devised by Paul Pierre Levy, a French Mathematician. The system works on a theory of Mean Revision which states that asset prices like stock and gold and historical returns will reverse to long-term mean or average.

If you play Baccarat online, the Martingale system will assume that payouts are close to the RTP of bet in the long run. It means that a specific hand is meant to win at some point in the game.

So, it requires you to double your next bet if you lose on the current bet. Continue this process until you win. After that, you can revert to your original stake and start with the betting cycle.

4. Fibonacci Strategy

Fibronacci strategy

Fibonacci is a famous baccarat betting system that came from Italy. In this betting system, the Fibonacci sequence will dictate the amount you will bet after losing the current bet.

The sequence can be as follows, 1,2,3,5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and so on.

The players will increase their bets as they lose as per the sequence. So, the second wager would be 3x the original bet, and then it will be 5x and so on until you win a hand. Once you win, the cycle will reset, and you will revert to your initial bet.

5. Paroli Strategy

Paroli baccarat betting system follows the positive progression to improve your winning chances. It’s the opposite of what the Martingale betting system is all about.

The system asks you to double the bet. The players have to do this every time they win, unto they lose a hand. So, the objective is to get three wins in a row, after which you can switch to your original bet.

For example, if you bet 100 on a player and you win. So, you will now double your bet to 200. If you lose at 100, start from the original bet again; otherwise, bet 200 to win.

Final Thoughts

A beginner-friendly came, Baccarat requires no experience or skill, and it is easy to master. So, if you want to play Baccarat online, you can anticipate attention-worthy outcomes after implementing the five successful strategies.

Going into a casino, you should keep your calculative mind active and functional. The mathematical strategies will help you win in the long run, and also, you can have more fun than ever.


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