5 Things You Should Know Before Playing Online Poker In India

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5 Things You Should Know Before Playing Online Poker In India

Poker is played almost everywhere, globally and in India. It is a convenient option to play and have some fun at the same time. You may remember how your cousins’ gang got together one summer and played nonstop poker, looking at each other’s faces to check if they are bluffing. Maybe the younger ones had given away their tells, by scratching their noses or fake coughing.

But when you want to play  online poker in India, you may be competing against serious players rather than those who do this for recreation. Some things are different, such as discounts, freebies, game modes, features, and a variety of poker variations. You may also connect with players thousands of miles away from you.

Below are 5 important things you need to know before entering the online world of poker.


5 Crucial Things To Know About Online Poker

These top tips will help you even if you have never played the game before.

Not All India Online Poker Players Are Pros

You may be a pro at playing poker in the real world, but at poker sites, you may meet very bad players. Maybe they have joined for fun or you are in the free section where everyone mostly comes to learn poker tips. If you are an expert, you may elevate to poker websites for advanced players in India. You can find competent players that challenge you, and winning against them will be more satisfying.

Online Poker In India Is Honest

You may have all sorts of questions bouncing in your mind, like “Can online poker be rigged?” Firstly, there is a myth surrounding any kind of online gaming. People who believe these are mainly Indian players who are scared of the online format. With online poker, what you see is what you get. Top online poker websites have many safeguards in place, so nothing is hidden.

Find Safe Online Poker Sites To Play


No two poker sites in India are created equal. Besides, you may encounter some sketchy websites for playing online poker in India. Do not fall into their trap; find top online poker sites on our platform. We never promote spurious or mediocre websites. Most of the top sites we recommend offer free poker practice, tutorials, and varied games to enjoy. Find the gaming options of your choice that fit your budget and play online poker in India.

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It Is Okay To Lose Sometimes

This is one of the most essential poker tips: knowing when to fold. There is no need to stay in the hand just because you have put a considerable amount on it. If you have bad cards and you are sure to lose if you raise, make a decision. Learn from this experience. Practice on free online poker practice sites for Indian players and avoid a losing streak.

Be Aggressive When You Play


Being a little aggressive can go a long way when playing poker online. Especially when there are fewer players left, it is always better to raise than calling the game. But this strategy may not work on every table. If you see passive players who prefer to fold, it is fine; but when there are highly aggressive players, it may not be so wise. Manage your aggression levels according to your opponents.


FAQs On What To Know Before You Play Poker Online In India

Where Can I Play Online Poker With Friends?

Many Indian websites allow you to form clubs with friends and play at your private tables with real money. If you are a beginner level poker player, you may improve your strategies at freeroll games without a deposit. Learn the betting rules, poker tournament strategy for beginners and terminology, table positions, and more and win fantastic prizes with practice chips.

Is Online Poker Legal In India?

Online gambling is not spelt out in the Indian constitution. Mostly, it is a matter for the state to decide. In Goa and Sikkim, online poker is completely allowed. Since the Supreme Court rules that any skill-based game is not illegal, you can say that playing online poker in India is legal.

Is Online Poker Harder Than Live Poker?


Since the online versions are fast-paced, it may take some time to adjust to this transition, even for live poker pros venturing into online games. It is also true because the Indian players who are into online poker are in it to win. They may have a higher motivation than real-world players who may do it for fun or as a social game. But in the end, you can play poker online India, learn the winning tips, and become an expert.


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