5 ways to protect yourselves from unregulated and unlicensed casinos

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5 ways to protect yourselves from unregulated and unlicensed casinos

Online casinos in India is a recent development, but people are already playing in casinos for real money. People are searching the web for the best online casinos accepting bets in Indian rupees from Indian gamers. Indian mobile casinos do have a genuine pull factor. However, most Indian players are still unaware of legal regulations around online gambling and betting as the country’s legal system is not particularly friendly to casinos.

Do you safe gambling and betting games? Then, you need to be conscious about a few things to stay away from unregulated and unlicensed casinos in India.

The five ways to protect yourself

Choose an authentic online casino. 

It is not easy to launch and operate a full-scale best online casino in India due to inadequate legal clarity. So, you will not see too many online casino sites and casino apps owned by Indian companies or hosted within Indian geography. That does not make a  unlicensed casinos and illegal. Many legally operated, offshore hosted, foreign-owned casinos accept bets from Indian players in Indian currency.

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The only way to identify the authenticity of these  casinos is to check their gaming licenses in their place of operations, user reviews and reviews in gaming news sites.

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India approves games of skills.

Supreme Court of India, in its verdict, approved playing any type of game of skills. It means you can engage in any kind of gambling and betting that require skills to play like tin-patty, rummy, poker, baccarat, blackjack, horse racing and others.

These are not purely based on the random outcome. You can improve your chances of winning by developing strategies and game-specific knowledge.

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Sports betting is not entirely legal.

Betting with cash on the outcome of a sports match is not legal in India despite the strong presence of similar activities among the public. Online  casinos often allow sports betting on live cricket, football matches. Until it involves a large amount of cash (above INR 1000/-) or influences the match’s outcome, you can enjoy it.

Fantasy sports-based gambling does not directly depend on any specific live match. So, you can also enjoy fantasy leagues with smaller bets.

Public gaming is not legal in India.

Except for horse racing, no public gambling activity using cash is approved by the law of the land. Online betting and gambling sites, and mobile casinos are not public places as others cannot watch the game as spectators. So, if you see anyone soliciting bets and conducting gambling activities in public areas, consider it illegal. Stay away from it.

There are limits on cash prizes.

There is a lack of clarity about the maximum size of cash bets one can place legally in India. The Prize Competition Act of 1955 disallows a cash prize above INR 1000/- in any gambling activity. The law is undoubtedly outdated and needs immediate revision. However, until the government does that, we can safely place lower cash bets and be on the safer side.

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Online gaming review sites like LuckyRaja.com regularly build awareness among  casino gamers to keep them safe from any type of unlicensed casinos activity.

As an industry watchdog, we regularly promote responsible gambling and advocate the necessity of a robust legal framework for the wellbeing of casino gamers and the industry in India. Visit our website to learn more about expert reviews on India’s best online casinos and mobile casinos.


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