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Online casinos in India have come a long way. People used to believe in myths about mobile casino apps, never trying to look for their legitimacy. However, since then, people have emerged from the world of baseless rumors about live casino games. The popularization of the best casino sites has brought forth some fascinating facts about them. Therefore, this article entails 7 of the most interesting facts about online casinos in India.

Top 7 Interesting Facts About Online Casinos In India

Before you start to indulge in new online casinos, you should be well-versed with the interesting facts it entails. Are you ready to dive into the unique world of online casinos in India?

  1. The Legal Aspect Of Live Casino Games

interesting facts about online casinos

Religious beliefs govern India; thus, people associate gambling with it. On the other hand, some Indians ponder about the authenticity of the new online casinos altogether. It is because some of the best casino sites are illegal in most states.

The laws on live casino games vary from state to state, which creates confusion for many. Further, the regulations associated with mobile casino apps have loopholes as there is no clarity. Moreover, mortar casinos are prohibited, but there is no law forbidding online casinos in India.

According to the 1867 Public Gambling Act, it is illegal to operate any gambling activities. However, the Information Technology Act passed in 2000 does not imply that online casinos in India are illegal.

  1. It Is A Gender-Neutral Game

interesting facts about online casinos

For years gambling has been considered to be a man’s game. However, due to the rise of live casino games, everyone has enjoyed it, irrespective of their gender. Most online casinos in India have the possibility for you to play anonymously.

In general, the Indian Gaming Community has both men and women players in equal proportions. According to analytics, the best casino sites and most mobile casino apps have an equal distribution of players based on gender.

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  1. The Average Age Of Players Is 30 to 40

interesting facts about online casinos

Live casino games are popular amongst middle-aged people. It may be hard to believe as youngsters generally love to play online games. However, most of these online casinos in India have an age restriction of 21 years.

The best casino sites prohibit underage players from gambling. Most people between the age of 30 to 40 have access to smartphones. Moreover, most of the interfaces in the mobile casino apps do not require much tech-savviness.

Thus, making it popular among people between 30 to 40 years of age. Most young players might not be into live casino games as they are not yet available on consoles.

  1. Skill For Men And Chance For Women

skill for men and women

Luck is a driving factor for most live casino games in the world. However, based on research, men preferred skill-based games. In contrast, women preferred games of chance.

There are no new online casinos reserved for a particular gender. Anyone can play the games they truly desire.

  1. The Safety Of Gambling

The safety of gambling

Unlike physical gambling, online casinos in India are the safest. Moreover, the regulated live casino games have encryption technology that keeps you safe. Even your identity remains anonymous!

The legalized new online casinos ensure the financial and personal safety of players. Further, access to mobile casino apps will make you feel comfortable and safe while gambling. Moreover, the best casino sites will simply your experience with their easy-to-navigate interface.

Thus, calling out the myth of unsafe online casinos in India.

  1. Real Money Through Small Investments

Real money casino

Nothing in life comes for free. However, with little investment in live casino games, you can win a lot of money. A small bet can make you rich!

Just like in land-based casinos, the online casinos in India have jackpot systems. It gives you a chance of winning a large amount just by betting a few rupees. Further, your luck will determine your winning in live casino games.

  1. Anytime, Anywhere Access To Fun And Bonuses

Fun and Bonuses

The presence of perks like bonuses makes online casinos in India super popular. Most people do not know how fun and entertaining live casino games are. Moreover, the thrilling aspect of investing themes and HD graphics makes mobile casino apps popular.

Players get loyalty and sign-up bonuses. Further, there are ample amounts of VIP rewards in the new online casinos. The live chat function gives it a realistic vibe.


Online casinos in India are getting popular by the day. Therefore, enabling the emergence of new online casinos. Access to mobile casino apps is bringing people the myths and superstitions related to gambling.

The regular rewards and the chance at hitting the jackpot are making live casino games the next big thing. Therefore, with knowledge of seven interesting facts about the best casino sites, it is time for you to indulge in the world of safe gambling.


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