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India, as a country, may not be as gambling-friendly as many others around the globe, but there are almost no restrictions on online poker sites. If you play on top-rated and most secure poker websites, that is. If you have always been very good at hiding your thoughts and have immense patience, then online poker in India may be your way to win big cash.

Put the poker skills you have carefully collected over the years as you played with family, friends, and colleagues during the holidays. For advanced level players like you, we have some useful tips for poker online.


5 Tips For Poker Advanced Level Players


Raise your chances of winning with these poker tips:

Don’t Be Predictable

Since poker is a game of skill, your opponents will be observant of your every move and can guess when you make a bluff. If you are giving away tells about the cards you hold, you may lose cash. Always keep your cool while bluffing even if you have a bad hand. Time your aggressiveness; or, the other players may call your bluff. Win or lose – it also depends on their expertise.

Play On Ranges, Not Hands

One easy poker strategy to use is to think about ranges. Do not focus on a specific hand – that is what average poker players from India do. Calculate what your opponent may have. If they have straights, ace-high, flush, and a draw, they will show up with this range. Remember that if you are at the advanced level and playing against them, they may be on par with your skillset. So, you need to think of entire ranges with various frequencies.

Fold When You’re Unsure

Anyone who has been on the circuit long enough will tell that one of the top tips for poker online is folding when you know your opponent may have you. You think you may be beaten, but continue to play when you have the top pair as it does not make sense to lose the off-chance that the hand may improve. Your tendency to win may get you to call too many times and in the wrong situations. This mistake is only second to ineffective bluffs that many novice Indian players make, and cause you to lose.

Ditch Your Favourite Hand

If you, like many Indian players, have superstitions, such as starting with your favourite hand, it is time to drop them. Most of the times, the favourite hands may be mediocre and give no value if you wait it out for them. However, you may play them in the later stages of the game. If you already have your favourite hand, keep it. But do not give any hand preferential treatment; always play to win using logic.

Learn How To Play Against Aggressive Players

The only way to outdo aggressive Indian players is by being patient. Don’t go all-in during the initial moves, but fold your cards. This will boost their confidence and aggression even more. Continue your pretence and wait for them to go all-in. Wait till you get a strong hand that is sure to let you play the winning move. Deliver the knock-out blow after letting them believe that they have the upper hand.

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FAQS On Tips For Poker Online

How Do You Win Poker Every Time?

You may or may not win at Indian poker online all the time by learning the best strategies. But you should know some cardinal rules that you must stick to: raise all your hands, weak or strong, the same size and in a similar way. Do not let your opponents learn your cards at any stage in the game.

What Should You Not Do In Poker?

Do not turn your attention away from your computer screen or mobile phone. If you are serious about winning at poker, stop doing the things that can distract you while playing. For example, you should not listen to music or skim through a book. If you are a regular poker player, you may face the players who know your tells, even online. So, remember this when you are bluffing. Do not play loose – if you have weak hands, do not overplay those.

What’s The Best Poker Strategy?


Let your cards decide if you should bluff or not. That means you may semi-bluff on the hands that may improve later, like flush draws. When you are unsure, fold. But of all the useful tips for poker online, this may be the best strategy: play against those weaker than you. Calculate your chances of winning at an online poker tournament in India, and play in good games.


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