What are the Advantages of Playing Online Live Casino Games from India

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What are the advantages of playing online live casino games from india

The pandemic situation has restricted traveling to casino destinations across the world. Even with restrictions lifted, doctors advise staying away from crowded places for the next couple of years. So, if you miss your gambling escapade on casino floors, then  online live casino games are the next best thing. Worldwide live casino games are becoming popular, and the trend is here to stay.

Advantages of playing live casino games

online live casino

Everything is realtime

Casino lovers like living in reality, right at the moment. One major attraction of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos is the mesmerizing and exotic experience and the charged high-octane ambiance of the gambling floor. Digitized online casino games lack a little on this front. But live gaming in online casinos makes reliving the authentic charm of traditional casinos possible.

Experienced human dealers

Think about listening to sports commentators and checking sports update on text messages. Do they feel the same? Of course not! There is no alternative to expert human dealers and their pleasant interactions with gambling players. They just do not deal you cards, spin wheels, or manage chips on tables; instead, they create a complete gaming experience, engage and ensure that the players feel entertained throughout. You cannot expect any of these in digitized virtual casino games.

Any time is a good time

Live casinos are open 24X7. It means any time is a good time for playing, gambling, and live chat with dealers. You can indeed play online casino digitized games round the clock, but you will not get rich and engaging interaction with human dealers. That matters a lot, especially when you are playing high-stake casino games.

High-value bets with best offers

If you play high-value casino games, live casinos are the best choice. You always get the sweetest promotional offers in live gaming. For example, you can expect a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, and free spins in regular online casino games. On the other hand, live casinos offer a range of promotional benefits like VIP bonuses, cashback, reload bonuses, and many others. So, it is the best value for your money.

Robust technology

Live casino sites are not like video chatting on the web as we are all used to nowadays. It takes a lot more than a webcam and internet connection for an online casino company to organize and manage a live casino facility. Live casino games use robust technologies and professional studio setups for a hitchless gaming and gambling experience. So, you can rest assured about the guarantee of safety, security, and privacy protections in live casinos.

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Disadvantages of live casino

online live casino

Yes, we can think of one or two disadvantages of live casinos. There exists nothing without a bit of con. So, let’s discuss them now.

Variety of games available

Online casinos have digitized hundreds of real-life exotic games in gambling format. It is fun to play and experience those games. However, to date, live casinos offer only a limited variety of games. If you are happy with poker, blackjack, roulette, and a few other classic casino games, you do not have any problem. For people with interests in exotic gambling games, live casinos can be a little restrictive. Even said that the situation is changing gradually.

Higher betting limits

The minimum betting size in live casinos can be a little high for many casino players. For high-stake, experienced gamblers, it should not be a problem. But, in India, a lot of people are gambling online with a smaller betting budget. Younger people are playing with their pocket money. Besides, many newcomers prefer playing with smaller bets until they feel confident. High betting limits restrict these players from playing live casino games.

Reliable internet connectivity

Livestreaming is bandwidth-hungry. A flawless live casino gaming experience requires reliable broadband or 4G connectivity. Unfortunately, even in cities, we often suffer from connectivity drops. It can hamper your playing experience in live casinos.


Live casino games are undoubtedly a very innovative approach to bundle the convenience of web technologies with the richness of face-to-face human interactions. Gone are the days when people would cram in casino floors and enjoy a fun-filled evening in the most exotic ways possible. So, online casinos are trying to bring that exotic feeling to your doorstep.

Innovations are coming up in live casinos using virtual reality and augmented-reality techs. So, if you love and want to experience the ambiance of brick-and-mortar casinos, then live casino games are your best chance.

Do not forget responsible gambling. And never stop learning about casino games that you play. Making informed decisions in gambling is very important. You can learn all casino gaming-related information on LuckyRaja.com. Happy gambling!


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