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Basic of blackjack

Blackjack, also called Twenty-One, is an evergreen casino game that is well-revered across the world. Even in Indian casinos, players make a beeline to play this timeless classic where the outcomes are technically random. That said, when you play blackjack online in India regularly, you can collect special skills that improve your winning odds.

You use 6 to 8 standard decks of cards against a dealer, and playing blackjack online in India is legal and easy. But first, if you are new to blackjack, it is helpful to learn how the game is played.

The next sections will cover the standard rounds in blackjack, the rules of the game, and how to sign up at an online gambling site in India to start earning money.

Blackjack: How to Play?

Blackjack How to Play

Typically, when you play blackjack online in India, you find the following 6 steps:

  1. Before the round starts, each participant buys into the game with chips or other credits and places their initial bets.
  2. On the table before you, the dealer deals the first card facing up and the second card facing down to each player. Even the dealer has a card facing up.
  3. After counting the value of your hand, it can range from 4 to 21 points. Number cards have a face value, i.e., 2 counts as 2, 9 as 9, etc. Jack, Queen, and King equal 10, an Ace can be 1 or 11. At this time, if your hand worth is 21 points, you win at blackjack.
  4. If not, you have a few options to play the game, which are mentioned in detail later. The dealer flips your face-down card to reveal your hand.
  5. If the dealer gets 21 points, the dealer or house wins, and those who don’t have 21 lose, or, you follow some predetermined rules on how to play blackjack online. If the hand’s worth is 16 or fewer points, the dealer takes a new card, and if it is 17 or higher, they have to stand.
  6. If no player wins by this time, the dealer conducts another round, and the above steps repeat.

As you can see, basic blackjack game rules are straightforward and similar at many online blackjack sites in India.

Blackjack Gameplay Options and Unique Situations

Blackjack Gameplay Options and Unique Situations

You have to choose from the below options if you don’t have 21 points:

Hit: You choose to take a new card that is dealt face up.

Stand: A new card may exceed 21 points, and so, you can choose to stand and hope that the dealer’s hand worth is lower.

Double Down: You can double your bet before playing if you are confident about your winning chances.

Split: When you play blackjack online in India, if the host deals with two identical cards, you can divide them into two hands and get one new card per hand. Here, the original bet automatically doubles.

Surrender: Surrendering is nothing but folding if your chances are too slim. You can get half of your wager amount back.

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Unique Situations

You should aim to get a hand with 21 points worth or as close to 21 as possible than the house. But if you exceed 21 points, you lose the round.

However, there are some exceptions to the regular gameplay:

  1. Dealer Gets 10: If the dealer’s face-up card value is 10, he gets to play his hand before everyone else. If the dealer makes a blackjack, he wins.
  2. Insurance: If the dealer’s face card is an Ace, you have protection for half your bet in some blackjack variations.
  3. Dead Hand: Although this is an extremely rare case, if all players go bust (points exceed 21) before the dealer can flip the second card, the game ends.

How to Play Blackjack Online India?

Many top online casinos allow you to play against a computer rather than with other punters or a dealer. But it is far from authentic. Instead, play at live casinos that offer the most excitement. If there are few players, you use fewer decks, which means your winning chances are more.

Also, counting cards and using blackjack charts are considered cheating at land-based casinos. When you are playing from the convenience of your home, there is no one looking over you. But card counting should be extremely quick, and you need a lot of math skills. Hence, it may be a tad difficult when you play blackjack online at a live casino.

Blackjack is a casino table game using betting systems. So, you will get the best bang for your buck when you play blackjack online in India with real money. But that doesn’t mean you cannot play for free. Indeed, playing free games can improve your blackjack strategy, which is what helps you later. You can avoid unwanted mistakes and enjoy the game to the fullest, without any conditions.

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