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a beginner's guide to live baccarat

Playing baccarat online is one of the many fascinating things Indian punters find at gambling sites. To know how compelling and fast the game is, you must try it out yourself. Although China is the country that has many takers, the number of gamblers that play live baccarat online in India is increasing steadily over the years.

It would be no surprise if the count surpasses that of all Asian countries and the world in general within a few years.

Why Do Punters Love to Play Baccarat Online in India?

Punters Love to Play Baccarat Online in India

Baccarat is a unique game because you can also bet on the dealer’s hand irrespective of the hands before you. Playing online baccarat in India has its perks that are most attractive to new and expert-level gamers alike. Before we dig deep into baccarat rules and betting strategies, let us know why this game is much loved:

  1. Easy Gameplay: There are just three betting styles in baccarat, which you can learn and ace within no time.
  2. Simple Strategy: Winning strategies involve a player hand, banker’s hand, and a tie, depending on how you wager.
  3. Low House Edge: The house edge ranges from 1.06% and 1.24% for banker’s hand and player bet, respectively.

Statistically, the banker wager wins almost 50% of the time, and hence, makes for the optimal betting strategy when you play baccarat online in India.

Live Baccarat in India

Baccarat, which was earlier popular in many underground and mostly illegal gambling houses, is currently a chart-topper at legitimate online casinos of today.

All thanks to the emergence of live casinos in India. Live dealer games have bridged the gap between online gambling sites and land-based casinos. With technological advancements like real-time streaming, HD resolution, AR & VR, in-game chat, multi-player support, etc., it has become very exciting to play baccarat online.

Live Baccarat in India

In live baccarat, you have the instant play mode, which you can access once you register at the online casino site. The next step is to relish the thrilling live casino adventure.

Live dealer games’ tables are set up within a real gaming establishment or a studio that mimics real-world casinos. Professional baccarat dealers also called croupiers, host the games in real-time, where the happenings are streamed live via the latest software.

All live games are developed by giant providers in the world like Evolution Gaming, Play n’Go, and NetEnt. When you play baccarat online in India, that too, live, you can interact with fellow players and the host during the game, which adds to your social experience.

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Baccarat Gameplay and Betting Options

You can play baccarat online the same way, even in the live format, with the same game rules. You will most likely have around 30 seconds to make a move and place a bet.

Given that the action happens in 3D and is fast-paced, you will need to hone your decision-making process. As mentioned above, online baccarat in India has some of the lowest house edges of any casino game.

Hence, to make your gameplay a smooth affair, learn the three betting styles:

Player Wager

The house edge for baccarat is 1.24% for the player bet. You will get a 1:1 payout on winning, making the odds the same as the banker wager since the dealer gets a commission.

Baccarat Gameplay and Betting Options

Banker Bet

The house edge is 1.06%, but a 5% commission goes to the host when you win a bet. Essentially, the payouts are the same 1:1 as the player bet. However, there is a statistical advantage here.


Based on the online casino you are playing, the house edge can be anywhere from 4.85% to 14.36%. The higher the house edge, the greater your potential payout will be, ranging between 8:1 and 9:1.

Suppose if you play baccarat online in India, and there is a tie. If you didn’t already place a tie bet, you can collect your initial wager, called a “push,” or leave it per baccarat rules.

Things to Consider

  • Always remember to check out the game lobby for the providers of live casino solutions, baccarat variations, and the house edge.
  • If you have a chance of obtaining bigger prizes, enter those tourneys or cash games.
  • Casino welcome bonuses are an instant hit among new players. You can invite friends to the site, and you both earn bonuses to increase your bankroll.
  • There will be no free play mode for live baccarat; so, you have to use real money deposits to win. So, join a table of your liking, wager, and start earning.
  • Wagering requirements when you play online baccarat in India in the live version are typically higher than card games or virtual tables.

Baccarat Predictions

Some players make predictions about the outcome of baccarat after tracking the previous rounds. While these educated guesses are known as cold or hot streaks, it is extremely challenging to determine the result. Hence, this strategy can be insubstantial.

What you can do to improve your skills is to choose table games in the free practice mode. To know more about how to play baccarat online in India, explore Lucky Raja. We have expert reviews, tips, and tricks to help you win big.


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