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Crypto Casinos Online

Whether you are a current player or thinking of starting gambling online, you may have heard about online crypto casinos. Due to the growing demand for Bitcoin casinos online and other gambling sites that allow digital currencies, it has become smoother sailing for punters.

However, people need to know the hassles they face when they put their trust in unworthy casinos. At Lucky Raja, we took it upon ourselves to educate our readers and website visitors about how to gamble safely and avoid illegitimate or fake Bitcoin casinos in India.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Safe?

Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin had its origins in 2008. It is considered the safest method of online transactions because it is based on Blockchain technology. This method involves ledgers and nodes that are decentralized, improving the privacy and anonymity of transactions. All the processes are encrypted, and there is no monopoly on the currency by humans or organizations.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are used for trading, purchasing, and betting at gambling sites. So, you can say that online crypto casinos make for secure financial transactions.

But the safety of Bitcoin casinos in India is relative because not all sites are the same.

New online casinos coming up every day may boast of tall benefits, but they fall short when it comes to execution. Hence, it is imperative that you check all the major factors before you invest your money.

Advantages of Crypto Casinos

Since you use your hard-earned money, whether digital or real, you would want to avoid major losses. Bitcoin casinos online offer many benefits, including moderate gambling.

Here are other advantages:


You may not want to hide the fact that you gamble, but anonymity is also useful to keep your data private. It provides enhanced security of your financial data and keeps it hidden from hackers spying on vulnerable information online.

Since it is hard to manipulate or control Bitcoin transactions, it has become a preferred mode of transaction for corporate giants like Microsoft and Lamborghini. Hence, you should have no doubts about paying at top online crypto casinos.


As mentioned above, top industry leaders trust cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin had also issued an initial public offering (IPO), and so, even shareholders trust the digital money. When millions and billions of investments are riding on Bitcoin, wagering amounts of hundreds or thousands will certainly be safe.

Moreover, bitcoin miners have software and hardware worth millions. The best Bitcoin casinos in India have the utmost security standards for their eCommerce transactions, all of which can create trust in customers.

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Provably Fair Trading

Bitcoin casinos online use a concept called “Provably Fair Trading.” It ensures that the results, card dealings, moves, and numbers are entirely random rather than predictable.

There is no way that Bitcoin hash can be rigged, and when it adds to your gambling results, it produces unique outcomes every single time. Therefore, online casinos, even if they attempt, cannot falsify important records.

Things to Consider

Best Crypto Casinos

In order to tell apart ingenuine gambling sites from the best online crypto casinos, you can check the following criteria:

Type of Casino

Bitcoin casinos are different from casinos in India that accept Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin casinos are those that have their software based on Blockchain, while the latter is normal casinos that allow payment modes using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. For more information on the same, check out our Bitcoin casinos online page.


Prefer to play at casinos that have 2-factor authentication. This added step will keep your account safe and prevent your data from being stolen or misused by someone else using your computer or mobile. Besides, look for Bitcoin casinos in India that are mobile-compatible, which ensure increased comfort levels.

License and Regulation

Offshore casinos may be headquartered in nations that have spurious rules and safety protocols. Like any online casino in India, it is critical that you check whether Bitcoin casinos possess valid licenses. Typically, legit online crypto casinos will be regulated and governed by trustworthy gaming authorities like the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) or MGA (Malta Gaming Authority).

Beware of Unruly Casinos

Bitcoin Online Casinos

In addition to the above, Bitcoin casinos also offer many promotions exclusively for mobile casino players. New punters signing up on mobile apps have almost double the benefits in terms of bonuses and cashback.

On the other hand, there could be many bad apples among the lot, which disguise themselves as genuine gambling sites. Possible red flags may include slow withdrawals, poor graphics, cluttered user interface, inadequate customer support, etc.

One of the best ways to distinguish such casinos from legitimate sites is to read peer reviews and expert opinions. Casino reviews and educational gambling websites like Lucky Raja provide high-quality insights and in-depth knowledge about new and established online avenues.

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