The 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Slot Machines

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The 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Slot Machines

Slot machines, whether you are at a land-based casino or an online gambling site, are one of the most intriguing features of the place. But most people are often concerned that they may lose their hard-earned money on this game of pure chances. While this doubt is understandable, some players have propagated ridiculous myths about casino slot machine.

Indeed, there is no truth to such false claims, but novice players can get influenced and rule out casino slots from the list of the highest paying games. A lack of knowledge of the working mechanism of play slots can be one reason.

This article aims to clear up those misgivings that superstitious players can fall prey to.

1.    Myth: Slot Machines Have Cold and Hot Streaks

Some slots offer consistent payouts for certain time periods, while there can be prolonged cold streaks when you don’t win for a stretch.

In particular, they believe that once a progressive jackpot casino slot machine payouts, it will be a long while before they can see some significant profits. Players who notice this happening to them more than once may declare that slots run hot and cold at set times, which is not true.

In fact, casino operators cannot rig the game with pre-programming to affect the payouts and cheat their customers.

Actually, each casino slot machine comes with a unique random number generator built by its software developers. RNG ensures that each individual spin of the 3, 5, or 7-reels games is completely random, and doesn’t depend on the previous or next spin results.

2.    Myth: Playing Online Casino Slots Is Illegal and Unsafe

Firstly, gambling laws in India are very unclear, and since the country is federal, each state has its own rules. Do check out your state’s take on the matter before you deposit money at the best online casino.

Secondly, all casino games of skill are legal, and even chance-based games like slots are allowed at online casinos, just as lotteries. The main thing to verify is whether you can play slots online at a licensed and regulated casino. Look for the stamps of world-renowned gaming authorities like the UK Gambling Commission and game developers like Net Ent, Microgaming, Play’n GO, etc.

Thirdly, each casino slots machine online operator will ensure protective measures against hackers trying to steal players’ data. They use the tightest security protocols like using an SSL certificate and legit payment modes for monetary transactions.

3.    Myth: Casino Slots Online Are Addictive

Compared to real-world casino slots machine, online slots are not less or more addictive. However, people may believe this to be true because of the increased convenience you have with online slots. Since you can play from your home, at work brakes, while traveling in the metro, it is easier to access a slot machine online.

There are stories about people that lost their cars, homes and precious things to play slots online, but many of these are just exaggerations. Most players see slots as a way of recreation, not to make money, even if it pays out more.

That said, some people with addiction tendencies can get affected by gambling as a vice. So, it is your own responsibility to keep a check on your casino slot’s online spending. Furthermore, casinos make it a point to discourage players with an unhealthy obsession with features like deposit and wagering limits, cooling-off periods, prevention of underage gambling, etc. But of course, you should be willing to use these tools.

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4.    Myth: Maximum Bet Amount on Slots Means Higher Winning Chances

Do big wagering amounts make a game looser? That’s exactly what some players believe. They think that massive betting amounts will bear big outcomes. While the higher payouts part is true because of the bet-size correlation, such tactics don’t necessarily improve your winning chances.

For instance, you bet INR 10 while you play slots, a 10x payout may not gather much attention. But when you put in INR 100 per spin, the 10x payout catches eyeballs, but you also risk losing the stake if you don’t win the right combinations. Meanwhile, INR 10 and its 10 times stake payout can be exciting and profitable.

As you can see, the whole thing is psychological, no matter how much you bet. Making ridiculously big deposits is apt only for high rollers.

5.    Myth: AutoPlay and Slots Bonuses Decreases Your Earning Potential

Casino slots provide many nice offerings to their customers, such as loyalty bonuses, club features, cashback, and other incentives. These promotions aim to please and reward their loyal patrons. Hence, it can be said that experienced slot players will benefit from them. But there is a misconception that such bonuses will pay out lower amounts.

Regardless of whether you use the free spins casino India or loyalty bonus credits, the RNG of a slot game doesn’t change. There is no way you can predict your winning outcome or tell how many times you can score a winning combination.

Having said this, bonus points will not reduce your chances either. Besides, there is no way that a live casino can detect whether you are using your own money to pay for a specific stake or using free spins to win at slots.

Even for AutoPlay, players think their profits get botched. In land-based casinos, people prefer pulling a lever to pressing a button as the results will be more favorable. In the same way, they trust that AutoPlay while playing casino slots  machine online is slowing them down.

However, this is a nonsensical outlook because AutoPlay will only add more value to the gameplay. AutoPlay is available to facilitate the players to get an enhanced casino experience when they play slots. Yes, if you are going too fast, you could lose more money – but it has no impact on the slots’ payout percentages.

We hope that this post has dispelled some doubts in your mind regarding online slots. At Lucky Raja, we aim to educate casino players about all things related to Indian gambling sites.

There are no 100% winning strategies you can learn to win slots every time you play. However, you can choose the best casino slots machine to increase your earnings. Check out the Lucky Raja resources to find the best online slots and other casino games in India.


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