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Favorite $Casino$ Games Of Indian Players | Lucky Raja

Indians are warming up to the fun and excitement of online favorite  casino game. Casinos traditionally prompt Hollywood-inspired imageries in our mind. However, there exist too many Indian-origin games in online casino sites. Let have a look at some of the  casino game of Indian casino players. And what you need to ace them.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti Casino

In online Indian casinos, Teen Patti is very popular. There are even dedicated gaming sites for playing Teen Patti online. The skill of a player is vital. Chance alone cannot win. Usually, players pay a fixed amount to enter the game. In every dealing, each player receives three cards face down. Betting rotates anti-clockwise. Value of a hand varies with the combination of the three cards. Every player tries to guess the values of others’ hands against his or her hand. You bet the same amount or more (raise) than your preceding player. A correct guess wins the total amount bet.

Andar Bahar

People bet against the dealer (or, the house) in this card game, unlike Teen Patti. Initially, it started in Southern parts of India; now hugely popular online for its simplicity. Every round begins with a face-up game card. ‘Andar’ means the left side of the game card and ‘Bahar’ is the right side. For example, the game card is ‘8’. Your job is to guess which side the next ‘8’ will appear, Andar or Bahar. Place a bet accordingly. The dealer goes ahead with dealing cards Andar and Bahar of the game card. A correct guess wins. Ideally, it’s a game of random choice.

Andar Bahar Casino Game


This is probably the easiest and the most favorite casino game worldwide, India is no different. Its simplicity makes it very attractive. All virtual slots are self-explanatory, though come in different themes. You do not need to accomplish much other than placing bets and clicking ‘spin’. However, do not forget checking the pay off table.

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It’s rummy with an Indian favour and popular too among Indian gamers. The rules are almost similar to rummy. Each player gets 13 cards. Players need to draw a card from the pile of face-down cards on the table and discard one on the tables. Discarded ones remain face up. Discarded pile gives a clue to what others are holding. The objective is to create combinations of a set or a sequence of cards. The player who completes creating melds of all the 13 cards first wins the round. It is a card game of skills. Chance plays a small factor.


Casino Slots Online

It is a centuries-old traditional Indian game, made infamous in Mahabharat. Playing online pasha is a lot simpler. So, in Indian online casinos, pasha is fast becoming popular. You need to roll a set of 2 dices, each having four numbered sides. The player keeps on rolling dices until a pair of numbers appears. Usually, a pair of 1s or 3s is a winning (jeetae), and 4s or 6s are a lost (haare) bet.

So, get ready for your next round of fun and excitement. And never forget playing online  casino games responsibly. That is the mantra of LuckyRaja.


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