The Top Five Indian Rummy Tricks Explained

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The Top Five Indian Rummy Tricks Explained

Rummy may be one of the most popular card games in India. You may have played the offline version in your childhood when all the elders were preoccupied in the marriage function. Indian rummy also may have kept you busy during the long day-time train journey when you couldn’t sleep on the berth.

Now that you are an adult, you know that playing rummy not only is a great pastime but can earn you money as well. There are many online avenues in India to play the game, and if you arm yourself with some effective rummy tricks to win, there is no stopping.


Exploring The Top 5 Indian Rummy Tricks

With excellent strategy and some math skills, you can win in Indian rummy against anyone. Make use of our top online rummy tricks.

Discard High Cards Effectively


Lay off high point cards as soon as you can. Because, if you don’t make a pure sequence, and someone calls rummy, you will have higher points. But if you can meld them into a pure run, go for it. Or, keep the cards during the initial moves. See if you can get the consecutive cards when your opponent discards them, and make a pure sequence. Otherwise, you can lose the cards in the third or fourth move.

Trick Your Opponents

Another easy trick many expert Indian rummy players use is to trap your opponent. They may pick up high cards from the open deck. If they pick up a J of spades that you discarded, maybe they have 9, 10, Q, or K of spades. They may make a set, or wait for those cards. Use one of the best rummy tricks, your reverse strategy. Limit their winning chance by retaining those cards if you have them.

Keep Track Of The Points

Whether you are folding out or melding your cards, you should know how to count the points for the cards in your hand. If you miscalculate your points, you may lose. First things first. A, K, Q, and J are worth 10 points each. Number cards are worth their face value. You may make a run with A-2-3 or K-Q-A, but the value of Ace is constant. If you make an invalid declaration, you get 80 points.

Count The Number Of Coloured Cards     

Another one of the most effective rummy tricks to win is to count which coloured cards you have. Based on what you are dealt, guess what your opponent holds. For instance, you have red cards in the majority, which means the black ones may be in your opponent’s hands or the closed deck. So, retain any black cards you have so your opponent does not get an upper hand. Improve your chances by paying attention to what your opponent is discarding.

Learn How Probability Is Used In Rummy


Indian rummy tricks depend on probability. Let us say, you are playing against one player. Each of you has 13 cards. You have 4 joker cards, which means the other player has none. If you have 3 of hearts and 4 of hearts, it is probable that you may get 2 or 5 of hearts. But if you have 3 of hearts and 10 of hearts, your chances of making a sequence with these are low. So, discard the one with minimal odds of winning.

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FAQs On Rummy Tricks To Win      

How Does Rummy End?

If you lose all your cards, you win the hand. If you have melded all your cards at one go, you may say rummy on your turn, and end the game. But you should not discard a card before this hand in Indian online rummy. If you are playing with the discard rule, you may call rummy after you lay the last card.

Can You Use 2 Jokers In Rummy?

You have 2 symbol jokers and a cut joker when the cards are dealt. The cut joker or the wild card can be a face card or a number card. All cards of all colours and suits that have the same value as the cut joker are considered jokers. You can use them as you use the joker symbol cards. Any joker can make a set or run (sequence). But you should have one pure sequence without a joker to validate your rummy. But if the cut joker is melded with its original value in the pure sequence, it is valid.

How To Play Rummy Effectively?


Follow some Indian rummy tricks to win, such as:

  • Monitor the discard pile.
  • Make a pure sequence.
  • Discard high-value cards.
  • Count the cards and colours.
  • Trick your opponent.

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