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Best online gambling strategies for casino players

Online gambling in India is skyrocketing. Millions of Indians from different age groups are crowding online rupee payment casino sites and apps for gambling thrills. Mobile casino games are especially easy; all it takes is a smartphone. So, we thought it would be helpful to discuss a few of the tested gambling strategies. Every new player should know, understand and learn to apply these strategies judiciously in their games.

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Disclaimer – The objective of all these strategies is to stay on the game for a longer time by managing risk and cash burnouts. Some of them are more suitable for games of pure choices.

2% of available cash

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Cut your coat according to your cloth. The 2% rule says you should keep your betting budget limited to the free cash in your bank account. The free cash is your total cash after deducting immediate cash liabilities, including family expenses, personal expenses, and other essential cash needs. The rule saves you from suffering more losses than what you can bear. If your finances are healthy, you can always continue gambling and recover the losses with better strategy and luck.

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Though you might think, this rule is a little hard to follow for players with smaller cash incomes. Someone with a 10000/- free cash can online bet 200/-; it is not enough to productively play online casino games. However, on the contrary, the rule is equally important for small players. It tells how much cash is barely necessary to engage in gambling activities. And, until they have that much free cash, they should stay away from regular gambling.

Value betting

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It is more applicable in card games like Poker, where luck plays a role in terms distribution of cards. Strategies can rule in a game of skills like Poker, Rummy, or Teen-Patti. However, a good hand can always make or break fate. So, when you have a good hand, you should know its actual value and use that to secure the highest possible win.

Players often fail to understand the value of the cards in their hands and lose the chance to hit big wins when luck favors. So, the only advice is to read more about the game, learn and apply.


It is a risk lovers’ strategy. The rule asks you to double your bet every time you lose. Theoretically, it helps to recover all your losses along with a bit of profit once you win. For example, you start betting with Rs 10/-.

  • 1st round – Bet 10/- win 10/-
  • 2nd round – Bet 10/- lose 10/-
  • 3rd round – Bet 20/- lose 20/-
  • 4th round – Bet 40/- lose 40/-
  • 5th round – Bet 80/- win (you have won earlier loss of 70/- + 10/- extra)
  • 6th round – Bet 10/- (as if starting from the beginning)

Martingale is a risky gambling strategies to minimize losses and very easy to follow even for beginners and novices. However, the strategy is not suitable if you are looking for a jackpot win. Instead, it is consistent with players looking for smaller profits regularly. Also, if you are continuing to lose too many hands, then losses can pile up quickly. So, it is ideal, to begin with, smaller bets so that you can survive betting for multiple rounds without drying up the cash reserve. It is not advisable to use this strategy in skill-based games where you do not possess sufficient skills against other players as it tilts the distribution of risks against you.



First of all, it is theoretically suitable for risk-averse players, but it is also a little tricky to follow for beginners. Let’s first understand the rule.

  • Find out the minimum bet size in your game of choice.
  • Decide how much you are willing to win in terms of minimum bet size. So, if the minimum bet size is 10/- and you want to win 100/-, then your target unit size will be 10 units.
  • Write down a string of numbers adding up to your targeted unit size. In this example, it can be 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Your first bet will be 1+4 or 5 units.
  • If you win, your next bet size will be 2+3 or 5 units.
  • If you lose, your new string will be 2, 3, 5, and accordingly, the next bet size will be 2+5 or 7 units.


You can enjoy online mobile casino games or prefer playing on gaming websites; knowing gambling strategies can always be a great help. This article just discusses only the basics. If you are an enthusiast in casino games, this should be the beginning. There are ample resources on the web, and the best way to learn these strategies is to practice. So, start gaming. And make your gaming companion. It regularly publishes valuable casino gaming insights and expert-reviewed gaming articles.


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