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5 ways to get rid of gambling addiction

In a time where online gambling in India is at its peak, it is highly crucial to address the negative impacts people may suffer. Not everyone gambles for the fun, entertainment, or income; some may even find it difficult to stop betting. Such behaviors are called gambling problems, and people who exhibit those tendencies are compulsive gamblers.

Gambling addiction or pathological gambling is currently considered a mental disorder. Like drug abusers, gambling addicts cannot refrain from betting even for a single day. They often indulge in destructive and detrimental habits like continuing to wager even after a long streak of losses.

To curb negative patterns like these, the best casinos in India have strict protocols in place, such as deposit and wager limit settings, voluntary account lock-out, etc. However, the players themselves have to activate these options. For this reason, it is important for them to get a grip on the situation.

Spotting Gambling Addiction

Spotting Gambling Addiction

Problem gamblers are unique, and their actions may vary from other addicts. They are dangerous to themselves and their family, friends, and society in general.

Some people may go as far as selling their homes, cars, and so on to fund their addiction. Eventually, they also resort to burglary, domestic abuse, child neglect, and suicide.

Furthermore, when it comes to online gambling in India, there is a gap between men and women. For instance, men are more into esports betting and skill-based games, while women mostly prefer slots, bingo, and other chance games. Likewise, gambling issues also differ.

That said, here are some compelling arguments to substantiate addiction when someone:

  • Wagers their life savings
  • Constant craving to make a bet
  • A lack of control over betting
  • Inability to quit or pause
  • Exhibits frequent restlessness and irritation
  • Concealing their gambling habits from family or friends
  • Increasing the bet amount to compensate previous string of losses
  • Borrowing money often or stealing and selling stuff
  • Seeking the next gambling venture when feeling distressed
  • Avoiding all social interactions and seeking isolation

Online Gambling in India: Ways to Curb Addiction

There is no set pattern to detect addiction when gambling online. But once you suspect gambling disorder in you or someone close, follow these 5 steps to stop the problem:

Online Gambling in India Ways to Curb Addiction

1.    Acceptance

Recovery can only start when you admit that you have a problem. Not all people facing problems in online gambling in India seek help. In the U.S., it is estimated that less than 4% of problem gamblers are in treatment.

Addicts or their loved ones can call the helplines listed under gambling de-addiction centers. Since gambling is a social taboo in this country, your calls and sensitive information will remain confidential with these foundations.

2.    Support Groups

Groups like Gamblers Anonymous, online or off, can help connect you with others going through the same struggle. They follow the 12-step program based on Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar techniques.

Players who got deceived by new casinos online or are victims of identity theft can benefit from such communities. You will find a mentor or sponsor to guide you through your recovery. Together, you can motivate each other to quit the destructive habit.

3.    Professional Counselling

In the worst cases, self-help may not be suitable. Gamblers need to work with therapists who have years of experience under their belt. They have the know-how of treating each patient per their unique issues.

One such standard treatment is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. In CBT, your therapist conducts one-on-one sessions to pinpoint the exact timeline when the addiction began. By fine-tuning your responses and behaviors, they help you develop the necessary cognitive tools to fight your urges.

4.    Medication

Like in the case of drug addicts who develop tolerance, even gambling addicts can become desensitized to normal counseling or light winnings. They seek out a greater feeling of “high,” and hence, can resort to other numbing drugs or stimulants, too.

So, timely medication to suppress gambling urges and balance the dopamine levels in the brain is critical. Antidepressants, SSRIs, and lithium are common medications administered to combat addiction.

5.    Casino Regulations

There have been many advancements in online gambling in India. One of them is the increased responsibility online casinos are taking to ensure their customers’ sanity and safety. Casino regulatory mechanisms can help you self-monitor and put limits on how much you are betting.

These include gambling online only with the designated funds you add to your casino account. Higher wagering requirements, maximum deposit amount per day, etc., also help in staving off addiction. In turn, you don’t get triggered easily.


The above steps, when practiced diligently, can keep you from binging and relapsing. But it is also important to try and not lose your cash on mobile casino apps and gambling sites. Hence, Lucky Raja becomes your perfect partner in teaching you the needed coping skills to avoid addiction or losses. Explore our wealth of blogs and articles that can increase your enjoyment while online gambling in India.


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