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What should you know about the Growth of Mobile Casino Apps in India

For a country well on its way to challenge developed countries’ economies soon, India’s online gaming industry and mobile casino have also seen astounding growth in the past year. The sector, which was worth $290 million in 2016, will fast hit the $1 billion mark in 2021. The steady increase of smartphone users and a digital boom, courtesy of Covid, ensured the quick expansion of the gaming user-base, which is on its way to touch the 628 million mark.

India is a rising market when it comes to mobile gaming. There are plenty of reports showing that online casino gaming is a billion-dollar industry in all of Asia. A multitude of Indians uses the tab and smartphone to bet online willingly. But how did the mobile casino see such a steady growth in India? 

An Online Thrust

The boom started with online games and in-game content, which has been popular in India for some time now. Think Teen Patti by Octro, PUBG by Bluehole Studio, Ludo King by Gameton Technologies. These games start off with a seek to find, which is enough to get them hooked on the game, and then later ask for a buy-in or place bets. It is not news that all online gaming firms use popular Indian festivals to hold events that attract a person. There is also the option to play using your own vernacular like Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, and more.

The rise of the online gaming industry is an important factor contributing to the rise of a strong IT sector that bolsters mobile casino apps for real money. The number of online game developers was just 25 in 2010; the number rose to 275 by 2019. India harbors talented software developers and engineers who contribute towards forming a robust back-end for most gaming companies.

The other factor contributing to the growth of users who play casinos in mobiles is the widespread popularisation of digital payment methods. By 2022, the number of people who use digital payments and mobile wallets is expected to touch 300 million in India, from a mere 100 million in 2019. With online payments becoming easy, people can place online bets at popular gaming portals at a touch on the phone.

Loopholes in the Law and Smart Innovations

The primary reason behind the growth of online and best mobile casinos happens to be simple enough, there is also the question of the Indian laws that prevent gambling. Fraught with loopholes, the anti-gambling law falls short when it comes to online bets. The rule forbids Indian companies from operating on the sub-continent, but nothing prevents them from playing at casinos offshore.

Authorities in India have no playbook that elucidates any action that they may take against these offshore players. Thus, foreign operators have taken advantage of this and started offering their services to Indian users. Indians have obliged them with their interest, and more importantly, the money.

Most foreign online casinos that offer their services to Indians have good reputations and have gone the extra mile to cater to their clients. For example, gone are the days when dollars and pounds were the only means for you to place a bet. Indian currency is an accepted option on most apps of mobile casinos for real money. The gameplay is offered in Hindi, and there is also dedicated customer support, which helps in the vernacular. These companies also support Indian digital wallets and payment methods like the UPI, and they also run promotions and offer bonuses to Indians to draw them in.

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The Big Players and a Ready Audience

The mobile gameplay industry has suddenly seen a spurt in growth because high-quality casino games have made their way into the picture. Think about Ezugi, which offers smartphone-friendly games. Smaller companies do not have the same reach or resources to develop similar software. Indian players have access to popular slot machines and card games with dealer titles that are live. Some of these games come with multi-million-dollar prizes — a number that spurs Indians to bet high.


India’s growth also means that people have become considerably richer and can afford to blow money on online bets. Entertainment has become an essential expense in the average Indian’s ledger. Online gaming is one of the fastest and richest forms of entertainment that can hold a user’s attention for a long time. It also helps that people are always looking for new ways to increase their wealth. Since physical casinos are not an option in the Indian subcontinent, most of them take recourse to their smartphones to place online bets on games like Poker and Blackjack.

Online casinos are, again, not the only form of gambling that Indians have access to. Fantasy leagues are very common with sporting enthusiasts. With the rise in fast events like the Indian Premier League, Indian Super League, and English Premier League, fast gambling opportunities are also on the rise. Betting on fantasy sports is very high in India. Esports is also popular, courtesy games like DOTA 2 and Call of Duty. They are also contributors to the thriving mobile betting industry in India.

The Figures

As far as estimates go, India’s betting industry makes a billion dollars every year and continues to rise. As the industry kicks forward, more millennials will join the bandwagon. In the absence of proper regulations and mobile casino gaming apps mushrooming everyday, mobile gaming could rise to new heights in a considerably shorter time in India.


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