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how does a casino make money

How does a casino make money?

It is genuine to ask how do casino make money. As a gamer, you might feel concerned. And it is no secret that running a casino is a business with an exact route to profit-making. The casino business model is tested and trusted; has not much changed for a long time despite immense technological innovations in casino gaming–traditional and online.

How much do casinos make? It depends, but do not assume that your loss is their gain. No legally registered casino ever wants to manipulate your chance of winning. They earn irrespective of the actual chance factor of a game.

The broad TWO sources of money for casinos –

  • Gaming facilitation
  • House edge

Gaming facilitation

There are various table games like Poker and Blackjack, where gamers play against each other. In these games, both in a traditional and online format, casinos play an intermediary role; provide the platforms, payment security, and other game-related facilities. In exchange, casinos charge a commission (called, rake) on each hand’s pot’s size. Rakes can be a percentage-based or a non-percentage predetermined fixed amount.

Gaming facilitation

Such earning for casinos is straight-forward and simple to understand. The next type of money-making is a little complex but more significant.

House edge

How does a casino make money on slots? It is different from how casino make money on poker tables or blackjacks. It depends on the house edge.

House edge is the statistical certainty that a casino enjoys against gamers irrespective of the game’s actual outcome. In every casino game you bet against the house, ‘the house’ enjoys an edge over you. This edge is, of course, look more evident over time. Now house edge varies from game to game.

The house edges of popular games

Roulette 2% – 4%
Slots 2% – 10%
Poker 0.5% – 5%
Baccarat 1% – 2%
Craps 1% – 5%
Lotteries 2% – 10%

How does a house edge compensate casinos?

  • Assume you play slots 100 times in a single sitting. Each time you bet 100/- rupees.
  • Statistically, you can win 50% of the time. Consider the specific type of slots you are playing that has a house edge of 2%.
  • For casinos, the earning certainty will be total bets times the house edge or, ((100X100)X2%) or 200/- rupees.
  • In another way of saying, your actual chance of winning slots, in this example, is 48% (50% – 2%)


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How does a house edge compensate casinos?

House edge is the means of compensating a bookmaker in any game of wager

The average casino profit margin varies depending on the following factors.

  • Capacity usage – the full utilization of a casino’s operational capacity ensures the highest-earning; idle slots, roulette do not earn anything.
  • The number of gaming rounds – the more a gamer play, the higher is the chance of earning from house edge for a casino.
  • Types of games – when gamers are playing only low house edge games, casino earning is low. The rule of thumb is the higher the skill gamers need lower is the house edge.

So, how do you feel now? Good!

Online casinos arrange safe, secure platforms where we can enjoy a round of gaming or two. They are transparent, free of any wrong-doing, and more comfortable to access. And running their operations burn cash. Doesn’t they deserve a little house edge for bearing all these troubles for us, gamers? You can always graduate to games of low house edge by developing your skills over time. Isn’t it?


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