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Even though it is a positive side effect of the rapid advancement of technology, social media, in particular, people tend to read casino reviews before buying something.

While it is a welcome change from purchasing every new thing on the market and falling prey to fraudsters and scam agents, not all reviews are genuine.

The same is the case with online casino reviews. Similar to paid e-commerce reviews, some sketchy online casino sites also resort to illegal and unethical ways to garner more customers. Innocent Indian players, especially those just starting out, trust these testimonials and lose their money and mental peace.

So, rely only on the expert review sites like Lucky Raja, where you can get your daily dose of the Indian gambling segment.

Why Read Online Casino Reviews in the First Place?

online casino review

Playing at the best online casino site is the most important thing. Given the ever-growing popularity of the casino market, many new casinos online are coming up in India. It is one thing to play at a reputed and established casino, but to invest your money at a new avenue means the risk you are taking is much higher.

That said, new gambling sites offer many promotions in the form of welcome bonuses, discounts on mobile casino sites, lower betting limits, etc. So, you cannot completely ignore the enticement of these sites that can eventually become the best casinos in India in the near future.

Choosing the wrong site can end in financial losses, data theft, addiction, you become a victim of fraud, and more. But you may not be able to spend your hard-earned rupees on several sites to find a legit one.

The best way to ensure that your money stays secure is to read authentic online casino reviews and avoid wasting money and time playing at unsatisfactory sites.

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What Makes Casino Reviews Genuine?

Reviews of new casinos online should not only be praising the said sites but also inform the customers about what’s not working for the platform.

For instance, no gambling site in India is perfect or 100% satisfactory to every player. Some may have a problem with customer support that is available in only English or Hindi but not in their native language. Or, there may be higher betting requirements or an issue with mobile casino sites. It is the responsibility of a reviewer to bring these things to light.

casino reviews

Here are some of the things our reviews cover:

Game Library

Whether you are playing for fun or for income, it is not worth trying out if there are no exciting games at a casino. Online casino reviews help you learn about what sorts of games are available before you commit.

Also, you get to know about the game developers, titles, and variations. We review the quality of the game, user experience, graphics, themes, and in-game features like live chat options, promotions, game contributions, RTP, payouts, etc.

Site Security

Most new casinos online bungle up their reputation as soon as they hit the stands because of poor security standards. We are not talking about the SSL certificate of a website or the encryption technology alone. Player safety also involves the privacy, data security, hack-proof systems, seamless payment gateways, quick login, mobile access, etc.

The best casinos in India committed to responsible gambling and fair gaming practices. This means they prevent underage gambling, have settings to curb addictive patterns, lockout modes, anti-money laundering, and KYC efforts.

Focus on Newcomers

Good online casino reviews will give you the needed answers to your every question. These include exclusive mobile bonus codes, welcome bonuses for new players, free entry tourneys, tutorials, tips, strategies, help section, FAQs, outstanding customer support, and others.

Also, not every casino accepts Indian players or INR, while some even take Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Hence, reviews let you know the best way to find the right size for your needs.


Some people prefer digital wallets, and others are used to traditional bank payments. No matter what you need, make sure the casino you play at offers that payment method. You can check with the site’s regular customers about the ease of transactions and if they have any complaints.

Other questions that  casino reviews should focus on are:

  • How are the payouts?
  • Is instant withdrawal possible?
  • Is there a processing fee?
  • Can you claim the bonus or only use it for betting?
  • Are the wagering requirements too high to hit?

Brand Reliability

This section is about the backing of a Live online casino operator. Does the site have a valid license and registration from renowned gaming authorities? Is it operable in your jurisdiction because some states in India don’t allow gambling in any form?

Check if the site has been blacklisted. You should be able to enjoy games of the same quality from anywhere. So, make sure to choose only mobile casino sites.

Look through Lucky Raja’s online casino reviews in India to turn your favorite hobby into an occupation but in a safe environment!


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