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Everything about Live Roulette Casino

Even a few years back, casinos meant a large lobby-like physical space with arrays of slots and gaming tables, crowded to the brim with men, women, and waiters serving drinks. Pandemic has changed that all. Few global casino destinations are trying to open up their doors, but visitors are not confident enough to start re-living the experience. People are too scared. Live gaming is an innovative approach to offer an authentic casino experience using web technologies. You do not leave the comfort of your home. Instead, casinos with real human dealers come to your drawing space. Let’s take the example of the live Roulette casino In India.

Difference between Traditional and digital Roulette

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No one needs an introduction to a popular casino game like Roulette. Still, if it matters, you generally find a dealer taking bets and another dealer, or croupier, spinning wheel, balls, managing chips, and declaring winning combinations. Everything happens entirely in front of your eyes.

On the other hand, digital Roulette uses random number generators or RNG driven-mechanism. Whenever you click spin or play, the RNG kicks in. The on-screen virtual wheel starts rotating, and it runs its course following the outcome of the RNG mechanism. All reputed online casinos use certified RNG to ensure fair play. One of the global RNG certifiers in the online casino world is iTech Labs.

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How does live Roulette work?

Live format games use physical gaming instruments like physical roulette wheels, roulette balls, cards. The dealer spins the wheel, throws in the ball; the wheel stop on its own as it happens in a traditional setup. To bridge the physical divide between dealers and players, live casinos use web technologies. Some casinos use smart gaming tables also.

  • Players watch the game live through videocasting. They can even change the viewing angles as casinos use a multi-camera setup to capture the live game.
  • Players place their bets online and interact with dealers live through video chat as well as text chat.
  • The whole interaction follows strict security standards for privacy as well as transaction protection.

Online roulette real money India

Online roulette real money India

Almost every reputed online casino accepting bets in Indian currency offers live format gaming. Some of the best live Roulette casino sites in India are


Do you miss the old-world charm of traditional casinos? Or, are you in a mood to check how real Roulette dealers conduct a game? Opt for live gaming in any standard online casino and experience the fun. Live casino games often require a higher minimum bet compared to digital-only games. Be careful about your gambling budget and sink in the fun. And don’t forget to check LuckyRaja.com for the latest deals and tips on live online roulette.


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