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Mobile vs Desktop Online Casinos

The immediate answer to the question is whichever option you have access to at the moment. Literally, ‘desktop online casinos’ is a little confusing phrase. Ideally, we should call them the best online casinos because it is the web that matters, not the device. However, if you are curious to know which one is better than the other, worry not! We have everything covered for you.

Let’s first get done with definitions.

"online casinos "

Mobile casinos – These are casinos that allow playing from your mobile devices like smartphone, tablet, etc. It can be an application necessary to install on your device or a browser-based web application that does not require installation.

Desktop online casinos – These casinos allow playing online casino games from desktops and laptops. You might need to install operating system-specific software, log and log into the casino server using the internet, or use a browser-based web application.

Essentially, both mobile casinos and desktop online casinos are web-based. Top online casinos in India today offer both website-based applications and mobile casino apps. Best mobile casinos are extremely popular with younger gamers in the country.

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Which one is better?

Let us compare these two types of casinos on merits.

Let us compare these two types of casinos on merits.

  • Ease of gaming – Mobile casinos stand out on this factor. Nothing is easier to use than smartphone and tablet devices. User penetration of smart devices with touch screens is far greater than laptop and desktop combined.Winner: Mobile casinos
  • Richness of experience – The richness of user experience depends a lot on the device screen size. Even the most innovative game designer might not want to sacrifice the benefit of bigger laptop and desktop screens. So, online desktop casinos can offer a rich gaming experience any day.Winner: Desktop online casinos
  • Variety of games – Due to the broader scope of designing user experiences, desktop or laptop casinos offer a variety of games with more gaming interactions. Mobile apps are also catching up fast, but they are there yet.Winner: Desktop online casinos
  • Privacy and security – Smartphones are the best options for privacy and security. First of all, we do not share our mobile phones. So, there is hardly any chance of others knowing about your gaming adventure. Secondly, even budget smartphones come with fingerprint scanners to secure your device.Winner: Mobile casinos
  • Ease of transaction – Securing financial transactions is essential when you are depositing cash in casinos. Every mobile casino for real money and desktop online casinos accept almost all trusted payment options like VISA and MASTER cards, internet banking, UPI, PayPal, and many others.Winner: both

So, you can understand that mobile casinos for real money hold a better edge over desktop online casinos. However, as we have mentioned earlier that the best option is whichever you can lay your hands on at this moment.

So, start playing and enjoying the thrill of casino games. Do not forget responsible gambling. And to learn more about casino games, gaming strategies and casino reviews, check We regularly publish expert-reviewed gaming articles on online casinos in India.


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