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Most Played Casino Games In And Around The World

The popularity of online casino games is on a never-ending surge, with tens of hundreds of gamers joining the action every day. With technology at the core of everything we do today, it is hardly surprising that the choice of entertainment platforms is technology-driven. The growth of the online casino industry globally is proof of how technology can shape an industry and make it more innovative and popular.

There is a massive increase in the subscription for online casino games over the past few years. The unique and exciting digital gaming experience is attracting more people to this platform. Let’s look at the most played casino games online around the world.


Online slots are easily among the most popular casino games as it offers a wide selection of innovative gaming formats to choose from. One of the main attractions of slot games online is that every player believes they can hit the jackpot in the next attempt.

Casino slots online come in different shapes and sizes. The classic three-reel games come with a single pay line, while the modern versions offer thousands of pay lines and even with no reels at times. A grid with clusters replaces the reels in these games. Modern slots excite users more than traditional slot games because it is highly intricate and adds to the complexity level of the game.

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Top casinos in India entice new subscribers with attractions such as bonus rounds, free spins, scatters, and wilds to keep them hooked to the gaming portal.

It’s nearly impossible to pick up the top five online slot games but based on the preferences of gamers across the globe, these five will make the mark: 

  • Book of Dead
  • Starburst
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Bonanza
  • Reacting


Roulette is also as popular as online slots and grabs a fairly impressive percentage of the online casino game industry. An interesting gaming experience and a good winning potential ensure that gamers keep coming back to the roulette table. With most online casinos providing diverse and innovative versions of roulette, players are spoiled for choice when they look for an exciting gaming experience.

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Poker games have become indispensable for all casinos because gamers are invariably attracted to this popular game that is as old as gaming itself. There is a wide range of adaptations of poker games in modern online casinos, adding to the excitement value. Make sure you are aware of the house rules for each game of poker because these rules do matter and can play a key role in how the outcome unfolds in every game.


Online Blackjack ranks high among the most popular online games. It is a pretty old favorite of gamers and was a part of every reputed offline casino across the globe. Blackjack enjoys amazing popularity even among new casinos online and its ratings are shooting northwards year after year.

Blackjack has timeless popularity to it because playing the game involves some elements of skill. A large number of variations also make Blackjack a hot favorite of modern gamers. Despite being around for a long time, Blackjack has been able to sustain its popularity and has also captured the imagination of online gamers. The game is synonymous with wholesome fun and entertainment. Players are also attracted to the game because of the various promotions and offer provided by online casinos.


Baccarat is also as popular as blackjack among modern gamers. Punto Banco, a popular variant of the game, is a hot favorite of online gamers from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and other countries. Gamers who love to play table games will always veer towards Baccarat because of the high-energy excitement and expectations the game offers. Players can look forward to side bets from leading online casinos when they play Baccarat. The less-strategy-more-luck game enthralls players across all age groups.


Craps is a game associated with glitz and glamor and typically appeals to the younger generation of online gamers. Similar to Baccarat, this is also a luck-powered game, but when you keep playing Craps regularly, you will find ways to turn the odds of winning in your favor. For the uninitiated, the game may appear to be a bit more complex when compared to other games. But once you come to grips with the nuances of Craps, you will hit a better winning average.

You must know when to bet and what to bet on, and this element of uncertainty makes Craps a truly exciting game.

Video Poker

casino games

If you are a fan of online gaming in India, you would know all about video poker, a card game that’s also extremely popular among global gamers. In video poker, you put coins in the machine and place bets. You get five cards to deal with and the option of changing the cards if you don’t feel comfortable with the ones displayed. If the cards that appear on the screen match your hand, you win. Gamers who prefer playing alone can play video poker and enjoy the game without feeling the pressure of a live casino game of poker.

You can have fun playing any or all of the above games, but it is important to know how these games work if you want to boost your winning percentages. All games have a house edge attached to them. In other words, the games are always in favor of the house, but you can find ways of overcoming the odds and win most of the time.

Experts recommend playing low volatility games that offer better chances of winning. If you are just starting out, play slots online, to begin with, and then move to games that have a degree of complexity attached to them. Slots are easy to play and win. It will give you the confidence needed to graduate to other games that require a higher level of skill and astuteness.


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