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In the year 2020, there were a lot of changes in human behaviors – not just in terms of their work, entertainment, but also how they consume the internet and  online casino gambling.

As the whole world battles another recession caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many established industries took a blow, but the online casino gambling sector is not among them. In fact, the best online casinos in India and other countries have thrived during this period, and the growth is likely to continue.

In this backdrop, here are the top trends in the latest online casinos and gambling for the year 2021:

Land Based Casinos to Go Almost Extinct

Real-world casinos, like many other businesses, remained closed as a result of the lockdowns imposed by governments. In such a case, online casino gambling sites became the next best alternatives. Even before this health crisis hit gambling in India, players were leaning towards the best online casinos.

There are many reasons for such a preference, some of them being:

  • Convenience
  • Lack of commute
  • Cost savings with free entry
  • Affordable and exciting games for all age groups
  • Minimal skills required for chance-based games
  • Play at mobile casinos from anywhere, doing anything

Most of all, brick-and-mortar casinos are only permitted in certain states. Apart from travel costs, it can be tedious and time-taking just to get there. Also, compared to land-based venues, an online casino in 2021 offers better privacy.

E-sports Betting to Become More Commonplace

E-sports betting on games like football, kabaddi, cricket, basketball, tennis, etc., has been growing rapidly. With many celebrities and sportspersons endorsing the best online casinos for fantasy sports like Dream11, there will be an increase in e-sports betting.

Gamblers will get enticed with any online casino in 2021 with sportsbooks and big bonuses. E-sports gambling has been receiving particular attention from punters across all leagues because of the impeccable game selection.

The thrill you get when pitting your fantasy sports teams against each other is unmatchable. The fact that you get to watch exciting live fantasy games at a casino for real money without any actual physical interactions is another luring factor.

Cryptocurrency-Based Games to Be Mainstream

online casino gambling

Bitcoin casinos and other cryptocurrency payment methods will be increasingly accepted in online casino gambling in 2021. Experts say that some of the latest online casinos may outright reject other payment modes.

This situation arises because of the utmost security levels digital transactions offer. Especially the casinos or games run on blockchain technology have untraceable payment nodes that keep users’ data secure.

Blockchain users can rejoice because already the best mobile casinos in India allow crypto payments. This also resolves any leftover trust issues between the punters and the site operators.

Ideally, it is better to play at the most trusted and best online casinos, and crypto casinos ensure that. Even if transactions are decentralized, blockchain makes your records available to you to verify suspected unusual activities.

Changes in Casino Development and Operation

Online casinos don’t just let you play, win money, and leave – but you also get to interact with like-minded people, learn tips and tricks from them, or further your conversations into the real world. Learn about punters from all walks of life and stay actively social in chit-chats with fellow gamblers.

This social aspect of online casino gambling 2021 is one of the biggest trends to look forward to, and site operators, game developers, and designers are taking it into perspective.

Another way to entice new customers and make their regular players more loyal is to indulge in bigger incentives. With amazing bonuses and yearlong promotions, operators tackle the fierce competition. The primary attraction is the “no deposit” bonus that allows players to win at a casino for real money without investing anything.

Increasing Use of AR & VR

online casino gambling

Online casinos will fully embrace the “complete immersion” feature with augmented reality and virtual reality technology. Similar to the gaming industry, AR & VR will also impact online gambling 2021 user behaviors.

Punters crave next-level gameplay experience, whether slots they are playing slots, traditional games, or real-time fellow gambler interactions.

Many sites make VR accessories readily available to their players and the general public, while virtual reality casinos will become the norm in every household. Developers like NetEnt have given a taste of this feature with their in-demand Jack and the Beanstalk slot game offers.

This way, they can cater to their guests’ expectations using luxurious lounge settings, wall panels, kiosks, and other interactive gaming systems – similar to those available in the olden days, such as Nintendo, Sega, or Atari.

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Spike in Live Casinos

Users want more, bigger, and better! And what’s more intriguing than having to face a real-life-like setting in the best online casinos gambling. Live dealer casinos or live casinos are real-time streaming instruments that let players have a glimpse at how luxurious casinos look.

 live casino

You will be facing a dealer or a live host with charming qualities and quick wit as you play your favorite table or casino games. You can play at multi-player tables, form groups, or even chat during a game. All this, at the comfort of your home!

The main goal is to make your gaming experience feel real and gain leverage for their business. Video poker, live roulette, live blackjack, and many other games are popular in this category.

New Games and Slots Upgrades

Staple casino games like poker, blackjack, rummy, etc., are challenging to play, but they need users to have some level of skills.

For the younger generation punters that grew up with video games need more variety and having the same format for all games can seem redundant. The good news is that new casinos and reputable game developers are coming up with easy-to-ace but challenging casino games targeted towards younger and tech-savvy groups of players.

Slot machines with gaming console-like features and several upgrades at mobile casinos are going to come up in the next few months.

For online casino gambling in India, 2021 is anything but repetitive. The above emerging and continuing trends show that casino operators and software developers will go to any lengths to match people’s wishes.

For more such incredible news about the online gambling industry and reviews about the best online casinos, stay tuned to Lucky Raja.


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