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It is a new year and it is time for online poker enthusiasts in India to gear up for the biggest online poker tournaments. While the prize money can go as high as INR 5 crore, there is no reason for you to hesitate to participate.

There are several websites that offer a guaranteed cash prize for the winner of their poker tournament India. Look through our list of secure poker websites in India and pick the tournament you like to enter. Win record-breaking prizes by grabbing the poker-bull by the horns with advanced poker strategies.

Always Be In The Know


Die-hard poker fans like you must not miss your golden opportunity to enter any tournament and hone your craft as well as make big bucks. Keep yourself updated about the latest happenings in the online poker world in India. Make sure to follow this segment on our website to plan your tourney outings. Browse through our poker calendar and choose the events you like to enter, which may make way to world championships or Indian poker events, such as WPT India and DPT Xpress, or many other crucial poker tournaments in India.

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Types Of Poker Tournaments And How To Play


Besides the daily and weekly tournaments held at various poker websites, there are different formats of tourneys with varying buy-ins.

Rebuy Tournament

Participants can re-buy the chips within a set time if they are out of chips. During the game, purchase more chips with money equal to the buy-in amount and go on playing. This again is of two types:

Limited Re-Buy: You can re-buy only a limited number of times

Unlimited Re-Buy: You can re-buy any number of times

Multi-Table Tournaments

Here, the stakes are high and thousands of players enter. You should pay the buy-in to participate. The tournaments usually last for hours and end only when one person is left. The winner with the best online poker strategy will bag INR worth tens of lakhs.

SNAP Tournaments

This one is the best online poker tournament India for players at beginner level since it finishes in lesser time than other tourneys. You have very little waiting time. After you fold, your new cards will be distributed soon.

Freeze-Out Tournament

There is no re-buy option in this poker tourney format. You have to leave the game if you lose the stack of chips you bought during the buy-in.

Satellite Tournament

Participating in satellite tournaments can help you win entry tickets for both online or offline poker tournaments. With a strong poker tournament strategy, you can win huge cash prizes. High variance games usually have a high buy-in, but if you enter through qualifying satellite tournaments, you may compete without the entry fee.

Heads-Up Tournaments

Only 2 advanced-level players are pitted against each other in this intense game format. They may go on for days and are very fast games with a very higher-price pot.

FAQs On Poker Tournament India

Are Cash Games Harder Than Tournaments?

In Indian poker tournaments, the variance is very high, i.e., the average stacks run much deeper, which is they don’t use turn and river as often as in cash games. This also makes cash games much harder to win than tournaments. If you want to beat the game, try tournaments. If you want to make money, try cash games.

Can You Make Money Playing Poker Tournaments?


It is indeed possible to win any championship if you are armed with the right poker tournament strategy. You should first have excellent tilt control. Although many feel that cash games may be more reliable for making money because poker tournaments have a higher variance that makes it preferable for successful players who bag 10-20% ROI or more.

Who Won Indian Poker Championship 2019?

Multiple poker websites conduct their poker tournament India annually. Besides, many real-world casinos conduct live games where players can enter in a competition. But if you are specifically asking about the Indian Poker Championship held every year in Goa, then the winner for 2019 was Nashik’s Siddharth Mundada who pocketed INR 8.80 lakhs at the opening event. The 2019 Championship was held at the Big Daddy Casino, Goa, that started with a 10K Kickoff and the High Roller stakes brought the total prize pool up to 1 Crore.


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