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For beginners who see the charming online poker world with starry eyes, the game seems to be based on chance. But if you are a poker player in real life, then you know that winning Indian poker game is all about the right assessments with poker tips. It is not like a lottery or games of chance, such as teen patti. There are theory and hard logic behind every move. You can play in your spare time and earn real money in Indian rupees.

Whether you are entering an online poker tournament or playing with relatives at Diwali parties, with a poker tournament strategy, you can beat all odds even if you are a beginner.

Best Poker Tournament Strategy For Beginners


All the expert poker players from India and elsewhere in the world believe that patience is one virtue that you should have. Besides that, there is not one, but 5 top strategies to get you to win at online poker with best poker tips.

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Bet Responsibly

Let us get the first big thing out of the way. Sometime down the line, on your journey into the world of online poker, you may want to make real money. But keep in mind that the cash you earn from poker has to be a secondary income or an added objective, and not as a chance to recover the monetary losses in your life. Proper bankroll management is crucial so you don’t end up spending money that you cannot afford.

Pay Attention To Table Position

Some may not know this, but the table position on any Indian poker website can impact your win. If you have a good position, especially when you are playing Texas Hold’em, you can turn a not-so-favourable hand into a strong hand. For this reason, try to get on the button position where you are the last player to act on a hand. In the small blind position, you act early with a good poker tips. If you are playing from the middle, play aggressively to trap the late position players into folding.

Don’t Bluff Repeatedly

You may see yourself as an excellent bluff master, but bluffing too often may land you in trouble. You may believe the myth that bluffing lets you win, but it is only effective if you do it right. Particularly in the tournaments, people often bluff at the end to create tension. Rather, focus on the cards in our hand. Furthermore, if you bluff too often, your opponents may understand your strategy and trick you.

Know Your Opponents

Before you go on to make huge bets, it makes sense to understand your opponent’s capabilities. Categorise your opponents by their gameplay, level of expertise, and style of playing: loose, tight, aggressive, or random. This way, you can execute effective bluffs to win all their chips. Also, one useful poker tournament strategy for beginners is to start small. Play with newbies like you who do not have stronger skills than you.

All Eyes On The Game


Observe your opponents and learn their moves even when it is not your hand. Focus on their strengths and how they approach each pot. Turn off all the distractions like music and train your eyes to spot anything out of the ordinary. Do they have any tells? How many times did they bluff? Grab as much information as you can to increase your odds of winning.


FAQs On Poker Tournament Strategy

How Many Times Can You Bet In Poker?

It depends on the game you play on the poker site from India. Usually, a total of four raises is allowed per each round, e.g., Limit Hold’em. In No-Limit Hold’em, the minimum bet and the size of the big blind are the same, although, you can go higher, using all your chips. But whenever you raise, the player who places the original bet may re-raise, and you have to match their bet.

Which Is The Best Poker Site In India?

Some Indian players prefer international websites, but several poker home-based websites are on par with the global ones. Go through our long list of the best online poker platforms to make your choice. In addition to established poker websites, we also keep updating about the merging poker sites in India, so keep an eye out for them.

Are Poker Players Smart?

Poker, being a game of skill, develops your brain. So, yes, if the players are experienced and have won a tournament or two, it is safe to say that they are smart. But as a beginner, you do not need to worry about losing to experts. Practise on the free poker sites in India and pick up the best poker tournament strategy that suits your style.


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