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the pros and cons of mobile casino sites

With the rise of smartphones in recent times, mobile casinos are now a common affair. While the portable size makes for the best of the physical characteristics of mobile devices, they have catapulted the online gambling scenario. However, there are also some crucial drawbacks that you may need to consider when you play at mobile casinos for real money mobile casino sites.

Pros of Mobile Casinos

In this era of modern technology, you use smartphones for every other purpose. In terms of mobile casino sites, here are the topmost advantages:

Pros of Mobile Casinos

Ever Accessible

You can conveniently play casino on mobile no matter where you are. The sizes of smartphones and tablets are just a few inches, and they easily fit in your pocket or bag. They are now among the many indispensable things we carry around with us all day.

In fact, this convenience and portability are the two main factors for the speedy development of mobile casino sites.

All you need to play casino games are a reliable internet connection (mobile data or wireless) and a full battery. You can go on playing continuously for hours, whether you are on a long journey, stuck in traffic, lunch break, or are bored in class.

Quick Gaming

The best online casinos from reputed developers in the industry will load much faster. You don’t have to wait long for the features to load on your mobile. Shorter, bite-size, and flash or HTML versions of the desktop site of an online casino are readily available across all device models.

Furthermore, modern mobile devices are equipped with much better characteristics than older products. Compared to your laptop or desktop, they offer quicker page loads due to the latest technical improvements.

Payouts and Exclusive Bonuses

The results of most casino games, whether it is a real-world casino or mobile casino, are computer-generated. Automatic play outcomes and every spin on slot machines are designed to be random and unique. Hence, the payouts you see on winning are proportional to your betting amount and the game’s RTP.

In addition, mobile casinos have exclusive promotions and welcome bonuses to players who sign up from their smartphones. You will also be eligible for all the bonuses available on the site when you visit through a PC or laptop.

Free Games

It is standard for players to try out new gambling sites for free before they invest their hard-earned rupees. This is possible if you play a wide range of free casino games before you try mobile games at the newest casino sites.

Mobile casino sites have demo versions of most games, including slots, poker, baccarat, roulette, etc., using which you can get a taste of what the full version will give you. This factor is also useful to help you improve your gaming skills at a virtual online casino game room.


The user interface, site navigation, links, help section, community, license information, and many other details are right on your screen. Simply swipe up or down and right or left to view the entire site.

This hassle-free and straightforward usage style are much more comfortable than using an unresponsive mouse or laptop’s touchpad. In short, there will be no delay when you try to go to the cashier tab to make a deposit or claim the winnings.

Cons of Mobile Casinos

Cons of Mobile Casinos

At Lucky Raja, we aim to please our readers; but that doesn’t mean we conceal crucial flaws that can make or break your gaming experience. Even if they are mild defects, it is our duty to bring them to your notice.

Poor Network

Digital India is making progress – no doubt – but the fact remains that in most of the country, mobile data is not so reliable. If you play casino games on your mobile with a poor and unstable connection, you may lose the game or your chance of winning.

However, many mobile casinos now employ AI to detect network fluctuations that can pause your game. Or, you can opt for the Smart Correction and AutoPlay modes that take over for you for a couple of rounds in a game.

Short Battery Life

Mobile battery is limited. And with continuous use for hours on end, it gets drained easily, and you may get disconnected at a crucial moment. Moreover, if your phone is a few years old, its battery is always dwindling.

However, you can work around it by keeping an eye on how much battery is left, carrying a power bank or an extra charger with you, and closing other apps that you don’t always use, etc.

Small Screens

When you are playing mobile casinos for real money, you would want the excitement to be top-notch. But in making mobile devices shorter, sleeker, and bite-size, the makers also reduced the screens. Hence, if you are playing a themed-based game with spectacular graphics, it may not be as good as on the desktop site.


All in all, mobile casinos have their set of benefits and flaws. You just have to find the right mobile casino that can give you the best returns. The Lucky Raja team is ever-willing to help with our valuable resources.


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