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Real Money Casino Apps Vs Free Mobile Casinos

The Indian gambling market is seeing Herculean growth, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world. One new trend that is gaining momentum is the rise of  casino app.

With the increasing use of smartphones in our country and the diminishing prices of products from reputed manufacturers, mobile casino apps are definitely growing.

Developers make both free play slots and real money apps for the convenience of their customers. You can find top-ranking applications and a range of games offered to punters who prefer playing on the go. Whether they are iOS or Android casino apps, users have accepted that this gambling industry trend will continue in the future.

The Attraction Behind Mobile Casinos Apps

Until recently, the majority of game selections available at esteemed casinos were not available on mobile devices – especially some games like live dealer roulette or blackjack. But now, almost all games are good to play on your smartphones of varying companies.

Besides, owing to the financial risks and privacy issues associated with real money mobile casinos, makers have been releasing free demo versions of certain games. Likewise, free mobile casino apps have also entered the market.

casino app

Both free and real money gambling apps have their set of advantages. While real money apps let you be more involved in the online gaming process, free modes allow you to explore different products on a gambling site.


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How to Decide What Is Best for You?

One interesting thing to note is that punters swear by the best mobile casino apps in both free and real money versions. Just make sure that you are downloading them from top-rated online casinos in India.

It is not only the newcomers who play the free mobile casino apps, but even seasoned punters use them to check out what a new site has to offer. With free apps, you can get a taste of what a casino has in store for you and explore a wide array of games without losing any money.

What Is Your Gambling Motivation?

To decide which kind of casino app to try, review your purpose behind gambling. The major motivational factors for people to gamble are:

  1. Escape from boredom
  2. Fun and amusement
  3. Excitement
  4. Socializing
  5. Income source

Furthermore, you don’t need to install an app sometimes. It is possible to play from the browser itself with virtual credits you receive from a casino. Casinos have promising rewards systems in place to help fuel your adrenaline.

It Is a Win-Win for Customers and the Casino

Even when players prefer free versions, casinos can count on them to get habituated and become loyal customers that pay in the coming weeks. Once you get used to the thrill of clearing more levels and receiving generous bonuses, it is only a matter of time that you turn into a more seasoned player.

When you improve your gambling skills and find your favorite game, it gives you the rush to win against your opponents or the house. Whatever your initial motivation may be, as time goes by, it will transform into an investment.

Why Should You Choose a Casino App?

Let us talk about the pros of having mobile casino apps on your phone.

  1. Casino apps have come a long way from the initial days. They have evolved so much that you don’t feel the difference between the desktop version and Android or iOS casino apps.
  2. You have the same number of games on both the gambling site and the mobile casino. Even if the exact thing is not available, operators offer close alternatives.
  3. The quality of gaming is not trailing behind either. You can find a seamless transition between the desktop site and the mobile application.
  4. Download and install processes are straightforward, and most apps don’t even occupy much space on your device storage.
  5. You can interact with other participants and live dealers and create your own group at tables. Besides, live chat options with customer support and in-game features exist on mobile apps if a particular casino has them on the site.
  6. Compared to mobile browser sites, both real money and free mobile casino apps are easy to access on your device. You don’t have to open a URL every time you wish to gamble.

As you can see, you get many benefits of mobile casino game apps over uninstalled browser versions. Enjoy your favorite gameplay like never before on mobile apps.

Real Money vs Free Play Apps Available to Download

Based on the site operator, free or real money apps may differ in size, quality, game selection, features, actual winnings, security, etc.

On the other hand, popular casino sites have free and real money apps for mobile users that promise the highest safety standards and exciting gaming journeys.

Common apps available are:

Android Casino Apps

Free Casino Apps

  • Free online slots
  • Free video poker
  • Free craps
  • Free keno
  • Free roulette
  • Free rummy
  • Free blackjack
  • Free baccarat and others

Real Money Casino Apps

Compatible Devices

From Nexus, Motorola, iPhone, Samsung, or Fire tablets, gambling sites in India have Android or iOS casino apps for them. Although, Windows and Blackberry users may find it hard to get a compatible app for them.

Where to Download Casino Apps

Modern Indian gamblers can quickly download casino apps from:

Casino Site: Some Indian gambling sites provide a download link on the website itself. You can get it via SMS or scan a QR code to install mobile casino apps directly.

Apple App Store: For iOS device users, Apple App Store has a host of real money and free mobile casino apps.

Google Play Store: Download Android casino apps with a range of casino games onto your smartphone from Google Play Store.

Find the Mobile Casino Apps at Lucky Raja

You cannot invest your hard-earned income on some sketchy site without checking its credibility. Even if you play on free casino apps, your personal data will be vulnerable to theft if the product doesn’t match the required security standards.

Hence, at Lucky Raja, we use multi-point ratings to check a casino’s authenticity. Explore our platform to find trustworthy mobile casino apps.


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