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rise of online card games in india

India, being the world’s second-most populous country by internet consumers, the online gaming industry is rising exponentially. Per market data, 8% of the total online games developed in India are online card games and casino games. India mobile app gaming market, according to NASSCOM, contributes to 95% of all games.

And, with the advent of 4G, 5G, and the anticipated faster networks and connectivity in the near future, the numbers are only going to rise. While playing cards has always been a great Indian pastime, the primary advantage online card games offer is that you can log in from anywhere and start earning.


Reasons Indians Are Into Online Card Game Playing

One important factor that you may already know is the Digital India campaign that brought the internet into every household. No matter where you live, city, town, suburb, or remote rural area, there is the internet.

Several card games like rummy, being skill-based, gain acceptance even with the math-loving, studious kinds in India who venture into online gaming due to the challenges they offer.

Other factors include:

Popularity Of Online Rummy


Rummy is one card game that is loved by one and all in India, irrespective of age group, occupation, or social status. The fact that rummy can be so easily adapted to the virtual world also increased the focus on online gaming in India. The traditional 13-card version became revised and derived into several variants, all of which can be easily learnt by experts and average players alike.

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Market Growth

India is a developing country, and young, where around half of the population is under the age of 25. Of the 17 million computers purchased in India annually, approximately 50% of consumers are domestic users. Couple with the steadily reducing costs of smartphones in the Indian market, it is estimated that mobile purchases will hit 859 million by 2022. These facts and several similar findings may increase online card game popularity.


Mobile Compatibility

Even if a family does not own a desktop computer, there may be at least 2-3 smartphones in the house. So, rummy online card game play on mobile devices is an easy task. Since the websites are mobile-optimized, they load smoothly and the responses are quick. They even offer multiplayer options where you can connect with friends and relatives who are thousands of kilometres apart.

Social Media Apps

Facebook is the main social network that brought online gaming into our bedrooms or even conference rooms. While the whole world may be playing Farmville or Candy Crush, die-hard fans of Indian rummy online choose a different route. Especially when game and in-game content is full of localized terms in regional languages, catering to the Indian niche market, it gains more momentum.

Software Development

Mobile game development is a legit occupation that was once frowned upon or rather, did not show much promise. India has a massive talented pool of engineers who take up backend development for online games as their specialized skill. Besides, the increased security in making digital payments and withdrawals and the government’s encouragement to shift all cash transactions to online led to this rapid growth.


FAQs On Online Card Games

Is There Any Future In Gaming?

People are getting affordable broadband mobile access and the costs of smartphones are going down. By the first half of FY 2018, Indian stood in top place in terms of mobile game downloads. Google expects that the Indian gaming industry will reach 110 crores by the end of FY 2021.

What Is The Future Of Gaming In India?


Around 60% of internet users in India are playing online games today. Per reports, India’s mobile gaming market will amount to ₹11,900 crores by the end of FY 2023, with the projected users hitting the mark of 63 crores.

How Many Gamers Are In India?

India’s online gaming market is on the rise. By the end of FY 2019, it was estimated that there are 30 crore Indian online gamers. The industry made a profit of ₹6,200 crores, and the number of internet users in India that play online card games may soon surpass those of the US, which is now ranked at number one position.


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