How Online Casinos Contributed to the Rise of Women Gamblers?

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Online Casinos Contributed to the Rise of Women Gamblers?

The online casino industry is becoming ubiquitous, irrespective of nation, market type, and economy. Even in countries like China and India, which are now about to cross some European regions in the sheer number of punters, gambling is growing. They host the best online casinos both in the area and offshore and allow payments in Indian rupees.

Furthermore, statistics show that the divide between male and female gamblers is now slowly diminishing. According to an online gambling statistics report by GlobeNewswire, the female population playing at casinos is attracted by convenient payment modes like digital wallets and other cashless transactions.

Per the same study, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, internet penetration, etc., are also other crucial factors that contribute to the higher number of women gambling.

Let us break down this scenario further.

How Do Men and Women Gamble?

How Do Men and Women Gamble?

You may have encountered women punters at any best casino online India you visited and wondered if they play the same way as men?

Science suggests that male and female players gamble slightly differently. Consider the survey conducted by the UK Gambling Commission where the male to female player ratio was 51% and 41%.

Here’s what the researchers found:


While men play more skill games like blackjack, baccarat, and poker, women preferred games of chance, such as slots, roulette, and lotteries. That said, some men and women enjoyed all sorts of games at the best online casinos.

When you project the same to a country like India, it is easy to understand the reason behind this. Due to the comfort of playing at mobile casinos for real money and the shorter times taken by chance games, women may lean towards them.


The above criterion didn’t apply to females aged 18 to 35 who saw chance games as risky. Instead, they viewed sports betting as more lucrative and having better gambling practices. Out of the women gambling for fun, millennials are more willing to take risks than baby boomers.

Gambling Style

online casinos contributed

Men preferred to play alone and take more risks at both new gambling sites and the best online casinos. On the other hand, women like to play by forming groups of people they know and invest only in a platform that they believe is the top-rated and best casino online in India.

Men viewed casinos as another income source and liked to show off their skills by beating other players and live dealers. Women were more likely to play for fun and avoided live dealer games and interactions with other participants.

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Men act aggressively when faced with continuous losses, upping their next bet, while women tread cautiously. According the Australian Gambling Research Centre study reported that men like to win back the amount they deposited and wagered.

Besides, men have a tendency to go to the lengths of embezzlement or resort to unethical means to pay for their wagers. However, women may only use credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and other digital payment modes at the best online casinos.

Gambling Problems

online casinos contributed

Earlier research showed that men are twice more prone to face gambling-related issues and addictions, but the study has become somewhat controversial. It is argued that although women start their foray into online casino games later in life, they are equally likely to show problem gambling patterns.

The psychology behind this is that women get bored easily, and hence, don’t fixate on wins and losses at a casino. Having said that, more research can only prove this assumption.

Reasons Why We See More Women Gamblers at the Best Online Casinos These Days

One of the obvious reasons for the exponential rise of numbers of both men and women gambling in India is mobile technology. The costs of smartphones have reduced, with more mobile devices compatible with several popular casino games. Also, the best online casinos have dedicated mobile apps that allow players to sit comfortably in their homes and have a real-life gambling experience.

Next comes the scope of games that has increased almost tenfold in the past few years. There are many modern varieties for women who like Bingo, slots, Keno, and similar chance-based games. Meaning, they can keep playing at mobile casinos for real money hours on end trying out thousands of slots games and others.

Lastly, the world has been reeling from the effects of the pandemic, which resulted in numerous lockdowns. With this disruption, there is a huge change in the mindsets of people. They seek enjoyment in every way they can.

And the best online casinos are only ever willing to cater to more female audiences. But not any gambling site will work for your needs. You need to vet each aspect of the platform, starting from the site design and interface to security and privacy standards. Why go through that tedious task when you can simply play at the best casino online in India?

Trust the expert reviews from Lucky Raja and start betting safely today!


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