6 Shocking Facts about Online Betting Laws in India

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6 Shocking Facts about Online Betting Laws in India

It has been observed that the Indian betting industry holds a value of 60 billion dollars which means an increase of 20% every year. However, the law regulating online betting laws in India is complex. There is a far-reaching insight among players that betting is illegal in the country.

Nonetheless, the incomes from both directed and illegal betting propose in any case. There are numerous betting activities such as sports betting, horse betting, online betting games such as Roulette, slots, poker, and blackjack. Notwithstanding the lawful disarray, online betting is famous among numerous people in India.

Many tend to ask, is betting legal? Yes, betting is illegal, but online betting is not, as there is no proper law declaring online betting illegal. Each state in India may choose if they need to force regulations on online betting. Thus far, a couple of states in India have made laws against the latest online casinos in India. In short, online betting is legal in India.

There are six shocking facts about online betting laws in India you ought to know about if you love to play slots online.

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Online Betting and Safety and Income Tax Exemption

Numerous players regularly keep thinking about whether it’s protected to play online betting in India. Indeed, it’s totally safe to play online betting on legalized platforms. Despite betting being illegal in India, online betting through a legalized platform is allowed. These platforms use computerized encryption innovation to improve the betting experience, and guarantee players’ financial and individual data is safe.

According to the Indian annual duty laws, any pay, via rewards from any lottery or crossword puzzle or game and other rounds of any kind, surpassing INR 10,000, depends on a retention assessment of 30%.

Young People are more interested in Betting

Due to the lack of settled online betting laws, it has been seen that more young people are attracted to online betting. They find it an easy way to earn money. As per the research conducted by “My betting in “, youngsters are bound to gambling online in India than the more seasoned age. The study further demonstrates that about 44.6% of bettors are between 18 – 24 years, and 32.5% represent age somewhere in the range of 25 and 34, showing that by far, most bettors in India are youngsters.

online betting laws

But as per online betting laws, the minimum age for a person to bet is 21 years but, by seeing the figures, one can quickly figure out that it’s like making a mockery of the law. It is also shocking to know that young people of 18 yrs age are more inclined towards online betting.

No Proper Law to Make Online Betting Illegal

Although the Public Gambling Act, 1867 controls gambling in India, locally, the administrations’ Customary Gaming Acts are now including all betting types, both on the web and in the physical. These laws are unable to regulate foreign gambling club sites operating in India.

Even the Indian information and technology Act, 2000 does not provide explicitly about online betting. However, the Reserve Bank of India has been endeavoring to hinder and block any exchanges made for betting purposes in India.

No Specified Punishment for Online Gambling Offenders

As per the Public Gambling Act, 1867, if anyone is found running a public gaming house and any infringement of the law, would pull in a fine of Rs. 200 or imprisonment for three months. But if we try to interpret the Public Gambling Act, 1867, we cannot find any provision concerning online betting.

But a person can be charged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) or any other law which deems fit. The Law Commission of India has, however, requested the government to legalize gambling and wagering.

Online Betting Sites are working smoothly in India

Online betting laws in India remain a muddled and contested issue. Nearby state laws and government laws now and again negate each other. Subsequently, you will locate that numerous legal specialists in India have their own understandings of the law. Until the Public Authority of India forces all the more clear arrangements of laws, we must acknowledge that internet wagering will stay as a lawful ill-defined situation. Luckily, we can relax because no Indian has been indicted, not to mention sentenced for utilizing online casino sites.

Every State has its own Betting Laws in India

Each state is given the power to make laws by the Constitution. If we talk about offline betting, then only two states in India have legalized gambling through state amendments: Goa and Sikkim, and Sikkim was the first state to legalize online betting. In Maharashtra and Karnataka, gambling is prohibited. In the territory of Tamil Nadu, it is not lawful or unlawful to wager online.

online betting laws


Online betting is progressively well known in India. The Public Gambling Act, 1867, regulates gambling. However, as per the Indian Constitution, the state has the power to make its own law. Different states have formulated their own laws to regulate betting in their specific states; that’s why online betting is still illegal in some parts of the country. We can even see many Hon’ble Supreme Court judgments, where the court has tried to explain gambling’s true meaning. Still, the laws regarding online betting are not clear that leads to confusion among people.

We can safely conclude that online betting is legal except in the case of a few states. But Indian Courts have expressed that online betting is the alternative for customary gambling clubs where individuals collaborate and put down bets. 

Along these lines, the organization and its directors and players are liable for penal action as per law. Lastly, we can say games of ability are legitimate, and luck games are prohibited in India. But there is still the grey matter of whether online betting is legal or not.


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