Teen Patti vs. Andar Bahar – Which is the Best to Win Real Money Gambling?

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When it comes to online gaming and casinos, Andar Bahar and Teen Patti are the two most popular buzzwords to win  real money gambling.

The Indian gambling industry is known for its interesting and mind-boggling card games. The bar is raised even higher with the Andar Bahar and Teen Patti as it infuses thrill, passion, and fun among the players.

But, the question comes, which game is best to win  for real money ? If you like to win some real  cash, let’s discuss which game suit you the best while playing casino games online.

Understanding Magic of Teen Patti and Andar Bahar

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Most of the online card gaming sites are centered on Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. Though Rummy was also once a popular card game, the current market focuses primarily on Teen Patti and its alternatives.

Andar Bahar gives direct competition to Teen Patti and is more popular than Rummy.

Both the games are market leaders and very convenient and accessible options for the players to play. It does not include many rules, and the entry fee is also considerably lower.

What exactly drivers the players to these games? The familiarity with card games is one of the factors that drive traffic to the casinos. Players are confident while playing the games while having basic knowledge about them.

Also, the language is no longer a barrier as the casino games online are available in Indian and other languages. So, you can expect better interaction, user involvement, understanding of gameplay and events.

Online Teen Patti Vs. Andar Bahar Online Cash Game

What does each game entail, and what is the process to play and win real cash? You will know everything about the game in this section.

Teen Patti – Indian Poker

Teen Patti is another name for Indian Poker or flush. To play and win this game, you will need a little bit of luck and sharp mental skills.

The game originated from the three-card brag game in India. In this, you are issued with a deck of 52 cards without including jokers. To know how to play teen Patti, let’s read on.

real money gambling

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How to Play Teen Patti?

Each player is provided with three cards without revealing. Before revealing or dealing, each player has to boot an amount. This amount is the minimum stake to secure in the pot.

The amount increases as the game continue, and the winner at the end receives all the money.

Who is the winner? He/she is the one who does not back out until the end of the game and also got the highest hand as per the card ranking of Teen Patti. If you have the set of three cards with the same rank, you have the highest hand.

Play Teen Patti to Boost Your Skills

While playing online Teen Patti, you will learn the moves and hands of other team players. So, you can create your own gameplay after learning the moves to win the cash.

Thus, Teen Patti is among the easiest card game to make real money in gambling, but it requires you to master certain skills. Also, more people prefer to play Teen Patti compared to Andar Bahar, so that you will find this game more in the casinos.

Andar Bahar – Katti or Mangatha

Another online card game, Andar Bahar, is derived from South India without real money as a traditional card game. Now, Andar Bahar’s online cash game involves the use of real money.

The best part is it allows you to either play this game alone or with someone. Moreover, you can play to win real money or for free.

How to Play Andar Bahar?

The game requires some educated guesswork and your luck. However, the chances of winning and losing this game are 50-50.

The rapid-fire gameplay involves a deck of 52 cards where each player will select a card from either side of the table. Andar is the inside or left betting sport, while Bahar is the outside or right betting spot.

The motive is to identify which side your predicted games card will fall.

Like Online teen Patti, Andar Bahar also requires you to place a minimum bet. So, if you predict the right side, you will secure your bet.

Play Andar Bahar for an Easy Gaming Session

Though play Andar Bahar online is highly dependent on your luck, you can make this turn to your advantage. The game is ideal for playing on the streets with your friends. However, it is only legal to play the game at a casino gaming site.

Final Thoughts

As the popularity of betting sites and online casinos is on the rise, operators are looking for ways to provide an interactive gaming environment to the players. The focus and inclusion of Indian card games Like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti in casino games online is one way to do this.

Coming to the question of which game is best to win real money, gambling depends on your skills and luck.

If you know the moves and skills, you should try your hand at Teen Patti, otherwise go with Andar Bahar. Your chances of winning real money  in gambling are in your hands only.


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