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Understanding Casino Bonus Terms

There are several tips out there for newbie gamblers from expert punters and casino bonus review websites like this platform. One of the pieces of advice that give you the biggest advantages with casino bonuses in India is to gamble responsibly and only bet the money you are willing to risk knowing you can lose.

Another essential thing to do is play on trustworthy casinos in India that promote safe gambling practices and ensure a good customer experience.

More importantly, read the terms and conditions, properly understand them, and seek the help of the site’s support team before accepting a bonus on online casinos. Casino bonus offers are great ways to get the biggest possible value, provided you are aware of the terms.

However, we are not saying the bonus terms are too complicated or confusing; it is just that they can vary significantly with each game and each casino website in India.

Online casinos, when trying to cater to different players, can offer a variety of casino bonus offers, which can lead to a mix up if you expect the same thing everywhere.

Therefore, it is best if you make it a habit to read the fine print. Below are some key terms you should focus on when looking to understand the details of a specific casino bonus.

Wagering Requirements

The most crucial component of casino bonus T & C’s is the wagering requirements. If you have been wondering what is playthrough in online casinos, this is it. Before you can clear the bonus and claim it to withdraw, you should stake a minimum amount or a set number of times, called the wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements

For instance, you have been awarded Rs. 2,000 casino bonus and the wagering requirements are 10x; to claim the casino bonus offers, you need to bet a total of Rs. 20,000 (10 x Rs. 2,000).

This does not mean that you have to lose the said amount, but you have to make the bets to that sum. Depending on which games can play, you can spread out the stakes over several games. If you have slot bonuses and a welcome bonus casino, you can bet a few hands of blackjack and spin the slots some times.

There will be certain game contributions (weightings) and restrictions for these bonuses, which you should know of before accepting them. Next, check if the betting requirements include the bonus alone, or the casino bonus and deposits.

In the above example, if the casino bonus offers are 100% match deposit bonuses, you should deposit Rs. 2,000. And if the betting requirements are for both bonus and deposit, it means you should stake Rs. 4,000 (10 times the bonus + deposit).

Why Do Wagering Requirements Exist?

Although the betting requirements on casino bonuses may seem like a ploy from the Indian casino to stop you from taking what’s yours, in fact, there is a legitimate reason for their existence.

Indian casinos have to comply with the anti-money laundering rules. Although there is no specific law about online gambling in India, they are considered legal. And hence, they should maintain their books properly. That is also how they can gain their players’ trust.

Otherwise, criminals can easily withdraw a huge amount of money and get away with it.

But some Indian casinos also offer bonuses without any wagering requirements. You can snatch a wager-free casino bonus without any delays.

Cash or Play Bonus

A particular welcome bonus casino can be claimed right away with or without any wagering requirements – those are cash bonuses. Play bonuses are rare; they are something you cannot claim. With cashable, best casino bonuses, you can withdraw, the bonus, your original deposits, and the earnings.

Cash or Play Bonus

Play bonuses remove the remaining casino bonus funds from your account after you withdraw your winnings. Meaning, you can only cash out the winnings and deposit, but not the bonus that the casino has given you.

If you lose money, the loss will come out of the deposit you made, and then goes to the casino bonus offers. So, many players don’t even bother with play bonuses even if they offer value and allow you to play more games.

Game Restrictions

Also known as game contributions, they have some restrictions on almost all Indian online casinos. However, advertising is much lesser than for wagering requirements. Again, read the terms and conditions of the casino bonus clearly to know if they do apply.

Some game restrictions may bar players from playing specified games using a certain bonus for online casinos, and they don’t count towards the betting requirements at all. Typically, restricted games are those that have a low house edge, e.g., blackjack.

Stake Amounts

The size of the stake amount plays a major role in deciding if you want to accept casino bonus offers. More and more casinos are including the terms related to stake amounts. These terms stipulate that the wagers you place should not exceed a certain amount.

This is usually represented as a percentage; for instance, if the state cannot be more than 25% of the casino bonus on a single stake if your casino bonus offer is Rs. 1,000, the bet should be Rs. 25 or less. Casinos do this to ensure fair gaming, but whether you like it or not, keep in mind to not stake more and lose out on a casino bonus.

Minimum Deposits and Maximum Bonuses

All Indian gambling sites have rules about minimum deposits to be made to claim a casino bonus. Especially if you are playing live casino games or virtual gambling, you can see these. For example, if the deposit is Rs. 1,000, the casino may offer a welcome bonus casino of up to Rs. 2,000.

Minimum Deposits and Maximum Bonuses

The casino matches your deposit with some amount, but the amount may be higher. So, if you want to make the maximum deposit amount, wait until you reach the betting requirements, and only deposit the maximum amount for that casino bonus.

Other Key Terms

There are also other terms to know, like:

Time Limits. Betting requirements often accompany a specified time-frame, and beyond that, your casino bonus offers will expire. This deadline will give you more than enough time to meet the wagering requirements and claim your winnings, but if you don’t play often, you may rethink such considerations.

Maximum Earnings. You may not play with the casino bonus funds to earn more money than what the casino has mentioned. Some casinos do this to restrict abusive players from taking advantage of the generous bonuses.

Low-Risk Exclusions. Some casinos may not include certain bets even if you meet the wagering requirements if the best casino bonuses and games are too low risk. For example, if you are playing at a roulette table, the combination of bets covering over 30% of the numbers may be excluded.

India-Specific Casino Bonus Requirements

Although the above bonus terms are common for all countries, you should know that when playing at Indian casinos, you should remember a few more things. There is no national authority or regulator for online casinos in India.

Hence, you find a vast difference between what one casino offers and the other. Your online gambling experience will also change with which state you are in.

Many casinos in India do not bother with displaying the casino bonus terms and conditions, but they show the bonuses and wagering requirements prominently. You should take a fine-tooth comb to go through the casino bonus terms.

Besides, many casinos are hosted offshore, so the best casino bonuses may be in other currencies. But not to worry, choose something in India rupees for clarity’s sake, or you can get it easily converted to INR.

Tips to Profits Using Casino Bonus T&Cs

Consider the following to make the most of casino bonuses:

Deposit stipulations: High wagering requirements can be unclear or unrealistic, but when they accompany a no deposit casino bonus, try your hand at that.

Deposit value: A great deal may be on paper, but when it comes to cashing out, the casino may have a high deposit value, which you are not willing to pay.

Cashable or sticky bonuses: Learn how to use casino bonuses – all types, including VIP casino bonuses, welcome casino bonuses, rewards, cash, and play bonuses. Non-cashable bonuses also can be effective, provided they have no betting requirements to meet, and you can claim the winnings easily.

Game weightings: Games like roulette may have no weightage at all at many casinos, while some sites may have roulette at 50%. Either way, be clear on how effective a game is for your money bets.

Tips to Profits Using Casino Bonus T&Cs


Understand that it takes some time to learn all about the best online casino bonuses, terms, violations, requirements, how to beat wagering requirements, and the best strategies to help you win at casinos every time.

It is your duty to educate yourself about such things and not blame the casino bonus if you lose.

Knowledge is king, and gather as much information from a casino as you can by reading the online resources available on their site or calling customer support for further clarification.


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