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VIP Roulette - What, Why and How

Being a classic casino game, Roulette has attracted casino lovers equally in traditional casinos and online gambling websites. The game has a unique pull factor that comes from the thrill it offers as well as the togetherness of playing the game. Unlike Poker or Baccarat, roulette is always a crowd’s game. Though you play online roulette real money against the house, the experience always seems like a festivity, at least on traditional casino floors.

Online roulette does compromise a bit on that togetherness. Still, it has compensated in various ways like convenience, comfort, fair play, and high stake bets in roulette or VIP roulette games.

What is high stake roulette?

vip roulette

Usually, online casinos set a minimum betting limit in any game and design gameplay or game dynamics accordingly. The objective is to accommodate a standardized experience to a maximum number of people betting and enjoying casino games without disturbing the casino’s profitability and games’ payoff matrix.

The majority of these games set no explicit upper limits on the size of a single bet. However, practically speaking, you cannot go no-limits. It means a player cannot bet without limits. High-value no-limits betting in standard casino games disturbs the gaming dynamics and pay-off matrix.

So, many online casinos design separate versions of popular games for high-value gambling in live and digital formats. It is valid for any casino game–be it poker, baccarat, or roulette. Often high-stake roulette games are called VIP roulette and exclusively offered to loyal gamers and gamers making high-value deposits.

The benefits of high stake roulette

Unlike poker or baccarat, you do not need high-level skills or knowledge to play and enjoy Roulette. Make a gambling budget, pick an easy-to-follow betting strategy and rely on your luck. These are everything you need to succeed in Roulette. For gamblers with deep pockets and a considerable gambling budget, high-stake Roulette can be a perfect choice.

The thrill of playing with big money – In high-stake roulette, you can win cash as large as someone’s entire life’s earning. It’s thrilling for many people with the capacity to risk big money.

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Opportunity to leverage a wide range of roulette strategies – For example, you need to double your bets every time you lose in the progressive roulette strategy. For consecutive losses, the size of the bets can become significantly large. Even if you are perfectly capable of risking that much money in a single bet, a regular casino might not have the financial means to process your winnings. Online casinos offering high-stake Roulette possess a much bigger financial capacity.

More control over the gaming experience – A regular player might not worry about the color of the wheel, pockets, or other more delicate details in the game. But rich gamers do care. When you risk big, you like control over things. Live VIP roulette games allow such controls.

The high quality of services and VIP treatment – High-value betting requires the high-speed processing of funds, better leverage on deposits, and dedicated customer care. These are mostly customized facilities. On the other hand, regular online Roulette games offer more standardized services and support with less room for customization.

What is the VIP roulette system?

What is the VIP roulette system?

Everyone asks for a roulette system that helps to win big but loses the least. Frankly speaking, no such universal roulette system exists. Many players who have won big on VIP roulette also confirm this fact. Winning in high-stake VIP Roulette needs specific strategies to follow. Without clearly defined and established strategies, a gamer might feel lost in the middle of the game and fail to take correct gaming decisions. A comprehensive VIP roulette playing strategy includes –

  • Money management
  • Playing without distractions
  • Following a specific betting system like martingale, labouchere, etc.
  • Setting limits on winning and loss. Follow it blindly. Don’t fall prey to greed.

Online roulette real money India

Live VIP roulette games are not easy to conduct, and only the best casinos can manage the highest standard of security, safety and integrity. Some of the best casinos offering live VIP roulette games in India are


VIP Roulette is not for everyone, even if you are wealthy. Casino lovers with heavy risk appetites should only play high-stake VIP Roulette. Otherwise, you will not be able to follow betting systems suitable for such games. Learn about pay-offs for different types of Roulette bets and how you can diversify your bets to maximize the chances of winning. Remember, disciplined gambling is more important than praying for luck. regularly publishes expert-reviewed casino gaming content. Follow us to learn more about anything and everything in the online casino world.


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