Casino Games

Casino Games

Playing online casino games for real money in India is fast becoming a mainstream mode of entertainment. Lakhs of first-time players, young and old, are joining online casinos and playing it. They love the challenge and thrill of winning.

So, we thought it makes sense to provide basic guidelines on popular Indian and western casino games. It will make life easier for every first-time casino player. Understanding gaming rules is a must for making informed gambling decisions.


Are you interested in playing Blackjack? Players sitting in a semi-circle facing the dealer is a famous sight on any casino floor. It is a classic casino game of random choice and strategies. Even beginners can enjoy playing Blackjack and quickly build master-level gaming skills.

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Play blackjack online in India
You can play Blackjack on any top online casino sites and mobile casino apps. There are no significant differences in experience between playing blackjack in traditional casinos and playing online. Rules and interactions are similar.
The added advantage of online blackjack sites in India are –

  • Play any time you like through 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • No chance of irking fellow players with beginners mistakes and feeling ashamed.
  • Ability to bet in smaller amounts and quickly move from one table to another.
  • Opportunity to use online casino bonus offers, rewards for potentially high payouts.
  • Enjoy the privacy of playing without disclosing your identity.
  • Free-to-try options to learn the game without risking any cash.

Live blackjack India
If you want to experience the fun of real-time interaction with human dealers, you can play live blackjack games on online casino sites. Unlike entirely digitized games, live Blackjack takes place on an actual blackjack casino table with expert human dealers. Casinos video stream the game online, allowing real-time player-dealer verbal exchanges and placing bets. Best live Blackjack games even use smart interactive tables for a more immersive online gaming experience.

Best online blackjack casinos India
Some of the best online casinos offering blackjack in India are LeoVegas, Plaza Royal, 10Cric Regent Play, Royal Panda and Genesis Casino. There are many other online blackjack sites in India too. Many of these online casinos also offer live blackjack games.

Rules to play blackjack online India
It is easy to play Blackjack online. Rules are similar to traditional casino blackjack.

  • Place your bet.
  • The dealer draws cards from a pile of multiple decks of well-shuffled cards.
  • The player gets two cards – both faced up.
  • The dealer gets two cards – one faced down, and the other faced up.
  • The objective is to get hand values higher than the dealer’s but not more than 21.
  • The Player has the option to Stand (to finish your turn), Hit (to accept another card), Double down (to double your bet after taking another card), and Surrender (to give up a hand).
  • If you have two identical cards in the first deal, you can split the cards into two separate hands.

So, start playing Blackjack online. Beginners should always play free-to-try blackjack games to learn and practice gaming strategies.


Roulette is a classic casino game with tremendous fan followers worldwide. People gathering around the roulette wheel is a hallmark sight on any casino floor. Its popularity in India has also increased rapidly with online casinos. Though it is a game of considerable skill, anyone can play roulette for quick fun. Besides, it is easy to learn how to play roulette online in India today, thanks to the availability of expert-reviewed gaming content on sites like

How to play roulette online in India?

How to play roulette online in India?
Every online casino site and mobile casino apps in India offer roulette games. The experience differs from one casino to another, but the basic rules and gameplay remain the same. The roulette wheel can have 37, 38 or 39 pockets. It is a game based on a random outcome involving a ball moving on a spinning wheel. Both the spin of the roulette wheel and the ball’s free movement on the rotating wheel add to the randomness. Gameplay is simple.

  • Players place their bets.
  • The dealer (called croupier in casino terminology) spins the roulette wheel and throws a ball into the rotating wheel.
  • Players can place bets until the dealer/casino declares “no more bets”.
  • Once the wheel’s rotation ends, the ball lands on a particular pocket with a specific color and number.
  • Winners get rewarded depending on their choice of numbers, colors, and other combinations.

Types of bet in Roulette
Broadly, there are three types of roulette bets – Inside, Outside & Combinations. Each bet has a different name like The Straight Up, Split Bet, The Corner, Column Bet, and many others. In simple words, bets depend on the following factors.

  • The exact number of the pocket in which the ball lands
  • A range of pockets in proximity to the winning pocket
  • A larger positional grouping of pockets
  • The color of the winning pocket
  • The number of the pocket is odd or even.

Each type of bet has a different probability of occurring, and accordingly, the payoff varies. To understand the pay-off, you should check the detailed roulette bet odds table. It includes details on odds for each type of bet.

  • For example, a Straight-up bet has odds of 35 to 1, which means if you select any specific number and the roulette ball lands in the pocket with your chosen number, you will get 35 times of your wagered money.
  • Odds for Column bets are usually 2 to 1.
  • Odds for odd & even number specific bets are 2 to 1

Live roulette casino India

Entirely digitized roulette games in online casinos offer every bit of fairness, challenge, and fun. But some players might feel the virtual environment is a little mechanical. For them, live roulette is the best choice. Live roulette is as real as a brick-and-mortar casino with human dealers spinning an actual wheel and throwing a real ball. In the best live roulette casinos, you get the feel of real-life human-to-human interactions of traditional casinos.

Best live roulette casino India
Live games are not easy to conduct, and only the best casinos can manage the highest standard of security, safety and integrity. Some of the best casinos offering live roulette games in India are –

Do you love taking risks? If you like high stake betting on roulette, then you can play VIP roulette online. All the top online casinos we mentioned above offer high stake roulette with top-of-the-line payouts and other benefits. So, log in to your choice of online casinos and start playing.



Have you seen James Bond playing Baccarat with absolute ease? You can also do it. Baccarat is not a difficult game if you just want some gambling fun. This classic casino game has many fan-followers among experienced casino lovers. With the opportunity of playing online baccarat, the game is fast becoming popular among young generations of casino gamers and newbies.

Play baccarat online India
You can play baccarat on any old or new online casinos and mobile casino apps. Basic rules are simple to follow, and unless you want to become a Pro in the game. And, even if you wish to be an expert baccarat player, just like Mr. Bond, it is not difficult to accomplish. Let us start with the basics.

  • You play baccarat against the house (or the casino).
  • You need to place your bet either on Banker’s hand, Player hand or A tie.
  • Betting has to happen before the cards are dealt.
  • Both the player and the dealer get two cards.
  • Each card carries a point.
  • Card values are compared. The hand with the highest card value wins.
  • When the value of the Banker’s hand matches the value of the Player’s hand, the game becomes a Tie.

Card values in Baccarat

  • All face cards (king, queen, and jack) and 10th cards carry a value of zero (0).
  • Numbered cards carry values equivalent to the number on the cards.
  • Ace care carries a value of 1.

Rules for counting value of cards in a hand

  • The value of a baccarat hand is the unit digit (the rightmost number) of the sum of card values.
  • For example, if a hand has a 5th and a 7th, then the sum will be 12, and the baccarat value of the hand will be 2.
  • All possible hands in Baccarat can have a value ranging from 0 to 9.
  • Players need to draw an extra card if the total value of the first two cards is 5 or less.
  • Banker hand must draw an extra card if the value of the first two cards is 0, 1, or 2.
  • When the baccarat value of Banker’s first two cards is 3, 4, 5, or 6, Banker can draw another card if Player draws too.
  • With a third card, the game becomes a little bit more complex.

Online baccarat India
There are too many baccarat variations like mini Baccarat, Super 6, Dragon tiger baccarat, and others. Some traditional variations of baccarat like Chemin de fer are even famous for the fast-paced gameplay. Online baccarat games in web casinos and casino apps are coming with more challenging variations. However, you do not need to worry. regularly publishes gaming tips and techniques on casino games and gambling strategies. So, for your expert-level baccarat content, you can subscribe and check our website.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

Do you want to try your luck or play casino games for a pure thrill? Andar Bahar can be one of the best choices. It is a simple to play and massively popular card game in India. Many people claim that the game has its origin in Southern India and is well known in Tamil Nadu as Ullae Veliyae. Like Slots, it is a game of chance, but people can use a few tips and tricks to improve their winning position.

Andar bahar guide

  • It is a dealer-based game, which means players bet against the house or casino.
  • As a standard practice, the dealer uses a well-shuffled 52-card deck, cuts them into two equal-size piles of cards, and deals one card face up. The face-up card is the House card. Many people also (though, incorrectly) call this card – a Trump card or Joker.
  • One of the piles of cards is ANDAR (inside), and the other pile is BAHAR (outside). Alternatively, the piles can be called LEFT and RIGHT. In Tamil, ANDAR is known as Ullae, and BAHAR is known as Veliyae.
  • A player’s job is to bet on either ANDAR or BAHAR pile. Once the bet is placed, the dealer starts drawing single cards alternately from each pile and keeps them face up.
  • The drawing of cards continues until a card, similar to the rank of House card, appears. If the same rank card appears from the player’s choice of the pile, the player wins.

How to win Andar Bahar in a casino?
Winning Andar Bahar is chance-based as long as you follow these principles.

  • Odds of winning – It is a game of pure chance with a probability of 1:1 for the winning card to appear from any pile. However, choosing the pile from which the House card is dealt skews the probability fractionally. For example, if the House card is from the ANDAR pile and you bet on ANDAR, you enjoy better odds of winning.
  • Betting varieties – Unlike traditionally played Andar Bahar, online casinos sometimes allow changing bets after a fixed number of drawing of cards. So, you can change your choice of the card pile. Some casinos also allow betting on the number, rank, and color of the House card.
  • Strict budgeting – Usually, Andar Bahar is a fast-paced card game. Experienced dealers draw cards very fast, and online casinos achieve that even faster. So, casinos often call the game speed Andar Bahar. The game requires quick decision-making. For incorrect decisions, you can lose your deposit quickly, even before you realize it. So, finalize your gambling budget and how much you want to risk before you begin betting. And try not to deviate irrespective of win or lose.
  • Practice the game – If you love the thrill of Andar Bahar, try practicing the game regularly with a deck of cards at home. It will help to prepare your mind for the fast nature of the game and quick decision-making.

There are various online casino sites and mobile apps for playing Andar Bahar online cash games. Choose any one of them and start enjoying the fun of this excellent Indian-origin card game today.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti

Do you love playing Teen Patti? Fortunately, being a game of skills, it is perfectly legal to play Teen Patti online, according to the verdict of the Supreme Court of India. Playing Teen Patti as part of the Diwali celebration is a common practice in the country.

Teen Patti rules
Playing real money Teen Patti with friends is easy as we often do not follow the rules stringently and skip a few. However, you will need to know and follow all the rules correctly for playing the game on Teen Patti websites and mobile apps.

Basic rules –

  • Every player gets three cards, and the value of a player’s hand varies with the combination of cards.
  • Even with cards of average ranking, a player can win with the correct techniques.
  • The ranking depends on the combination of cards in hand like Trio, Sequence, Pure sequence, Colour, Pair and High card. The highest combination of cards is a TRIO or three cards of the same ranks – 3 Aces, 3 Kings, 3 Queens, and others.
  • Players need to deposit cash before the game starts. These deposits build a pot that serves as security against individual players’ defaults. Every player’s account is maintained in the pot.
  • At the beginning of every deal, boot money is deducted from the pot.
  • The online Teen Patti game randomly chooses the first player to deal cards, and after that, every player on the table gets a chance to deal cards clockwise.
  • Once dealing is complete, a player can choose 1) to make an additional bet or 2) not bet and fold their cards.

How to play Teen Patti?

  • Once the cards are dealt, players can see cards to make an additional bet (called SEEN) or choose not to see the cards and make an additional bet (called BLIND).
  • Situation 1 (You are SEEN, but the player before you is BLIND) – you must bet twice the current stake or four times.
  • Situation 2 (You are SEEN, and the player before you is also SEEN) – you must match the current stake or double.
  • Situation 3 (You are BLIND, but the player before you is SEEN) – you can bet half of the current stake or match the current stake.
  • Situation 4 (You are BLIND, and the player before you is also BLIND) – you must match the current stake or double.
  • For example, your preceding player is BLIND and bets 10, you are SEEN. Then, your minimum bet has to be 20, at least.

Who becomes the WINNER?

  • The winner gets decided in two ways 1) Fold or 2) Show.
  • Fold – after multiple rounds of betting, every player on the table folds except one. The last man standing wins irrespective of the card strength.
  • Show – after paying the SHOW money, a player can demand to see the other’s hand. In that case, the strong hand wins. A SHOW option does not activate until everyone folds except two players.

There are many other techniques like LOOSE play, TIGHT play, SIDESHOW, BACK SHOW. Successful Teen Patti game players often attribute their success to card counting techniques. Theoretically, different categories of cards have fixed probability in Teen Patti. For example, the probability of getting a hand of the same type of cards or Trio is 0.24%, while getting a high card without any pair is 74.39%. Unlike new players, Professional and expert real money Teen Patti players follow the gaming strategies stringently. So, play online Teen Patti and read about strategies to improve your skills. We regularly publish Teen Patti winning strategies.


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