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Have you seen James Bond playing Baccarat with absolute ease? You can also do it. Live baccarat online is not a difficult game if you just want some gambling fun. This classic casino game has many fan-followers among experienced casino lovers. With the opportunity to play baccarat online, the game is fast becoming popular among young generations of casino gamers and newbies.

History of Baccarat

Baccarat has evolved a lot since its early days, and the modern version of the game is vastly different from the earlier versions. Today, players bet against the dealer or casino. So, we can call it a house-bank game, while the older baccarat was a 3-player game without a house as a mediator.

The first mention of the game can be traced back to 15th century Italy. Some folklore claims that the game dates back to, even earlier, before the birth of Jesus. However, there is no concrete evidence to prove this claim. As per the historically documented facts, Baccarat Banque was the earliest form of baccarat, and it was a card game of 3 players. Throughout the 19th century, Baccarat was very popular in the French private gambling circuit. Public gambling was illegal in France before 1907, and baccarat was the game of choice in house parties and private gatherings in clubs. Later, after the legalization of public gambling in France, baccarat took centre stage in casinos.

We can identify the first instance of baccarat as 2-person zero-sum game in North America. Around 1940 in Havana, the game took the modern shape of house-banked modern baccarat.                                                                             

The legality of playing Baccarat in India

Baccarat has always been a mainstay game in Indian casinos in popular casino destinations like Goa and Sikkim. However, with the introduction of online casinos in India, baccarat is getting wider acceptance among experienced and new casino gamers.

It might seem easy to play Baccarat. We shall discuss the rules shortly in this article, but anybody can play the game without caring about strategies and techniques like card counting. However, it is a game of skills. There is a detailed mathematical and statistical study of different gaming outcomes in Baccarat. Playing live baccarat online is legally backed in India.

Play Live Baccarat Online in India

Play Baccarat Online India

You can play baccarat on any old or new online casinos and mobile casino apps. Basic rules are simple to follow, and unless you want to become a Pro in the game. And, even if you wish to be an expert baccarat player, just like Mr Bond, it is not difficult to accomplish. So let us start with the basics.

Basics of the Game

  • You play baccarat against the house (or the casino).
  • You need to place your bet either on Banker’s hand, Player hand, or A tie.
  • Betting has to happen before the cards are dealt.
  • Both the player and the dealer get two cards.
  • Each card carries a point.
  • Card values are compared. The hand with the highest card value wins.
  • When the value of the Banker’s hand matches the value of the Player’s hand, the game becomes a Tie.

Card Values in Baccarat

  • All face cards (king, queen, and jack) and 10th cards carry a value of zero (0).
  • Numbered cards carry values equivalent to the number on the cards.
  • Ace care carries a value of 1.

Rules for counting value of cards in a hand

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  • The value of a baccarat hand is the unit digit (the rightmost number) of the sum of card values.
  • For example, if a hand has a 5th and a 7th, then the sum will be 12, and the baccarat value of the hand will be 2.
  • All possible hands in Baccarat can have a value ranging from 0 to 9.
  • Players need to draw an extra card if the total value of the first two cards is 5 or less.
  • Banker hand must draw an extra card if the value of the first two cards is 0, 1 or 2.
  • When the baccarat value of Banker’s first two cards is 3, 4, 5 or 6, Banker can draw another card if Player draws too.
  • With a third card, the game becomes a little bit more complex.

Tips & Tricks in Live Baccarat

There are endless baccarat strategies, tips, and tricks. Covering all of them is out of the scope of this page. However, a few of the information and tricks might be a good start.

House Edge

House edge for betting on Banker is around 1.06%, for Player is 1.24% and for a Tie is 14.4%. It means you should always bet either on Banker or Player or the both. The payoff from betting on Tie carries a high house edge. So, betting on Tie might not be lucrative in terms of net return.

Betting System 

The structured approach to gambling helps maximize return, minimize loss, and optimize a player’s experience. The betting system does not have any impact on the actual chances of winning or losing. There are different betting systems in baccarat depending on the approach to risk, like positive progression and negative progression.

Positive progression involves increasing bet every time you win and reducing stakes after a loss. This type of betting progression is defensive and causes the least amount of damage to your bank account.

Negative progression requires increasing bet every time you lose and reducing bet after a win. It is the exact opposite of Positive progression. A negative progression strategy might sound very aggressive, but increasing stake after a loss can help you recover losses with a single win. It is a strategy for risk-loving casino players.

You can also follow a flat betting system where you risk a fixed pre-decided amount of money over multiple gaming rounds. Many people prefer this for its simplistic approach.

Money Management 

Along with pre-deciding bet sizes in successive rounds in a baccarat game, it is also essential to maintain strict control on your betting budget. Never spend more than you set aside for gambling at the beginning, whichever betting system you use. You might lose some, win some, but do not overstep your budget irrespective of the lure of winning luck or recovering losses.

Skills of an expert Baccarat player

Do you wish to play Baccarat like James Bond? Unfortunately, it will not be easy unless you have a deep pocket betting budget and a few extraordinary baccarat skills.

  • A quick calculation of odds and deciding your next bet.
  • Understand endless betting strategies and their variations.
  • Intricate sense of card counting.
  • Ability to following gambling budget stringently.
  • Ability to take measured and informed risks.

Playing live Baccarat Online

 Digitized baccarat game in online casinos is good to play for beginners and expert players. However, those who have played baccarat in brick and mortar casinos might feel the lack of human-to-human interaction in digitized baccarat. Trained baccarat dealers make a lot of changes in the gaming experience. Hence, live baccarat games are gaining popularity gradually. These live games use human dealers with physical baccarat tables and live stream the game online securely. Players can interact with dealers, check their hands, and place bets online without safety and security risks. That’s the reason baccarat in live gaming format gives the best of online gambling and traditional casinos. All most all the major online casino websites accepting bets in Indian rupees offer live baccarat.

Best Online Casino for playing Live Baccarat

Live or digitized baccarat, choosing top online casinos matters a lot in terms of gaming experience, safety, security, and payout assurances. We have reviewed and shortlisted some of the best casinos for playing baccarat in India. We regularly update such lists for any changes in service quality, user feedback, and changing situations in the industry.

There are too many baccarat variations like mini Baccarat, Super 6, Dragon tiger baccarat, and others. Some traditional variations of baccarat like Chemin de fer are even famous for the fast-paced gameplay. Online baccarat games in web casinos and casino apps are coming with more challenging variations. However, you do not need to worry. regularly publishes gaming tips and techniques on casino games and gambling strategies. So, for your expert-level baccarat content, you can subscribe and check our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best strategy for baccarat?

Baccarat is the trademark game of fictional spymaster James Bond. So, it’s obvious there will be numerous strategies to win Baccarat. 

  • It always serves to bet on Banker. 
  • Strictly follow a specific betting system like Martingale System, Paroli, Labouchere etc. 
  • Money management is the key to success in any casino game. Baccarat is no different. 
  • Set limits on loss as well as win. Do not pursue betting when you have reached your limit of winnings. Similarly, cut loss at a certain point and stop betting. 
  • Choose low house edge bets. For example, TIE bets come with a house edge as high as 14%. It increases your cost when you lose. Low house edge helps to minimize loss even when things are going bad. 
  • Never go for all-in bets even if you are feeling heavenly lucky. Remember, the longer you play, the higher is the chances of winning. These are just the basic tricks. There are many others that you will learn as you play.  

What are the basics of playing live baccarat online?

You can play baccarat on any online casino website and mobile casino apps. Basic rules are simple to follow, and unless you want to become a Pro in the game. And, even if you wish to be an expert baccarat player, just like Mr Bond, it is not difficult to accomplish. So let us start with the basics. 

  • You play baccarat against the house (or the casino). 
  • You need to place your bet either on Banker’s hand, Player hand or A tie. 
  • Betting has to happen before the cards are dealt. 
  • Both the player and the dealer gets two cards. 
  • Each card carries a point. 
  • Card values are compared. The hand with the highest card value wins. 
  • When the value of the Banker’s hand matches the value of the Player hand, the game becomes a Tie. 

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