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Do you love playing Teen Patti or wish to play it online? Fortunately, being a game of moderate level of skills, it is perfectly legal to play live Teen Patti online, according to the verdict of the Supreme Court of India. Playing Teen-Patti as part of the Diwali celebration is a common practice in the country. Be it long train journeys with friends, hostel days, or large family reunions, Teen Patti has always been a reliable time pass.

History of Teen Patti

The origin of Teen Patti is connected with a popular European gambling game called Three-card brag or, simply called, Brag. It was a famous British gambling card game in the 18th century. During that time, Brag was introduced to India by European settlers and gave rise to the concept of Teen Patti. The classic Brag was a very simple game to play where luck was a major decisive factor behind winning. Each player used to get three cards, and a simple count of card values decided the winner. There were rounds of betting based on card strength. Players could pass or compete. The last one standing would win the game. There was a concept of a wild card that could represent any other card. Does not it sound like Teen Patti?

So, we can safely say that Teen Patti is a Brag-inspired gambling game in the ‘bluffing’ category of card games. But it is also true that the game is not as old as many other traditional Indian gambling games like Pachisi.

The Legality of Teen Patti

Teen Patti is famous for its simplistic appeal and the excitement it guarantees. You can quickly play a couple of rounds of Teen Patti in a family get-together, even with people who are new to the game. It does not demand a steep learning curve and skills, unlike Poker. Being mostly a luck-oriented game, Teen Patti is entertaining to spend some idle time.

This online casino game is perfectly legal to play as long as you are not involving money or betting with money. Strange! Isn’t it? Usually, with friends, we play Teen Patti against points, which are perfectly compliant with legal regulations. There are also many online Teen Patti websites and apps; they let you play against points and offer cash prizes to winners. It helps to keep things legal.

Teen Patti rules

how to play teen patti

Playing real money Teen Patti with friends is easy as we often do not follow the rules stringently and skip a few. However, you will need to know and follow all the rules correctly for playing the game on Teen Patti websites and mobile casino apps.

Basic rules

  • Every player gets three cards, and the value of a player’s hand varies with the combination of cards.
  • Even with cards of average ranking, a player can win with the correct techniques.
  • The ranking depends on the combination of cards in hand like Trio, Sequence, Pure sequence, Colour, Pair and High card. The highest combination of cards is a TRIO or three cards of the same ranks – 3 Aces, 3 Kings, 3 Queens, and others.
  • Players need to deposit cash before the game starts. These deposits build a pot that serves as security against individual players’ defaults. Every player’s account is maintained in the pot.
  • At the beginning of every deal, boot money is deducted from the pot.
  • The online Teen Patti game randomly chooses the first player to deal cards, and after that, every player on the table gets a chance to deal cards clockwise.
  • Once dealing is complete, a player can choose 1) to make an additional bet or 2) not bet and fold their cards.

How to play Teen Patti?

How to play Teen Patti?

  • Once the cards are dealt, players can see cards to make an additional bet (called SEEN) or choose not to see the cards and make an additional bet (called BLIND).
  • First situation (You are SEEN, but the player before you is BLIND) – you must bet twice the current stake or four times.
  • Second situation (You are SEEN, and the player before you is also SEEN) – you must match the current stake or double.
  • Third situation (You are BLIND, but the player before you is SEEN) – you can bet half of the current stake or match the current stake.
  • Fourth situation (You are BLIND, and the player before you is also BLIND) – you must match the current stake or double.
  • For example, your preceding player is BLIND and bets 10, you are SEEN. Then, your minimum bet has to be 20, at least.

Who becomes the WINNER?

  • The winner gets decided in two ways 1) Fold or 2) Show.
  • Fold – after multiple rounds of betting, every player on the table folds except one. The last man standing wins irrespective of the card strength.
  • Show – after paying the SHOW money, a player can demand to see the other’s hand. In that case, the strong hand wins. A SHOW option does not activate until everyone folds except two players.

There are many other techniques like LOOSE play, TIGHT play, SIDESHOW, BACK SHOW. Successful Teen Patti game players often attribute their success to card counting techniques. Theoretically, different categories of cards have fixed probability in Teen Patti. For example, the probability of getting a hand of the same type of cards or Trio is 0.24%, while getting a high card without any pair is 74.39%. Unlike new players, Professional and expert real money Teen Patti players follow the gaming strategies stringently. So, play online Teen Patti and read about strategies to improve your skills. We regularly publish Teen Patti winning strategies.

Best Casinos to Play Teen Patti

Many websites and mobile apps are coming up offering Teen Patti games. So, it is becoming difficult to decide which one, or two, to choose. We have shortlisted some of the best casinos sites in India to Teen Patti online. It includes mobile Teen Patti and online Teen Patti websites.

  1. Genesis Casino
  2. LeoVegas Casino
  3. Royal Panda
  4. Casino Planet
  5. Pure Win Casino

These online casinos offer excellent Teen Patti gaming experiences along with best-of-the-class payouts, security, and safety. If you are looking for welcome bonuses and promotional offers, these casinos can be good choices too.

Mobile vs Website based Teen Patti

Teen Patti as a gambling game is very simplistic; it does not require any elaborate interface design. So, mobile apps can be a better choice for playing Teen Patti as you get to play any time, anywhere inconspicuously. All the casinos we mentioned allow playing Teen Patti from your smartphones and tablet devices.

Website-based Teen Patti games have their advantages. You do not need to install any app or software in your system; you can log in from any laptop, desktop, or mobile. Besides, website interfaces are very agile to play; they are optimized for playing on a low-bandwidth network.

Live Teen Patti

Live Teen Patti is a new concept in Indian online casinos. It offers the bests of both worlds – online gaming and real-life human interaction. Digitized online Teen Patti games allow people from different parts of the world to log in and play. For the player-to-player interactions, you might have a chat box to post texts and audio comments. However, being a social game, Teen Patti players often feel the necessity of more engaging interaction and emotion sharing.

Live casino games like Teen Patti make that possible. You can directly see other players on live video casting and interact with them in real-time. Everything else, starting from dealing cards, placing bets, to counting points, happens on the web through a digitized game board. The majority of online casino games are being offered in live form, and Teen Patti live is catching up fast among its lovers. It is perfectly safe and secure with old-world gambling charm.


So, now you surely know a lot about Teen Patti. Have you played Teen Patti earlier? If not, you should try it now on any online Teen Patti app or website. Pandemic restrictions might not allow playing with friends. Stay safe within the home, avoid gathering and enjoy the online gambling world with Teen Patti. Check for common Teen Patti and other gaming strategies and improve your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to win in Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a popular Indian card game requiring a moderate level of luck and skills. Unlike Poker or Rummy, anyone can master the tricks of playing the game with a little bit of effort. To win in Teen Patti, you need to be sure about following thins – 

  • Learn the game’s rules thoroughly. There are several Teen Patti playing app where you can practice the basic game free of cost. 
  • If possible, you can play Teen Patti with friends and family members for practise without betting cash. The chances are a majority of people in India know how to play basic Teen Patti. 
  • Never gamble with a big amount at first when you are still learning the game. 
  • Follow proper betting systems. Some betting strategy requires increasing bets once you learn and reducing bet side when you lose. It helps to reduce losses and manage cash flow. 
  • As a beginner, always start playing Blind. It helps to concentrate on the game and avoid unnecessary doubling of bets. 

What are the top 5 latest teen Patti game apps in India?

Playing Teen Patti on mobile apps is very convenient. The game is suitable for the limited display size of smartphones. Many casino websites are offering and mobile apps for playing Teen Patti games. So, it is becoming difficult to decide which one, or two, to choose. We have shortlisted the top 5 Teen Patti game apps in India. regularly updates the list. So, keep checking for new inclusions and exclusions. 

  • Gold Teen Patti
  •  King Teen Patti
  • Loot Teen Patti
  • Party Teen Patti
  • Live Teen Patti

How to earn real money from online Teen Patti?

Many people play and win real money from online Teen Patti games. It is not a difficult task at all with a little bit of luck. You do not need to be an expert. Many beginners have won Teen Patti games. All you need to do are,

  • Choose a Teen Patti app or online Teen Patti website and register yourself. 
  • Play the game and gamble responsibly. Do not overstep your gambling budget. 
  • Keep your head cool, and do not rush through games. Analyze every game you plan irrespective of win or loss. 
  • Stop playing if you are repeatedly losing. Some days are just hard. No amount of trick can save you in those days. Recover your mental composure. 
  • Follow Teen Patti players on social media like Youtube and learn the tricks they discuss.

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