Casinos are the best places for anyone looking for an adrenalin rush without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, Indians have very limited access to good traditional casinos despite the popularity of gambling and betting in the country.

It is changing fast as the country is witnessing a rapid growth of online casinos. Today, Indians have access to some of the best online casinos offering mobile casinos, live casinos, online slots, fantasy sports leagues, and many more betting attractions.

Best Online Casinos in India

Finding and choosing the best online casinos is no longer an easy task in India as the choice is aplenty. The flourishing casino industry in India has opened up opportunities for new entities to launch their best online casinos.

The majority of them accept deposits and payout in Indian rupees, offer popular Indian games and claim privacy and security of the highest order. Despite the challenge, gamers can follow a few simple steps to pick the best online casinos of their choice.

  • Understand your needs Do you want just the fun and excitement of gambling? Or do you prefer to win and earn cash? Online slots, lotteries are fascinating. In contrast, Blackjack, Baccarat, Rummy, Poker are the love of professional gamers.
  • Which type of casino experience do you want – browser casino, desktop casino, or mobile casinos?
  • What is your preferred choice of transactions?
  • Make a list of top online casinos depending on your answers.
  • Check gaming news and review websites like LuckyRaja for information on online casinos in your list.
  • Read user reviews regarding these casinos. Are they happy or critical about their experience?
  • Finalize your list of best online casinos.

online casino review

LuckyRaja team of casino experts have shortlisted the best Indian online casinos as per their popularity and user ranking –

New Casino Online

The online casino industry is highly competitive. New online casinos are coming up regularly with attractive promotional offers. Some of them even introducing features like minimum deposit casinos, fast payout casinos, low deposit casinos, instant payout casinos. So, gamers should never stop their search.

The latest casinos can offer attractive deals if we are open to them and choose with proper diligence. A little extra signup bonus, couple of extra free spins can always sweeten the gambling experience, offer better opportunities to win cash. Gamers can open any number of gaming accounts with as many casinos as they want without spending extra money.

The selection criteria for choosing new casinos online, however, remains the same. It is also important to remember that managing too many gaming accounts with their login credentials can become cumbersome after a certain point in time.

Mobile Casinos

Increasing user penetration of smartphones has made mobile apps an obvious choice of casinos. It has opened up new opportunities. The popularity of online gaming increased immensely since the introduction of mobile casinos on android and iOS platforms.

Despite small screen sizes, popular mobile casino apps offer an engaging gaming experience through clever use of UI and UX. Unlike online casino sites offering a bouquet of games, mobile casinos often offer individual apps for specific games.

The best advantage of mobile casinos is privacy and ease of accessibility. Gamers can enjoy mobile casinos for real money from anywhere and everywhere without arousing public attention. Today majority of online casinos offer their popular gaming titles in iOS casino apps or android casino apps.

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Live Casinos

Live casinos are the closest to experiencing the bests of both online and traditional casinos. These are live streaming of real-life casino table games conducted by human dealers.

People across the world can watch, listen and place their bets. Unlike digitized games without ‘zero’ human interventions, live casino games are options to enjoy the thrill of live interaction with dealers and players. It is not a new concept, as many traditional casinos allowed outside bets on high stake table games.

However, modern live casinos are different in many ways like live high-definition multi-camera videos, instant access to tables, and many others. All most all the major casinos offer live casinos online.

Online Slots

Casino slots are the most popular and easy to play casino games. The game has progressed a lot since the days of mechanical slot machines with manual levers to pull. Today online slots differ from each other in various features like the number of pay lines, theme, paytable. However, the basic rule remains almost similar.

Gamers choose the number of lines they want to play, tap the SPIN button, and the reels start rolling. Once the rolling stops, the display shows how much a gamer has won. Gamers can spin as many times as they want or their gaming deposit permits.

The majority of online casinos offer free spins as part of their promotional offers. It allows gamers to spin online slots free of cost, without making any deposit. However, there can be conditions for the withdrawal of winnings from free spins.

online casino review

No deposit bonus casinos

Casino bonus is the free gaming credit offered by casinos to welcome new gamers into their platforms. Generally, welcome bonuses depend on cash deposits made by gamers. However, to attract new gamers, casinos often offer free gaming credits without the condition of cash deposits. It is popularly known as a no deposit casino bonus.

Such bonuses may not be significant in monetary values but help new gamers to start experiencing casino games without spending out of their pockets. A free no-deposit bonus is also suitable for practising casino games free of cost.

Online Casino bonus offers keep changing at regular intervals. So, gamers need to check regularly for leveraging the best casino bonuses.