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An insight into New Online Casinos in India

Are you looking for New Online Casinos in India? You've come to the right place! The enormity of choices on where to play and what offers to choose can confuse even the most seasoned players.

At Lucky Raja, we make it easy with comprehensive Casino Reviews for reliable, certified and safe online casinos. Below, you'll find the very best New Casinos for Indian Casino Players.

Are New Casinos India Better Than Established Ones?

Thanks to the revolutionary advancements of mobile technology, players no longer need to leave their homes to play their favourite Live Casino Games or Slots. You can play and win from the comfort of your own home.

When you're thinking about which Online Casino to join, you may be wondering about the best New Casinos, and if they're better or worse than established big names.

New Casinos certainly may not have the reputation built by some of the most reputable names in the industry, but that doesn't mean that they're not trustworthy.

These new casinos may take the gaming experience to the next level. Incredible bonus offerings, more relaxed wagering requirements and a fantastic welcome bonus make them a very viable choice for any keen Casino Player. However, these are not the only things you should see when joining a brand-new casino. To be on par with the established casinos, New Online Casinos should go to great lengths to ensure a few things.

Security and Credibility

Reputed casinos already have partners in major game developers and certifications from the world’s leading gambling authorities. What the latest casinos can do is to at least match their level of credibility. Also, if a casino does not open with a secure, encrypted site then consider it a red flag. Security should be of the utmost concern to every Online Casino. Customer Security should always be first and foremost

Games and Interface

New Casinos do not necessarily have less choice than established ones. In fact, these New Online Casinos may go even further in including more content for players in order to boost their appeal. New Casinos make no comprises when it comes to their game selection

Bonuses and Payment

If you are starting somewhere new, then you must get an online casino India no deposit bonus. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what other promotions and freebies the site gives away. Look for one with a wide array of safe, fast payment modes. Experts predict that in the next few years, cryptocurrency is going to take over the gambling industry; so, watch out for that!

With so many new casinos India coming up every month, not every one of them can be good at all aspects. It is a bit tedious to keep an eye on the market. So, stay tuned to this page to find the latest happenings and the new entrants in the Indian gambling markets.

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Top New Casino  May - 2022


₹ 80,000 Welcome Bonus

  • Indian Payment
  • Live Casino
  • Desktop Casino
  • Weekly Bonus
18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

250 Free Spins

₹ 1,00,000 Welcome Bonus

  • Indian Payment
  • Live Casino
  • Desktop Casino
18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

100 Free Spins

₹ 80,000 Welcome Bonus

  • Indian Payment
  • Live Casino
  • Desktop Casino
18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

20 Free Spins

₹ 30,000 Welcome Bonus

  • Indian Payment
  • Desktop Casino
  • Weekly Bonus
18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

₹ 1000 Welcome Bonus

  • Indian Payment
  • Live Casino
  • Desktop Casino
  • Weekly Bonus
18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

₹ 20,000 Welcome Bonus

  • Indian Payment
  • Bitcoin Casinos
  • Desktop Casino
  • Weekly Bonus
18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

200 Free Spins

₹ 50,000 Welcome Bonus

  • Indian Payment
  • Desktop Casino
  • Weekly Bonus
18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

20 Free Spins

₹ 30,000 Welcome Bonus

  • Indian Payment
  • Weekly Bonus
18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

₹ 10,000 Welcome Bonus

  • Indian Payment
  • Bitcoin Casinos
  • Desktop Casino
  • Weekly Bonus
18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

New Online Casinos India

The concept of online casinos has become the latest trend in the gaming world. Gone are the days when you’d need to visit Las Vegas to indulge in the exciting prospects of a casino game. Many gaming companies and software have released the best new casino games and video slots online, thereby offering you the same kind of experience. Consequently, these casino games and slots are accessible to everyone throughout the world.

The culture of online casino gambling has become popular in India as well. Although a few Indian states have still banned online gambling in their territories, others do not find it an issue.

As a result, you can now explore a variety of new casinos and explore all of the exciting Slots, Live Dealer and Tables Games on offer. Online Casinos in India are rising in terms of popularity. Many platforms have already established themselves well, and others are now following the trend.

newest casino sites
Whether you’re a new player or a veteran, you can explore a variety of the latest casino games online on the gaming platforms and get going with your strategies to earn huge real money.

However, there are some factors that you must always consider while choosing a new online casino platform.

Here are the essential factors that you must keep in mind before registering yourself with any newest casino sites in India, and where to find the best offers.

If you’re looking for where to find the best online casinos with Free Spins, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Legality of New Online Casino Sites

Players in India have many options to choose from when it comes to playing casino games and live casino online. Casino games such as online roulette, slot machines, blackjack, etc. are touted as the most popular ones. Before you start signing up with any of the platforms, it is essential to check the gambling site’s legality.

Experts always recommend you to play with the real money casino over the others. This is because the New best payout casinos in India are usually licensed and are regulated by the international online gambling regulatory bodies. The Online Casinos are recognized internationally and respected worldwide. Casinos like this are well respected because of the great lengths they’ve gone to in ensuring customer security and anti-money laundering precautions.

How Do I Recognise a Reputable New Casino?

At Lucky Raja, we recommend ONLY reputable Casinos. Extensive research has been conducted on our part to ensure Player safety, so you can rest assured that all Online Casinos recommended here are safe and secure.

If you want to do some research for yourself, then you should always check that a casino has all of the relevant licencing. Obtaining licencing from regulatory bodies is a strenuous process because strict regulations must be adhered to before a licence is issued. If the Online Casino is licenced, then rest assured that they’ve taken all of the necessary steps to ensure customer safety.

Why Has a New Casino Site Asked Me For Documents?

A Casino may well ask you for some personal documentation when you sign up. Commonly asked documentation includes your Driving Licence and a Utility Bill to confirm your address. This may be alarming at first, but this is a promising sign of a reputable Casino.

Online Casinos conduct KYC (Know Your Customer) checks to prevent the Online Casinos from being used for Money Laundering purposes. You should always verify your account when you sign up for a new Casino, as this will make withdrawal processes easier for you in the long term.

Variety of Games at New Online Casinos

The availability of a variety of games on your new casino platform is a crucial factor to consider. New Casinos should be able to offer you a wide variety of Games so that you don’t have to jump to another platform in search of your desired games.

Different gamblers have different tastes, after all, some may be searching for the best slot machines, and others may be wanting of Live Casino or Table Games. If you find a New Casino with the complete package, then you’ll never have to look elsewhere. These ‘one-stop shop’ Casinos should offer video slots, Machine Games, Sportsbook and more!

What Kinds of Games Are Available at New Casinos?

New Casinos have a huge variety of games from some of the best providers in the industry. Live Casino Games at Online Casinos are becoming an experience that is comparable to that of Land-Based Casinos with an immersive atmosphere, professional hosts and a wide array of players from all over the world.

Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and Live Poker are a mere snippet of the choices available to you. Slot Machines from some of the best providers in the industry are also present, and some even offer Sports Betting, Bingo and Scratchcards too.

The advancements of Online Casinos is so progressive that they’re even better than land-based casinos in a lot of ways.

How Do I Learn to Play New Online Casino Games?

We’re seasoned experts in everything Casino related, so we’ve got a good idea of how these games work. If you want to learn too, then why not check out our guides section where you can find extensive tutorials on how to play your favourite Casino Games?

New Online Casinos – Minimum Deposits

New Online Casinos Minimum Deposit

Another important point to consider before signing up with any casino platform is  Casino deposit limits.

When you first try out an Online Casino you may not want to deposit a substantial sum. If this is you, then you should check out our minimum casino deposit section so that you can jump straight into the action with a small deposit amount.

New players cautious approach when playing for real money is a sensible one, but the best new online options are still undeniably exciting.

Things to Consider

Some Casino Offers require a minimum deposit amount before you qualify for a specific offer. When you sign up for a New Online Casino, you should check what the minimum deposit amount is to take advantage of these great deposit match offers.

Some offers even come with Free Spins when you make a minimum deposit, so you get double the fun!

Many new players have missed out on offers because they haven’t read the requirements correctly, so make sure this isn’t you! All of our New Online Casino Reviews

Customer Support:

Facing doubts and having queries while exploring any site is a common affair. When this happens, you might need aid from the customer support team. The new online casinos which you are looking forward to playing must be backed by good customer service.

This customer support should be able to extend its support on different mediums, including email, telephone calls, live chat, etc.

What Can Customer Support Assist Me With?

Customer Support should be able to assist you with absolutely any query new players have. Most Casinos have a handy FAQ section, which covers commonly asked questions about your welcome bonus, games, account queries and more.

If you need help with something more specific, then you can get hold of agents via telephone, Live Chat or email.

Live Chat is usually the preferable option, and the mere presence of this option speaks volumes about the Casinos willingness to help their customers.

Compatibility with Different Devices:

The world is evolving and we continually rely on our Mobile Devices for more and more, and playing at an Online Casino is no different. When you’re looking at a New Casino in India, you should ensure mobile compatibility. A few years ago desktops and laptops would have been the default options, but smartphone advancements turned the tables.

These sites should be backed by the latest HTML5 technology so that you can enjoy a spree of your favourite casino games. The mobile compatibility of all the latest casinos extends to both Android and iOS devices.

In 2020, India had 749 million internet uses. Of these, 744 million users accessed the internet via their mobile phones. The current estimates suggest that this number will only continue to grow. It’s estimated that this number will grow to 1.5 billion by 2040

Can I Use an App?

Sometimes. Not all New Online Casinos have a fully optimised and dedicated mobile application. As convenient as this would be, it’s certainly not a dealbreaker. Almost all of these sites work perfectly with the built-in browser on your mobile device.

The online casino sector is extremely responsive to advancements in technology. Casino sites are always updating their website to ensure a paramount real money experience for their users.

Can I use an App Image

Is Mobile as Secure as Desktop?

Absolutely! Google Chrome and Safari browsers work no different in terms of security on mobile. When you’re playing with a mobile device your details are as secure as they are on your computer. Casino sites take security very seriously no matter the device.

Fast Payout New Online Casinos India

Fastest Payout Casinos

Waiting for your winnings to hit your bank account can be an anxious experience, which is why it’s always great to have a fast payout casino! With the use of technology and certain payment/withdrawal options, the new casinos in India that you choose should be able to extend the service of New fast payout casinos. The payout or withdrawals should be quick so that you can withdraw your winnings at the earliest.

How Long Do Withdrawals Take?

This can be a simple question with a complicated answer because it depends on the Casino and the Payment Method used. The Fast Payout Casinos listed on our site are great at processing withdrawals quickly, with some even hitting your account instantly.

Of course, making a withdrawal on a Friday afternoon may be different than making a withdrawal on a Monday morning. Sometimes withdrawals can take 24 hours or 1-3 working days, so times really can vary.

It’s good practice to check which payment options are available, and what the processing times for each method are. Each Online Casino should have a payments page or an FAQ section that will have an answer for the most commonly asked question of all.

How Can I Speed Up My Withdrawal?

Here are some of the things that you can do to speed up your withdrawal

  • Verify your account – Withdrawals to verified accounts are often faster because there are no concerns about legitimacy. As mentioned, Casinos are bound by law in ensuring they’re not being used for Money Laundering, so if you’re legitimate in the eyes of the Casino then they’ll process your withdrawal faster.
  • Pay using an E-wallet – E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are often faster than even Visa! Sometimes they’re even instant.
  • Make sure you’re withdrawing to an account in your name – When you sign up to a Casino you need to enter your payment details and nobody else’s. Putting someone else’s card or account details onto your account can be a breach of the terms and conditions, so it may jeopardise your withdrawal.
  • Stick to the Terms and Conditions – If you’ve utilised a Casino Bonus then you need to check the terms and conditions and adhere to the rules. Some deposit bonuses state a maximum stake limit and some games are excluded entirely.

Overall, if you’re playing at a reputable casino and you’ve done everything correctly then you shouldn’t need to worry about your withdrawal. Sometimes patience is the key.

Security – Is A New Online Casino Safe? 

Security is of the utmost importance for new players when it comes to registering with any new online casinos. When it comes to payment and withdrawals, the casino site must guarantee security by all means. The provisions and regulations regarding encryption must be implemented so that each player can gamble with confidence. Even when you are playing on your smartphone, you must look for a secured platform in the first place.

Is an Online Casino Safe

Fair Gaming

Fairness has always been a common worry for new players when dealing with an Online Casino. While it’s true that the house always has a bit of an advantage in most cases, it doesn’t mean that it’s not fair gaming.

Top online casinos always play by the rules with software and random number generators (RNG). This is where Third-party auditors come into play. These people regularly test the fairness of Online Casino Games to ensure that customers aren’t being cheated.

Encryption Technology

Online Casinos need to be safe for new players with the best Transport Layer Security encryption technology. You can check whether any site is secure by whether it has a https:// URL at the top of the page.

On top of this, Casinos also have the latest encryption technology, which is regularly updated to ensure safety. In some senses, Casinos are as secure as bank accounts, so you need not worry about your personal information.

The above-listed factors need to be considered when choosing to play on any new online casinos. We have further made the task of selecting the new best online casinos easier for you.

Latest New Online Casinos India

Here is our list of the best new online casino sites in India for new players where you can play safely, securely, and endlessly. Each also has an enticing Welcome Bonus and Free Spins for new customers!


This international gambling site has new players and faithful customers all over the world. It has made its debut in India with a bang and earned a decent reputation. It truly is one of the best online hubs with a great slot and live casino section.

Many people are touting this website as one of the best new online casino platforms where the players can indulge in a variety of games and make the best winnings. LeoVegas offers you a good experience in every aspect.

LeoVegas offers many payment options, so you can enjoy playing different categories of games on this best new online casino. This latest online casino offers you the best welcome bonus to get up to Rs. 30, 000 as bonus money. You can explore this gaming platform from your desktop or mobile phone

Bet365 Casino:

Bet365 Casino is considered one of the greatest new online gambling sites in the world for new players. The casino started as a sports betting site and gradually offered a variety of casino games to all its customers. It has an incredible interface, along with easy-going features and operations.

You can explore a range of reliable deposit and withdrawal options and get going with the same smoothly.

The casino also offers a variety of sports betting as well as new casino games online and live casino options. You can check out the best sports to bet on and look out for extras such as live streaming, live betting, etc. If you are a sports fanatic, this casino will not disappoint you. This casino also lets you earn a welcome bonus of up to Rs. 10, 000 while making your first deposit.

Bet365 Casino is one of the best options for those looking to play at one of the best online casinos. The wagering requirements are fair, and Free Spins for loyal customers is common.

Royal Panda:

Royal Panda is another popular name from the list of the latest online casinos in India, and one of the best online casinos in the world for Live Casino and Free Spins!

This casino site offers you an extensive selection of high-quality casino games. Their debut in India has been successful, and all the players are already making the most of the ample winning opportunities. All the operations related to deposits and withdrawals are carried out securely using different methods. This new casino site offers a good selection of games to all gamers. Both beginner players and pro players can immerse themselves in a fun gaming experience and earn the biggest cash prizes and rewards

Royal Panda Casino Logo

10 Free Spins

₹ 1,00,000 Welcome Bonus

22Bet Casino:

This is another sought-after name from the best casino online in India list that you would want to play on. Everything about this new casino is excellent. It has a variety of games available for all gamers, including traditional casino games, video slots, and many others. You can enjoy any new game in this casino comfortably on your laptop and mobile phone. This casino doesn’t step back in terms of offering quick withdrawals.

22Bet Casino is a fast payout casino where you can expect instant withdrawals.

Alongside this, you can utilize the minimum deposit amount feature to the optimum to further win some amazing cash. The casino is backed by a supportive customer care team that helps you with all the queries by resolving them at the earliest. Utilize the different payment options, make easy payments, and play some of the most amazing casino games as this gambling platform brings you the best of all the worlds

22 Bet Casino Logo

30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus

Melbet Casino:

Another one on the list is the Melbet Casino who offers you an astronomical count of 5,000 games on its website and app. This is one of the emerging new casino sites in India and is attracting huge traffic each day. You can make the most of the different slot machines and earn a welcome bonus of up to Rs. 1,45,500, along with 290 free spins on your first deposit. The process of making deposits and withdrawing your winnings is hassle-free. Visit this casino, and you will surely not want to come back

The above-listed casinos are some of the most popular names in the gaming world of India. Explore these safe and secure gambling platforms and experience an exciting gambling journey. Good luck.

Pros & Cons of New Online Casino Sites

Several casino reviews sites may push eager gambling enthusiasts towards the latest online casinos in the market. While promoting aggressively is nothing new in marketing, what we say on this page may contrast with those opinions.

Trying to find similarities between established casinos and new casino sites is not like comparing apples and oranges. But some factors set the latest entrants apart from industry favourites. You decide whether they are good or not-so-good things.

Here are the main things that differentiate them:

Pros of New Online Casinos

Excellent Bonuses

Let’s be honest, Attractive casino bonus offers are not unheard of in the more established casinos. However, when a new online casino site enters the market, it is vying for your attention, and there is a lot at stake. Hence, you see many valuable free bonus offers.

If you’re a keen player then you should take advantage of some of these incredible offers. Quite often they’re unmatched by other Casinos, and you might find it’s one of the best there is.

Unique Features

You won’t expect a new casino to incorporate refreshing and unique features because it may not already have the funds. However, when an innovative brand decides to launch “never-seen-before” features, such as gamification, VR, AR, etc., you will be thrilled.

Innovation in the industry is happening at an astounding rate. Game developers in the Online Casino Sector are always looking to make their mark with the most popular best new games.

Live Casino Games are constantly developing with brand new ideas with gambling variants of popular game shows

Cons of New Online Casinos

Doubts about Trustworthiness

You must know the difference between the UKGC or MGA license and one from the Philippines. Some organizations like the latter are not trustworthy.

Bonus offers can also be confusing at times, and wagering requirements that come with bonuses are hard to understand for players new to online casino sites.

Lack of Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays, all websites have a mobile-first approach in design and development. Even if there is no mobile app, a new casino must make the site accessible from all devices.

Limited Game Titles

As mentioned above, a lack of a big budget may result in a smaller game pool. But this is not a drawback if the titles offered are top-notch and from the best game providers.

These virtual platforms also pose similar risks in betting as in the physical world. It is essential that you, as a customer, protect your interests. The Lucky Raja team would like to be honest with our website visitors and steer them in the right direction. Put your trust in our research-oriented casino reviews.

FAQs on the New Online Casinos India

2021 has brought some game-changing online casinos into the Indian gambling segment. While it is common for players to stick with tried and tested gambling sites, the newest entrants have hefty bonus deals, visually striking graphics, exciting themes, and a wide array of games. Check out the Lucky Raja list of vetted new online casinos for this year.

Should We Trust the New Online Casinos?

Ideally, you be cautious about anything new, and the same goes for online casinos.

There are many areas to check – licensing, regulation, security standards, ease of making transactions, customer support service, in-game features, and many others. Since it is difficult for you to keep track of every new thing that pops up in the Indian online casino market, let us help you choose the right one.

Do New Online Casinos Offer the Newest Games?

World-famous gaming control authorities regulate any new casino emerging in the market.

The incredible features of new casinos are they provide the latest games in all segments. But not just new online casinos, even established ones keep themselves updated to retain their loyal customers.

With Free Spins to enjoy on the newest games, there’s always a chance to try something new

What Are the Benefits of Joining New Online Casinos?

The first thing you can benefit from when you join a new casino site is the welcome bonus.

Most often, as soon as you register at the site, you will receive a mealy bonus which you can use even without making a deposit. As a fresh player, you get access to several free games or demo versions that you can try at no cost. Some also let you win and withdraw real cash by betting with free spins.

Wagering requirements for these reputable sites are often fair. As a brand new online hub, these online casinos are looking to reel in customers with attractive offers and the prospect of making a withdrawal.

How Do the New Online Casinos Work?

Online casinos operate virtually and are the digital versions of land-based casino venues, and gamblers can use their electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, or desktops to play for real money.

Even the payments and withdrawals are made electronically, through wire transfer, debit/credit/prepaid cards, e-wallets, or cryptocurrencies. In all other aspects, such as bonus points, incentives, a welcome bonus, gameplay, security, etc., they are similar to real-world casinos.

Brand new online casinos are every bit as exciting as land-based casinos when you consider all of the options!

New Online Casinos – Our Summary

There’s a lot to be cautious about when you’re looking into how to join a New Casino.

Live Casino Games, Free Spins, Live Online Casino Games and more await keen players looking to get started on their New Online Casino Journey, but it can be confusing on where to start.

With our handy guide, you can make sure that you’re making the best choices on which ones to join. It seems complicated to new players, but when you live and breathe Online Casino games as we do it all becomes clear on what makes a good casino and what doesn’t.

At Lucky Raja, we’ve always got the player in mind. We’re experts in this industry with a team that has years of experience, so we’re happy and willing to pass on our know-how to new players like yourself.

On our website, you’ll find much more than just a guide for New Online Casinos. We pride ourselves on informative information about the Best Casinos, New Casino Reviews, New Mobile Casinos and much more.

Your victory is our mission at Lucky Raja, so why not read some of our other handy guides? Our experience, honesty and dedication set us aside from the rest.

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