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Online slots are known for their harmonious tones, glamorous graphics and reels that spin incredibly fast. Unsurprisingly, they are the most popular games on nearly all casinos across the world. Still, online casino slots can be confusing to beginners. They are games of pure chance, after all, and yet are attractive to play so much that they can hook you for hours. So, what’s the secret ingredient that makes these games awe-inspiring and at the same time, mysterious?

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What are Casino Slots?

Slot machines are among the most popular and beloved online casino games in India and the rest of the globe. Also known as video slots, fruities, fruit machines, pokies, and more, online casino slots in India have millions of takers.The primary characteristics of online casino slots that attract Indian casino players are the glamorous graphics, speeds at which the reel spins, the rush of playing, and the game’s harmonious tones. These slots and their variants played across the world are games of mere chance.

Online casino players who play other games, even those that require skill and strategies, have at least played slots just for kicks. Yet, they captivate you with mesmerizing colorful attractions that players are willing to spend hours at a stretch on these incredible pastimes. They seem to hold within them some secret ingredients that make them all the more alluring.

So, let us delve deep into why these mysterious games are hot favorites for one and all.

Types Of Online Slots And Sizes

Ranging from the classic 3-reel slot machines to the 5-video slots of the current time, here are a few slangs used for the games and their differences:


Played in Australia, these play slots are also available in live casinos online.

Fruit Machines or Fruities:

Played in the UK, mostly in the bars, these online play slots have all fruit symbols.

One-Armed Bandits:

These physical slot machines are available online, where you have to pull the lever or arm on the side and get the reels to spin.

Video Slots:

While online slots in India are all video slots, even land-based casinos have machines that play slots on a video screen.


Now that we have the basics down, let us see the different types of online casino slots played in India and elsewhere. These are in physical locations,

Originally invented in 1895, these classic slots have three reels and a few symbols you can match on three rows – top, middle, and bottom.

Besides having 5 to 7 reels, video slot machines are some of the most played online casino games for real money. You can see advanced graphics and higher rewards with more pay lines. Each video slot may have a unique theme and high RTP rates.

3D Slots

With the 3-dimensional technique, you get realistic imagery in current video slots. Also, exciting betting features are available that make the fruits or other symbols feel like they pop out of the screen, making for an enhanced gaming experience.

Progressive Jackpots

The jackpots keep increasing the amount every day until someone wins the game. This gambling format involves a cut from the best of all players and gets added to the grand prize. While you have lower chances of winning and higher earnings, it takes a long time to finish.

Crucial Factors about Online Play Slots

You have seen how diverse the slots gaming situation is in India, and the varying shapes and sizes of different slot machines online. In order to win, you should the factors that may determine your odds, such as:

Terms and Conditions

Casino slot bonuses in India have varying terms and conditions. So, when you get an invite that you can win real money on online slots before you claim the free spins, read the fine print. Particularly, note the betting requirements, validity, deposits, bonuses, and cash-out limits. Compare the contribution games and choose the bonuses and amounts that are favorable to you.

Random Winnings

There are many misconceptions out there, that play slots online are rigged or you can learn to manipulate them. However, the truth is that online slots in India are 100% random. There is no way you can modify your chances of winning a bet, no matter how much experience you have in playing online casino games.

Slot Quality

Similar to any other online casino game, slots also offer varying quality, depending on the developer. This difference can be seen in terms of payouts, bonuses, prizes, fun features, transaction methods, and other important elements. Hence, we advise you to pick only the top-rated casino games in India, made by the best software creators. Check out our list of best online casinos in India where you can win real money securely.

Bonus Rounds

Make use of the bonus rounds to win higher rewards. Usually, most slot games have two rounds. When you start playing the base game round, you may trigger the bonus features that allow you to win the best rewards in the bonus rounds. Especially if you are playing progressive jackpots or video slots, you may trigger free spins, pots, and multipliers.

Payouts and Rates

Another best argument in favor of online slots in addition to cool graphics and incredible features is the higher amounts of payouts. Earning progressive jackpots may be a life-changing moment for the winners, which is why it is essential to check each game’s RTP thoroughly. Stick to the best slots that offer 95-99% RTP. Find more on that in the below sections.

Types of Best Online Slots

Megaways Slots

These new and improved Australian-based slot games were invented in 2016. With more than 1 lakh ways of winning and as many as 7 reels, some of the best online casinos allow you to win up to thousands of times of betting amounts.

New Slots India

New slots India promises stunning graphics, unique features, incredible speeds, and mobile responsiveness. You may see them provide bonus rounds, jackpots, excellent prizes, multipliers, and high RTP rates (Return to Player).

Slots Sites India

What is the first thing that you look for while searching for the best video slots to play on? There is no one, but many factors are meant to be considered while exploring different gaming platforms and picking up the best one. If you are an Indian player, it is imperative to choose the gaming avenues widely available throughout the country, regardless of their foreign roots of inception.

Best Casino Slots Online to Play

Online Casino Ratings: Factors To Check

Today’s online slots in India have a variety of unique themes and multiple features that provide the players with a smooth experience. Sounds, visuals, features, bonuses, payouts, and more, are the crucial aspects that we consider to rate the best online casino games in India. Whether you are an expert-level player or a novice trying to enter the world of online slots, our recommendations can help you receive a memorable ride.

online slots

In our analysis, we compare and scrutinize various online platforms that offer slot games in India and pick the ones with premium quality from an ocean of poorly structured websites. We base our ratings on the following gaming elements:

Storylines and Themes:

Indian players that come to slots for playing like to go through the exciting plotlines and fully-developed stories. Each slot game setting may have a separate theme, like sports background, fantasy elements, movies, or TV shows. You may choose a theme that suits your style and get immersed in the fantasy world of football simulation. Keep winning real money on online slots with increasing goals.

Visuals and Sound Effects:

As discussed earlier, the main draw of slots games is their splendid visuals. Added to that, you have attractive soundtracks that flow with the game. Developers incorporate the visuals and audios in the intros, winnings, spins, and more. With top standard resolutions and music tones, you can enjoy the game listening to amazing sounds.

Betting Features and Bonuses:

We have covered these in the section about what you need to look at in an online slots game for higher winnings. These include features like maximum payout limits, pay lines, the number of reels, adjustable coin sizes, the number of winning ways, automated betting, and more. These factors contribute to your increased chance of potential winnings. The games may have different bonuses that suit different players, and generous slots with multiple bonus symbols. Your ideal online casino game real money in India will make use of a combination of all these aspects to deliver a high-quality gaming experience.

Return to Player Rate:

RTP or Return to Player Rate is the percentage of betting money a machine will pay you back in the long run. By software simulation of several billion spins on a specific slot machine, you can get the mathematically correct RTP, which is only the expected RTP. This will be different when you play because you would not actually play those billions of spins. Expected RTP typically varies from each session, and is calculated by the slot machine. It is always better to choose the online slots in India with RTP rates as close to 100% as possible.

Play Slots Online – Does it means more Fun?

Some players choose low-paying classic slot games just to recall fond memories of old times. Others prefer average-paying play slots for the mega jackpot. In reality, high-paying slots not only give you higher returns but also provide more fun.


These online casino slots incorporate plenty of features like cascading reels and multipliers in the bonus rounds. Combined with the incredible plotlines, engaging music, and impressive graphics, you can spice up your gameplay.

Besides, high payout slots give your higher chances of winnings. So, if you want to earn Indian rupees on online gambling, it is best that you target high payout slot machines.

Choosing From Low vs High Variance In Online Slots India

Variance or volatility is the one aspect that differentiates your earning potential for average slots from incredibly designed slots.

Low Variance: You receive smaller amounts of payouts frequently. They tend to have low betting limits and high RTP rates.

High Variance: The payout frequency is low, but you may earn modest to significantly high amounts. But you will have to spin the reels more times to win.

Mobile Or Desktop: Which Experience Is Better?

Online casino games in India owing to the fact that they can be played from anywhere and anytime. With the Digital India campaign and advanced information and communication systems in our country, Indian players have access to affordable internet even in rural areas.

Likewise, the low costs of smartphones and increased awareness for social media have made it almost mandatory that people use mobile devices supported by android or iOS software. They also spend most of their waking time checking their emails, messages and staying connected online. Even at work, people who use computers will stay online for 40 hours a week, at least.

Naturally, people tend to download online casino apps from app stores. Developers of slot games have evolved and upped their craft to create seamlessly running software on all sorts of electronic devices. They may add interactive graphics that can let you experience the game on mobile and desktop computers the same way. Contrary to what the myths may say, mobile slots feature all the elements as their desktop counterparts.


Ultimately, it is for you to decide which option is more comfortable for you – mobile or desktop. Having said that, if you pick a boring game, it will be boring no matter what you choose.

Smartphones using Android OS released after 2015 that can play all slot games:

  • Asus
  • Google Pixel
  • Honor
  • LG
  • Moto
  • OnePlus
  • Redmi
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Xiaomi

Smartphones using iOS that can play all slot games: iPhone 6/7/8/X

 Frequently Asked Questions

How do online slots work?

Online slots work like real slot machines, except you click a button on the computer or mobile screen instead of pressing the lever. Each machine has a unique random number generator (RNG) that decides where the spinning reels land. You win money if you get the winning combinations.

Can you win online slots?

Anyone can win on online casino slots because the RNG doesn’t have a memory, and the game is not rigged in any way. Slots games are fully based on luck or chances. Hence, each gambler has the same earning potential.

Why are online casino slots so popular?

Since Indian laws make it difficult for many states to start land-based casinos, online venues have opened up. Of all the casino games, slots carry a higher weightage with gamblers because of their intrigue. Being a chanced-based game, slots and variants capture the imagination of players. The developers also make the games with attractive graphics and storylines.

What is the best online slot machine to play?

Online slot machines are undoubtedly the best casino games that can fetch you big bucks. Starburst, Book of Dead, King Kong Fury, Game of Thrones 243 Ways, Mega Moolah, Family Guy, and more are the most popular slot games in India. For more exciting new slot games, look out for this space.

Can I play slots on mobile?

Most slots games are supported on iPad, iPhones, Android smartphones, and Windows tablets, and phones. You can download the casino apps or slots games or play directly via the mobile browser. Choose a legit casino and play mobile slots to win real money.

Where can I find the best online slots reviews?

Many online casino review sites that claim to be 100% expert-verified don’t actually have players testing the platform. In contrast, the Lucky Raja website has crew members going through each aspect of the online casinos, user reviews, complaints, etc. We thoroughly check the license numbers and registrations of the gaming websites. Get your information here!

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