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Live Casino games look and sound very interesting, but often people shy away from playing these games because of their difficulty; one such fairly easy game is Dragon Tiger. A version of the infamous Baccarat, Live Dragon Tiger in India, can be learned and played by newbies at ease. With multiple versions and variations of its own, an individual can never get bored of this game.

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What Makes Live Dragon Tiger An exciting game?

With new rounds, every 25 seconds, playing Live Dragon Tiger keeps getting entertaining every minute. The rules are simple and easy to comprehend. If you have a liking for Baccarat or similar casino games, this one should undoubtedly be on your list.
Instead of the regular competing against one another concept, Dragon Tiger or Baccarat, for that matter do not involve such aspects. Similar to Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, too, involves comparing card values to place a bet. The dragon’s handstands here against the tiger hands and you get to place your bet on the card with the highest possible value or the remaining two bets, just like Baccarat.
The simplicity, quick moves, and high possibilities of winning make playing Live Dragon Tiger in India highly entertaining.

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How To Play Live Dragon Tiger?

The game begins with two cards, Dragon and Tiger. You or the player must then choose either of these two, which would, according to your instinct or choice, have a higher value. The
There is no dealer in this free casino game; it is only a dragon and tiger. If betting on the highest possible card sounds difficult, then, to make it simpler, you can choose two optional side bets. This means that a player has four options to bet, they are,
Dragon- Payment percentage is 96.27%
Tiger- payment percentage is 96.27%
Tie- payment percentage is 89.64%
Suited Tie (when there is a tie with the same color)- payment percentage is 86.02%
The game’s outcome depends on drawing out two cards; the card with the higher value wins.
Live Dragon Casino game begins with six decks of cards. The value of all the cards stands true to their value, with Ace being one of the lowest valued cards and the 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 moving on the Jack, Queen, and the highest King. This deck does not involve any Joker cards.
A tie means that half of the bets placed on either Dragon or Tiger get paid.
Betting on a draw means getting paid 11:1 or 8:1 in Evolution Gaming’s version or other software developer versions. For a Suited Tie, the color of the cards Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades must be the same as the card that has been drawn.
Best sites to play Live Dragon Tiger game
Several sites are licensed to allow players to access and play free slot machine games without downloading or registering.

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Here are some of the top sites to begin with,

Evolution Gaming: Widely popular among the free casino games players, the site is also the first to launch the game, allowing new players to begin by placing bets on the lowest INR 100. The maximum bet amount for Suited Tie stands at INR 10,000 for Tie at INR 150,000 and Dragon or Tiger at 1,500,000.
The Suited Tie bet pays 50 times the rolled-in amount if the player wins. Thus not many dragon spin slot machines or sites provide this bet. This aspect makes Evolution Gaming the first-hand choice for many new players.

Come on!:

This site has a special offer for Indian players with an INR 10,000 welcome bonus. There are more than 35 live casino games ongoing on this site. Players with E-Wallets like Skrill can easily place bets and stakes as well as withdraw money after a certain stage. Many players have shared positive responses on their experience with this game making it another popular licensed site.

Bet 2 Play Bet 2 Win: Another site popular among Indian casino game players is a massive bonus, especially for Indian players.

If you are someone who would like to roll in or begin with a high amount, then there is a VIP table to make the game more exciting. The site offers fun slots like Pearls of India, and it takes casino gaming for Indian players to a whole new level.

Amateurs, newbies, or a pro-casino gamer, anyone would thoroughly enjoy playing Live Dragon Tiger in India just like gamers across the world. Its simplified and fast-paced characteristic makes it an ideal casino game.

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