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How To Play Online Baccarat In India

One of the many popular casino games across the world is the online Baccarat game. Played by millions, the card game involves necessary skills and a little amount of luck. Residents of India can legally play this game through offshore gambling operators who hold a license. There are several online casinos in India where individuals can come together to play this game. The gambling laws in India are stringent and specific and by adhering to those laws only, one can play online Baccarat legitimately.

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Online Baccarat Indian Rules and Regulations

People can legally play online casino games in India if they follow the basic rules. According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, it is strictly illegal to play gambling anywhere within the nation’s borders. This law was also the first-ever law made to prohibit the act, but the law or any such laws made in the future do not talk about online gambling. Thus, it is safe to say that residents can play Baccarat online in any of the licensed best casinos online.  

History of Baccarat

The mention of Baccarat dates back to as early as the 15th century, although its origins are still unconfirmed. The Italians, as well as the French, believe that they were the ones who found this game. Felix Falgurien, an Italian national, is believed to be the first person to have played this exciting game with a deck of Tarot cards.  

The word Baccarat means ‘zero’ in the French and Italian languages, which co-relates to the game as the face cards cost zero points. It was a game highly similar to Baccarat that survived in the underground gambling world of 16th century France until it was banned entirely.  

It wasn’t until the 20th century when the US adopted this game that it gained back its momentum across the world. Baccarat was popularly known as the ideal gambling game and was played at Las Vegas Strip setting a clear example. Even James Bond was meant to play Baccarat instead of Poker in the Casino Royale scenes, but since the latter got more popular when the movie was being shot, it was used.

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How to play online Baccarat?

Baccarat is one of the best casino online games in India. The game is easy to understand, even for beginners. Let’s learn how to play Baccarat on various online gambling sites in India.

  1. The game involves two hands; one hand is the Player, whereas the other is the house. Each of them holds two cards. Before the game begins, players must bet on one of the hands, and that is how the game commences.
  2. As the name suggests, a ’10’ or face card holds the value of zero points, whereas an ace is worth one point. The two hands are dealt with two face-up cards.
  • Value of Ace is 1
  • Value of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 is the face value
  • Value of 10, Jack, Queen, and King is zero
  1. A third card is dealt with for the Player in case of a standing value of five or less than five. For the house, a third card is dealt with when the total of the first two cards is either 0, 1, or 2. In case of a total of 3,4,5 or 6 of the house’s two cards, the drawing of the third card then depends on whether the Player draws any cards or no. The house hand stays on a total of seven or more. If a third card is dealt, the calculations take place once again. The hand with the greater value eventually becomes the winner. 
  2. A significant rule is that if the total of the hand goes over 10, then the second digit declares the hand’s value. For example, if there is a 7 and 9, the total would be 16. But as per the rules of Baccarat, the considered total would be 6.
  3. In simpler terms, if the player hand consists of a 4, Jack, and 2, then that would be a 6. The dealer’s hand consists of a Queen, 3, and 4, then the total of it would be 7. Considering the rules, the final winner would be the dealer hand as it has the bigger total.  

Types of Online Baccarat in India

A game that is as widely popular and as old as 150 years is meant to have evolved and gained many variations across different regions. In India, there are five popular versions and they are,

Chemin de Fer– Chemin de Fer or widely known as ‘The Railroad,’ is the French version of Baccarat. Contrary to the original version, players in this game get to represent the Bank as well as the Player in turns. First, the players place bets for the entity, and then they place bets to cover the bet placed by the Bank. The Bank keeps getting passed on and on, from the right making it look like a train moving in a circle across the oval table. This formation and pattern give this version the name, ‘Chemin de Fer.’

Baccarat en BanqueSimilar to ‘The Railroad,’ this version involves three hands. The Bank here sits opposite to the dealer. A player can make four bets in total in this version.

Punto BancoPunto Banco or Player Ba

nk in Spanish is the US-originated version that is considered a classic. In this version, to ensure that the players don’t get a chance to count the cards, the dealer makes use of eight shuffled decks of cards. 


Super Pan 9An LA version, this version of Baccarat is more popular in that region. Unlike most versions, in this one, players get three cards each instead of two as the deck is stripped to 36 cards.

Three Card BaccaratThis is the Asian version of Baccarat. Just like Super Pan 9 version, in this too players get three cards each, which is divided by one deck. This version increases the chances of winning as the betting is more accurate as it enables the counting of cards. 

Licensed Online Baccarat Game Operators

Playing legally gives the players higher chances of winning and also avoids any sort of internet fraud. Since the game involves money and International gambling operators, it is necessary to do some first-hand research and then begin. Here is a concise list of online gambling site operators that are legal and licensed, suitable for the Indian audience.

Online Casino Currency and Mode Welcome Bonus
Lucky Days INR 1,00,000 INR
Leo Vegas INR Up to 80,000 INR
Pure Casino INR 10,000 INR
Bodog Casino INR Up to 50,000 INR
Royal Panda INR Up to 10,000 INR

Tips and Tricks

To increase the chances of winning while also making minimal losses in this luck-based game, here are a few tricks and tips to keep in mind while playing online baccarat games,

  1. While playing live Baccarat there are three types of bet, they are,
  • Banker Bet
  • Player Bet 
  • Tie 

One must simply not begin playing this game without understanding the key rules behind every move.

  1. Always sign up and check the welcome bonus before beginning a game. Ensure to withdraw the bonus amount as well as the winning amount, if any, after a game.
  2. The odds of winning by betting on a Player or Bank is higher and likely 40%. Thus, it is always advisable to begin by betting on either of these two.
  3. Tie betting may seem to give a lot more benefits after winning, but winning with a tie is always low, so until an individual is very sure about this move, they should avoid Tie. The Tie has only 15% of the house edge.
  4. In case of a commission that is higher than 5% choose to bet on a Player, as the high commission increases the chances.
  5. Set a limit, do not exceed the number of daily limits to avoid any high amount of losses.
  6. In case of no budget or less money, stick to the money used in betting again and again. This avoids any bad debts or excessive losses.
  7. It is advisable to avoid gaming after winning a couple of times to evade losing all the hard-earned money in one go.

Why choose online Baccarat gaming in India?

Playing Baccarat online gives players a chance to enjoy a nice healthy game without getting out of the comfort of their homes. Although the Indian law prohibits a citizen from engaging in gambling, playing Baccarat in an online casino in India gives them a chance to experience the forbidden act virtually.

Even people with zero clue about online gambling can easily play online Baccarat because of its simplicity. With just a few clicks, individuals can spend their leisure time, learning a new game, engaging with like-minded people, and earning real money without stepping out of their homes.

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  • Can you make a living by playing Baccarat?

No, any form of gambling cannot be used as an only means to make a living as the chances of winning or losing are never established. Thus, it is advisable not to consider playing Baccarat as a means of living.

  • Is there any strategy for Baccarat?

There is one good strategy that all beginners and novice players must keep in mind while playing Baccarat, that is, always go with the ‘Banker Bet.’ The chances of winning using Banker Bet are always higher. Avoid Tie at all costs, and if required, one can choose Player Bet once in a while.

  • Is Baccarat a good game?

Baccarat has many aspects that make it an excellent online gambling game. The high number of betting actions involved in this game makes it very popular in online casinos in India. The chances of winning as well as the many numbers of hands this game sees per hour make it a good game.

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