How To Play Seven Cards Rummy In India: Rules & Basics

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The popular online card game rummy comes in many different formats. But the Indian version played with 7 cards has a separate set of rules. It is also one of the easiest forms of rummy since even children can play it for fun. You have indeed seen kids in your village during your childhood summer visits passing their sweaty Indian afternoons playing the game.

This game is so simple, you may not even have to keep score – but you may do it to improve your card matching skills. So, let us dive into the 7 card rummy game rules.

How To Play Rummy Game With 7 Cards

Playing 7 card rummy is fun and quick, and the enjoyment doubles when you have your friends with you. Once you learn this rummy variant, you can graduate to more complicated versions.

Here’s What You Need:

  • 3 or more players, including yourself
  • A standard deck of cards – 52 in number

Objective Of The Game:

  • The player who first declares “Rummy” is the winner.
  • The last remaining person is the loser.

How To Play Rummy Game: Basic Rules

Coming to the rummy card game rules, the one who deals the cards to the players, 7 each, becomes the dealer. The dealer goes from left to right in a clockwise direction while dealing with the cards. Everyone has to wait until each player gets 7 cards, and keep your cards face down on the table.

The undistributed cards go in the center of the table. This pile is called the stock. Take the first card (topmost card) from the stock and put it face-up.

One of the main Indian rummy rules to remember about the 7-card game is to get a matching combination.

Types Of Combinations: a straight, a set, and other variations, depending on how you play and what is allowed. They can be of the same suit for a straight, and of any different suits for a set.

Now the game begins. The player sitting on the left of the dealer gets the first turn. The player may pick a card from the discard pile or draw from the stock. Do this till you get the right card combinations for whatever you have in your hand.

In 7 card rummy, you need to get rid of all your cards after making matching combinations. Once you do that, you can call rummy and stop playing. The rest of the players go one until only 2 players remain.

The one who gets the winning combination has to show their cards at the end of the game. But they still have to plant one last card, face down, on top of the discard pile with all the cards facing up. The last one standing loses for this round.

You may keep on playing with the same group of people by shuffling the cards thoroughly before dealing, making sure that no one gets already made combinations.

FAQs On Rummy Card Game Rules

How Do You Play The Card Game 7 In Rummy?

Each player gets 7 cards, and they need to draw one card after another from either the discard pile or the stock when it is their turn. By making the right combinations, they have to get rid of all 7 cards and have an extra card to discard. They call rummy and the rest of the group keeps playing until the last one that remains loses. The person to the left of the dealer starts the game, and cards are dealt in a clockwise manner, and so are the turns.

What Do You Need To Win Rummy?

A player has to pick and discard the cards from 2 piles, the stock, which is the closed deck, and the discard pile, which is open. You should have one combination of 3 cards and one combination of 4 cards to get a valid declaration. They can be sets or runs.

What Are The Rules For Playing Rummy?

Rummy card game rules are simple. There are only 52 cards in total, and the jokers will be removed before starting the game. When a group of 3 or 4 persons plays, they get 7 cards each, as is the name of this rummy game. But if there are 2 players, both get 10 cards. 6 cards are dealt in case 5 to 6 people play. There is one open card, a stock, and the discord pile when players throw in their cards.

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