Deposit Methods

Deposit Methods

One of the significant reasons behind the recent popularity of online casinos in India is the ease of making deposits. Gambling and betting are highly regulated activities in India, and it was never easy to deposit in casinos through proper banking channels. Traditional brick-and-mortar casinos and betting activities always preferred cash deposits. 

However, things are changing rapidly with the introduction of the latest digital payment methods and payment gateways like UPI, digital wallets, and payment banks. Casino players can now conveniently deposit money in online and mobile casinos with complete safety, security, and privacy.  

The key criteria of convenient deposit methods 

The convenience of making a deposit depends on several factors such as, 

Ease of transaction – This is undoubtedly the most crucial criterion, especially with new gamers. Modern digital payment methods are readily accessible from smartphones and simple web apps. The majority of smartphone payment apps accept fingerprint authentication. So, no one needs to struggle and juggle with different login credentials for multiple payment applications.  

Transaction Cost– Digital deposit methods are cheaper to transact as they do not require hefty processing charges, unlike traditional wire transfer, demand draft, and cash deposits. 

Processing time– Online casinos and mobile casinos offer opportunities to enjoy casino gaming any time and from anywhere. The latest payment methods process fund transfers requests almost instantly, cutting down delays common with traditional payment options.    

Identity privacy – This is another essential characteristic of a convenient deposit method. Modern payment methods like PAYPAL, SKRILL are encrypted and free from unnecessary disclosure requirements. So, it saves depositors from oppressive tax authorities. 

Safety & Security– Last but not least, a convenient payment method must be safe and secure. Modern payment gateways offer the highest level of encryption, guaranteed payment safety with virtually no risk of a security breach.  

Promotional offers – Online casinos regularly offer exclusive promotional offers bundled with specific digital payments apps like Paytm, PayPal. Gamers can earn extra bonuses, free spins, and discounts on games for making deposits through similar apps and online payment platforms.   

Popular deposit methods with top online casinos 

The top online casinos and mobile casinos in India are accepting all the popular deposit methods.  

  • Paytm is India’s top-rated mobile digital payment system and e-commerce platform offering digital wallets and other payment-related financial services. It can be easily accessed from android and iOS smartphone apps.  
  • UPI – Unified Payment Interface is a gateway for making real-time digital payments transfers regulated by the Reserve bank of India. Different digital payment applications, like GPay, PhonePe use UPI to process and clear digital transactions using verified mobile numbers.   
  • Paypal – Established in 1998, it is one of the oldest and largest independent online payment processing systems globally. Headquartered in the USA, PayPal is famous for its faster payment processing, privacy, and security. 
  • IMPS bank transfer – IMPS or Immediate Payment System is a new clearing mechanism regulated by the Reserve Bank of India, allowing mobile number-based real-time money transfer and payment clearance. It has made traditional bank transfers a lot faster and safer. 
  • VISA & MASTERCARD – They are globally accepted electronic fund transfer companies with impeccable safety, security, and privacy records. Anyone having debit cards, prepaid cards, and credit cards from VISA and MASTERCARD can make online deposits to online casinos.  
  • Skrill – It is another globally recognized digital wallet-based payments services provider, just like PayPal.  
  • Neteller is famous for electronic money transfers to and from online merchants like stockbrokers, forex traders, social networks companies, and e-commerce sites.    


Keep checking for the latest updates on deposit methods and promotional offers specific to digital payment apps. 



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