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This is a well-known mobile payment method in India, and we’ve compiled all PayPal online casinos in one place. At Luckyraja, you’ll find the best betting sites accepting PayPal listed. Just pick one and start playing! This guide will take you through how to use it to gamble and what to keep in mind when doing so.

Best PayPal Casinos in India to Play in 2022


20 Free Spins

₹ 30,000 Welcome Bonus

18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

₹ 1,60,000 Welcome Bonus

18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

20 Free Spins

₹ 30,000 Welcome Bonus

18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

20 Free Spins

₹ 30,000 Welcome Bonus

18+ T&C's Apply. BeGambleAware

Paypal Casinos

Paypal came into the digital payments market back in 1998, and it has served the customers for more than two successful decades. You can make online payments using Paypal to various sites and businesses in India or overseas. One of the most frequently searched options is the Paypal casinos online in India. With an increasing number of online gamblers, the demand for a convenient payment mode also increased.

Paypal online casinos catered to this demand of its users by giving a sorted and most secured payment option to pay for the games they would like to play. Even though this payment option is not available with all the online casinos, you will have plenty of the best Paypal casinos to choose from.

Top Paypal online casinos

Top Paypal online casinos

If you are looking out for the best Paypal online casinos, here is the list of options you can explore.

1.   10 Cric

It is amongst the top Paypal online casinos, and Indian players highly opt for this one. It has plenty of games to offer, additional bonuses, and jackpots to enhance the overall experience. You can make the deposit using Paypal on the site and enjoy the seamless experience.

10cric casino

30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus

2.   Casino Days

A renowned name amongst online casino players, casino days is a reliable and user-friendly casino site. You can do financial transactions using the Paypal app, and rest assured that your money is safe. There are plenty of games available on the platform that you can choose to play whichever you like.

3.    Royal Panda

If you have ever bet online, you already have a fair idea about Royal Panda. The app is famous amongst online gamblers across the globe for the list of games it offers and the designs it has. One can deposit money and carry on the withdrawal also using the Paypal app and enjoy gambling hassle-free.

Royal Panda Online

30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus

4.    Betway

If you are looking for the best Paypal casinos to try your hands on gambling, Betway can be an ideal choice. Register on the app, choose Paypal as a payment option for a seamless process, and that’s all you need. Moreover, they have sign-up bonuses to help you kickstart bettings and get a hold of the games before investing actual money.


30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus

5.   22 Bet

22 Bet offers the most amazing games for the best entertainment. It is also one of the casinos that accept Paypal. It means that it helps in fast financial transactions and also proves the credibility of the site. The best part is that they have special bonuses on sign-up that help start the gambling journey.


30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus

6.   Spin  Casino

It is a global online gaming platform that people across the globe use. The casino has a Paypal option available and gives all sorts of games that one can imagine playing. The payment gateway on this casino site is safe and secure, which works as an advantage for everyone using online betting sites.
These are just a few examples of top Paypal online casinos. There are plenty of other options available for you to choose from, having plenty of online slots and gaming options. Moreover, the time is not far when every online casino will turn into Paypal casino sites to cater to the user’s needs. People will have an option to make their payments through Paypal. Moreover, it will not only be about deposits; the withdrawal process will also become seamless. 

How to get started with Paypal?

How to get started with Paypal?

Before you get started with gambling on Paypal casinos in India, you need a Paypal account. We will share a step-by-step guide to setting up the Paypal account and using it for making online payments on Paypal casinos.

  • Register on Paypal, using your email id and other necessary details.
  • Once you do the signup, you need to put in your bank account details using which you wish to make the online payments.
  • Paypal will verify the details and finally send a confirmation after you are good to go.

One can either transfer the money from your bank account directly to the Paypal wallet. Else you can use it as a third party to make the payment into the site that accepts Paypal by choosing it as your cashier.                                             

How can you use the best casinos that accept Paypal?

Now that you know about the best Paypal online casinos and also understand how to set up a Paypal account, the next step is to use this payment mode and gamble on the best casinos that accept Paypal. Here is the step by step guide:

  • Choose the Paypal casino sites where you want to gamble and create an account on it.
  • Make sure to check the licenses, explore the games available and put your information only when you are sure.  
  • You only need to choose the payment option, but the amount you wish to transfer and the exact amount will get deducted from your bank account after OTP verification.
  • Fund this account using Paypal as the payment option. It is highly secured, and the process is seamless.
  • Every time you want to make a payment, you can do the same using your Paypal account.

Using this simple method, you can transfer as much amount as you want from your bank account to your Paypal account. Not only this, but you can also use this payment option for withdrawing your money from the Paypal casino sites.

Withdrawing money using a Paypal account

Withdrawing money using a Paypal account

The process is pretty much the same as depositing money into the Paypal casino sites. Step by step process for withdrawing the money from the casino site and putting it into the Paypal account is as follows:

  • Go to the withdrawal section of your casino site and choose Paypal as a withdrawal option.
  • Insert the amount that you want to take out. Keep in mind that some casino sites have a minimum amount requirement. You need to keep that much amount in the account and can take out the rest.
  • Once you choose the withdrawal option, the amount gets transferred to your Paypal account instantly.
  • Moving ahead, you can use it to make other online payments or transfer them to your bank account.

The process is as simple as it looks. With just a few clicks and within minutes, you can transfer the money to and from your Paypal account.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Paypal betting sites

Just like every payment gateway, PayPal also has its own pros and cons. Moreover, it also depends upon the user requirements. Let’s dig deeper and find out the advantages and disadvantages of using the best Paypal online casinos.

Advantages of using Paypal Casinos

Easy to connect

Paypal is easy to use and register platform. You would not require any advanced knowledge or expert help to set up the account. Moreover, linking the Paypal account to your bank account is also a seamless process.

Safe and Secured

Paypal is statistically one of the safest and secure ways of making digital payments on different platforms. One does not have to worry about the fund transfer, whatever the amount be, and can go ahead with the transactions.  

Proves the Credibility

It is an unfortunate truth that online casinos are more prone to fraud. But if you see a casino that accepts Paypal, it automatically proves its credibility. Paypal is a reliable app authorized by the National Payment Corporation of India. Any site that it gets incorporated into has to be credible.


The payment process through Paypal is not only seamless but also instant. It takes just a few clicks and seconds before you send or receive payment through your Paypal account. It is one of the prime reasons why people opt for Paypal Casinos.

Disadvantages of Using Paypal casinos

Not available everywhere

One of the drawbacks, for the time being, is that not every online casino takes Paypal payments. But this is not here to stay for long. The surge in demand will force every other casino site to opt for this payment method to cater to their customer needs.

Credit Card Required

Another thing is that the Paypal account needs a credit card for registration. If you do not have a credit card, you might not be able to play on Paypal online casinos.

It is fair to say that the perks that Paypal betting sites offer overrule the drawbacks. There is genuinely no reason why one should refrain from using the Paypal casinos in India.  However, there are few things that one should consider while switching to the best Paypal online casinos.

Things to consider before using online casinos that accept Paypal payments – 

  • Check that the casino has a proper license.
  • Make sure you do a proper verification process for registering on Paypal.
  • Check the reviews before playing as it helps determine the user experience of the online casino site.

Online casinos are a boon for anyone who likes to gamble online. With alluring graphic design and add-up bonuses, the experience of casino sites doubles up. Moreover, with the introduction of Paypal betting sites, there is no fear of fraud or hassle of deposit or withdrawal. Be a vigilant player, choose the Paypal casinos wisely, and enjoy gambling through these sites.

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