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This is a well-known mobile payment method in India, and we’ve compiled all Visa online casinos in one place. At Luckyraja, you’ll find the best betting sites accepting Visa has been listed. Just pick one and start playing! This guide will take you through how to use it to gamble and what to keep in mind when doing so

Best VISA Casinos in India to Play in 2022


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VISA is a renowned credit and debit card company that is also popular amongst gamblers. Many people use their VISA cards to make online payments on various digital platforms, including online casino sites. Users look for the VISA payment option before choosing the casino app, as it is secure and does not involve any extra fee. Considering the high demand, most of the online casinos gave VISA payment solutions in their apps. Moreover, looking at the market trend, even those who do not have it yet, will soon join the wagon.  

There are plenty of reasons behind the popularity of online casinos accepting VISA. If you are also looking for VISA betting sites, we are here to help. Let us first find out what a VISA payment solution is. Also, which are the top VISA online casinos where you can pay using a VISA card.

What is VISA?

It is a type of payment card that enables the person to do online transactions using the VISA network. The company started with only credit cards but extended it to gift cards, debit cards, and many other options. Most platforms including, VISA casinos and betting sites, take payment through the VISA credit card. The benefit is that the person doesn’t need to have the cash to make the deposit as they rely on the revolving line of funding.

Why are VISA payment solutions Popular?

The popularity of VISA cards is evident from the fact that the majority of people have a VISA credit or a debit card in their wallets these days. The key reason behind the popularity of the card is that it is offered as a payment option almost everywhere. It is easy to use as you do not need to set up a separate account, unlike many other platforms like Paytm. Moreover, there is no payment fee involved, either during the deposit or withdrawal from the best VISA online casinos.

If you would like to gamble online with a VISA payment solution, you will never fall short of options. We are listing the names of top VISA online casinos that you can choose and enjoy your gambling experience.

Best Casinos that accept VISA

Best Casinos That Accept VISA

Casino Days

It is one of the most popular online casino sites, with more than 3000 games and slots to play. The site accepts VISA payments along with plenty of other payment options. Other than this, you can get cash back every week and free trials to try various games before you put your own money into betting. It is a fully licensed casino site with a dedicated team for customer support to resolve all your queries.


10Cric is a renowned name in the world of online casinos that accept VISA payments. You get plenty of games to explore and play using the free trials they offer. Additionally, you can put your own money into it with the convenient VISA payment solution. The graphics used are mesmerizing and keep the user engaged and interested for a considerable period of time.

10cric casino

30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus

Pure Win

It is another famous online casino site that is opted mostly by Indian gamblers. They offer a lucrative welcome bonus to play a plethora of games available on their site. Once you are ready to put your own money and bet, you can opt for the VISA payment option. Their regular promotional bonuses and stunning graphics will keep you glued to the site, making the entire gambling experience exciting.

pure casino online

30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus

Royal Panda

If you have ever tried gambling online, you probably already know about the royal panda app. Its layout is user-friendly and easy to navigate, giving the experience of a royal casino from the comfort of your home. As you register, you get rewarded with a welcome bonus and free spins. Using these rewards, you can understand the site and get a hold of the games before putting your own money into it.

Royal Panda Online

30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus

SPIN Casino

When you visit the SPIN casino site, you get amazed by the exciting graphics and a super convenient layout. There are countless games to play, and every new user gets bonuses to start gambling on the site. You can also opt for VISA payment on this casino site for safe and secured transactions.


This online casino has plenty of games, from blackjack to roulette and everything in between for its users. They offer live streaming, which means you can bet on real deals with the real dealers right in front of your eyes. Moreover, it has plenty of payment options including VISA transactions.


30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus

These are only a few out of the plethora of casinos that accept VISA cards. Apart from the ones listed above, you can go for jackpot city, casino planet, and more. You only need to check the payment options before choosing the casino site to gamble. Pick the casino site having your choice of gambling slots, and enjoy online gambling from anywhere, anytime. Let’s move on and find out how you can get started with VISA payment for online casinos.

How to get started with VISA payment on online casinos

get started with VISA payment on online casinos

Using a VISA card to make payments on online casino sites is an easy process. With a few clicks, you can get started with the VISA casinos in India and start gambling. Listed below is the simple step by step procedure:

Step1: Connect your VISA card with your bank account. Banks offer credit or debit cards to their customers for VISA payments. You can get the one that suits your needs.

Step2: Look for the online casinos that accept VISA payments along with the kind of games that you would like to play. You can choose anyone from the list that we shared above or explore further and pick the one that best suits your requirements. Just check that the casino has VISA payment options, and you are good to go.

Step3: There will be multiple payment options available to make the deposit. Choose the VISA option to make the deposit before you start gambling online.

Step4: After selecting the VISA deposit option, you will have to put your bank account and card details. Carefully feed all the information and mention the amount you want to deposit into the casino site for gambling. Do check if that particular site has a minimum amount that you should put in to start gambling and input the deposit amount accordingly.

Step5: The last step is the payment confirmation. Cross-check the details you have put and click on make payment, and you are done. Money will get deposited into the casino site, and you can then start betting with that amount.

Not only deposits but withdrawals from casino sites into your bank account are also possible. Wondering how you can do it? Read on to know.

Withdrawals from the best VISA casinos

Withdrawals are convenient, but you need to provide relevant information to verify your identity. Step by step procedure for cash withdrawal is:

 VISA casinos

 Step1: As VISA payments are secured, you need to provide some additional information before withdrawing the money from the casino site. The name on the card should match the name using which you have created the account. After that, you may need to provide some additional documents to verify your identity.

Step2: Select VISA as the withdrawal option on the VISA online casinos and enter the amount you want to withdraw. Keep in consideration if the casino sites you are gambling on need you to keep some minimum amount into the wallet.

Step3: Once you proceed, the withdrawal request will get approved within a day, and money will reflect in your bank account. The best is that you get the exact amount you entered as there is no fee involved.

PROs and CONs of VISA payment Solution

Like two sides of a coin, there are both PROs and CONs of using the VISA payment option on the VISA casino and betting sites. Let us discuss both in detail.

Advantage of VISA payments

  • VISA payments are available at Best online casino sites.
  • Deposits are seamless and convenient as you do not require to create an account or anything to gamble online with VISA.
  • There is no fee involved in the deposit or withdrawal process.
  • It is a safe and secure method, and transactions are done only after various verification checks.

Disadvantages of VISA payments

  • Not every casino across the world offers this payment option. However, all VISA casinos in India provide a VISA payment option.
  • You would have to spend some time looking for a reliable casino as VISA payments require you to put your card details.
  • Even though deposits are quick, withdrawals take a little time. But this time is for verification purposes only.


VISA payments are a secure and safer way to deposit money into online gambling sites. It has an astringent verification process which gives an added assurance that your money is safe. You can choose from the online casino sites listed above or do your own research for finding the VISA online casinos. Make the right choice and follow all the steps for a delightful gambling experience.

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